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  1. Them lads in the zone I meant, McDonalds funny though.
  2. Yeah probably people hearing something and jumping to conclusions.
  3. Heard last night that the new stadium has been “knocked on the head” nothing official of course, as always time will tell.
  4. comet49

    Glasgow v Berwick April 12th

    Not only was Jenson riding great, he’s also a great character. Good to see Bickley doing well, been watching him go round DP for years. He’s not long turned 17 and should have a good future.
  5. comet49

    Workington 2019

    It is the company that Laura is connected to, I don’t think co promoter Tony Jackson has any connection though.
  6. Great that Dan’s winning races again having seen the awful crash that he had.
  7. I’ve just seen the first post, Rob looking after his club is enough for me. Independent body please!
  8. comet49

    Workington 2019

    Whether we like it or not guests are a big part of speedway now, the problem with using guests on Fridays should have been seen before the fixture list was released.
  9. comet49

    Workington 2019

    Yeh, shame more didn’t go, never seen costs outlined like that.
  10. comet49

    Workington 2019

    Good article by Laura in the News and Star, costs, losses etc.. It’s on the Star website..
  11. comet49

    REDCAR 2019

    Well deserved, good club and track
  12. comet49

    REDCAR 2019

    Yeh, very true
  13. comet49

    REDCAR 2019

    Some riders Comets had signed, hopefully.
  14. comet49

    Workington 2019

    In today’s Times and Star Kyle is quoted as feeling sorry for the fans and local community. As everyone knows he’s a great prospect, I think he’ll have another team before long. It’s Mason I feel most sorry for, bad news for all of them though.

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