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  1. He did to begin with but as Elmo has said while he was away in the USA David changed everything and built the track that he wanted rather than taking the advice of anyone else.
  2. Unfortunately correct and I thought it was a pretty boring match. It must be me though because a lot of Lions fans on Facebook are saying it was brilliant racing, which seems to prove as long as their team wins that's all that matters. Personally I really enjoyed the Poole match as there was some good racing even though Lions lost but now it seems it's back to the normal processions again. 8 points isn't that bad surely?
  3. I will answer it for you then. I doubt that even Poole's owners could insist an interval was taken at Speedway matches if it looked like it was going to rain before the end of a match.
  4. Really? I wouldn't have thought anyone could legally do that.
  5. Considered and rejected as stupid and clutching at straws Starman style. Peterborough rent their stadium and like Poole all food/drink proceeds go to the owners. Last Sunday the start was delayed because loads of people were waiting to get in so the match ran straight through with no interval. With rain looking imminent at Poole and no doubt this was forecast of course it made no sense to have an interval.
  6. I don't think Dean meant going to their actual home but tested at their home track. That's how I read it anyway.
  7. Gemini

    Eggheads BBC2

    Watched this now and yes I had seen it. I really must stop wizzing through recorded programmes but I've usually got so many to catch up on. I must have gone straight to the first question and even missed the mention of Speedway again near the end by forwarding to the General Knowledge final round as the others left the studio. Well done to the Glasgow Tigers, especially one person taking on all 5 Eggheads. Incidentally on the subject of Eggheads I can't remember seeing Dave for a while. Is he still part of the team?
  8. Gemini

    Eggheads BBC2

    Thanks everyone. I don't have Sky but will try to catch up on IPlayer, when I will then probably realise I have already seen it. Afraid I tend to record Eggheads then wizz through to the first round so probably missed the bit about the team being Speedway fans.
  9. Gemini

    Poole 2018

    Better still clean the 'flying finally sorted out' bikes at the end of the season and put them safely away in October ready to for once hit the ground running in March? Doubt it will ever happen though because some riders, although saying they can't manage and might have to retire if they can't double up, always seem compelled to get new stuff.
  10. Gemini

    Poole 2018

    Nothing to do with the club he's riding for. He always wakes up about July time after struggling with bike set-ups for months. Nothing new ~ happened for years when he was with Coventry. Lucky for Poole they've signed him at the right time.
  11. Gemini


    Happy Memories of playing this for many years with Kath, Graham, you and the rest of the gang on the 4th bend, even though my predictions were usually rubbish.
  12. Gemini

    Eggheads BBC2

    When was that on then? I always watch Eggheads on BBC 2 but all there is at the moment is almost 3 hours of European Championships....... whatever that is.
  13. Gemini

    Wolves v Leicester 6/8/18

    I don't think they know, hence all the changes that unfortunately haven't worked so far.
  14. One down ~ two to go.
  15. Gemini

    Wolves v Leicester 6/8/18

    Pretty good prediction, but then it's easy to predict Leicester's expected results.
  16. For various reasons ~ one of which is Coventry usually riding on Sunday's ~ this was our first visit this season and I thought the racing was a lot poorer than it has normally been. It livened up towards the end and heat 12 was brilliant but otherwise mostly gate and go, although the scoreline kept it interesting.
  17. Gemini

    Wolves v Leicester 6/8/18

    1] Yes easily. 2] 50 something 30 something.
  18. Nowhere? I wouldn't be too sure about Andersen riding the track well either being as he won't be riding for Poole. Fully expecting another trouncing in the region of 16/20 points.
  19. I think it will be similar final scores to this at all the Lions away matches next week.....unfortunately.
  20. Gemini

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Yes I really enjoyed the racing which I thought was the best this season, but unfortunately a lot of fans just want to see their team win and don't particularly care what they are watching as long as they do.
  21. Gemini

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I don't think it was ever Coventry's intention to run matches at Leicester after this season so the answer is probably nothing is going to happen, apart from the fact Leicester may use some of the current 'Bees' NL riders who will be familiar with the track.
  22. Gemini

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Not 3 more changes.
  23. Gemini

    Leicester Lions 2018

    As Danny won't be riding again this season we can keep Charles can't we? Don't fancy any more changes with only 3 home matches left and as we'll perhaps be bottom of the league by the end of next week it's not really worth it now. Just hope the remaining matches don't completely destroy the confidence of Connor Mountain as I think it's a season or two too early for him to be riding in the Premier League.
  24. I beg to differ. I would say Leicester. 8 rides between them on Monday and just three points scored.
  25. Yes so do I but unfortunately he blinking well beat him 3 times on Monday.

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