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  1. BongoBrian

    Croatian Gp Gorican 28th July

    What are these commentators all about? 'Chains get very hot'! Holder's unfortune had nothing to do with chain temperature... Holders skid shoe clattered off the chain and shattered it.
  2. BongoBrian

    Croatian Gp Gorican 28th July

    ManchesterPaul... In heat 10, Lindgren was assisting Jonsson by letting him past... Jonsson is now on 9/9 points. Watch the heat again and tell me different? Clear as day!!!
  3. BongoBrian

    Croatian Gp Gorican 28th July

    That is probably the most blatant fix I have ever seen in Speedway... Heat 10, Lindgren was looking to let his countryman; Jonsson through for the win! Disgraceful!!!
  4. BongoBrian

    Poland Vs Rest Of The World

    There are links for this here... Polska v Reszta Swiata Time is at 16:30 today. (Don't know what time that is ? Could be an hour or two sooner... 15:30 UK time or something ) Will keep an eye out and if the stream starts I will modify this post with link.
  5. BongoBrian

    Swc Final Line Ups

    2006 just to early for me and didn't see any televised meetings then. Just about went to Ashfield for the first time around 2006. So yeah, I think The world cup final was the best meeting that I have witnessed on TV and going by the examples you give, only as recent as 2007, it was probably the best televised meetings in quite some time.
  6. BongoBrian

    Swc Final Line Ups

    Just shows you can't please all of the peeple; all of the time... ...that was the BEST (bar none) speedway meeting I have ever watched on TV, granted I have only been a die-hard for the last few years... but FFS... the racing was everything I would want in a Speedway meeting! To those who have any complaints about this or that??? ...Sincerely, Good on you!
  7. BongoBrian

    Swc Final Line Ups

    I don't have Sky mate, I stream it Free on T'Internet... I'm a Weegie remember dude
  8. BongoBrian

    Swc Final Line Ups

    Aye, Dave was blabbing about the benefits of individual over team last week in Glasgow ...but I'm not going to hold it against the big man, my beer is at least 2 Degres Centigrade cooler now (come the dregs), due to his technological ingenuity in the field of beer cooler systems! Well used technology at that.
  9. BongoBrian

    Swc Final Line Ups

    Them's the breaks... don't over analyse it though. Every team starts and ends the meeting under the same rules... sometimes it goes for you... sometimes against! What I would say about the Joker, is that if I were a team manager, I would use it at the first opportunity to get 6 points (ie a maximum); irrespective of the timing in the meeting! ...I just hope Sky TV/or whoever it is that do the SGP/SWC series of DVD's do a special un-edited (ie. just as we saw it tonight) DVD of this meeting, cos I would pay £30 for it without even a second thought! It was THAT good
  10. BongoBrian

    Swc Final Line Ups

  11. BongoBrian

    Polish Extraleague Rnd 13 Sunday 17th July

    I'll at least get to watch the Polish stuff this week, as Glasgow are racing on the Monday night for a change.
  12. Why didn't the Brits and the Poles not just let the Czechs win heat 25?

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