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  1. Hard luck Redcar, was Wright allowed extra time before he was excluded, having been in the previous race?
  2. At the moment I'd say none, apart from one league maybe, without regular meetings I'd think people get out of the habit of going, lose interest and find other things to do. Second half of June and Redcar have had no league matches, not good is it.
  3. Unfortunately that's speedway nowadays, just go and enjoy the racing, I wish I could. Weekly meetings seem a thing the past, sad.
  4. Good luck Berwick, at least there’s a thread for this one, unlike the meeting at Leicester.
  5. Just ignore it then
  6. Good to see Ash doing well, think he once got a 15 pt max for us who aren’t there now.
  7. No matter how much football clubs are struggling not many actually fold. Speedway just doesn’t have the wider interest, we’ve had speedway recently because both Keith and Laura were fans. It was rumoured after KD that Moss Bay Metals were taking over, they soon denied it. A consortium of fans or a fan winning the lottery, as THJ said is needed. Invest in speedway, lose money...unless something drastic happens to change it.
  8. Good track and not far from Middlesborough's Rverside football stadium. Planning on coming over later in the season.
  9. Wonder what Michael Knighton’s doing these days..
  10. Fair enough, I don’t really know him myself.
  11. Wouldn’t be surprised if he fell out with it because of the way it’s run. Just my opinion, don’t see him anywhere. It’s got worse, too.
  12. Good for Comets last season, performance and character.
  13. Will there be a dvd of this meeting?
  14. comet49

    Eagles v bandits 25 may

    The distance between the two clubs....surely North South leagues, at least for the start of the season should be considered. Following forum and updates but MISSING it.
  15. Will there be a dvd of this meeting?

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