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  1. Keep fighting Charlie......... You can beat this...
  2. Well done Wolves.. I bet Wolves are loving having the champion back. Great to see.
  3. Not a good result for us.. Well done Newcastle.
  4. spencebel

    Tai Woffinden

    I feel fo him, the guy carnt win. We had another thread about should Tai ride for team GB... There was lots of speedway fans of the same opinion saying NO he shouldn't beacuse he didn;t ride in the british final, some practic he didn't attend etc. He has now put something up on twitter about Team GB, and that he may for whatever reason walked away from it. He is not right in doing that now either................. He carnt do right for doing wrong....... Keep strong Tai... British World Speedway Champion.........
  5. Well done Panthers........... Just what we needed..
  6. spencebel

    Tai Woffinden

    Well at least he is back riding on british soil........... All the best Tai & Wolves.
  7. Here we go again. All i can say again is Well done to Edinburgh..........
  8. spencebel

    2016 Euro's - Live On Tv

    Good meeting.. Thanks to all the riders.
  9. spencebel

    Somerset V Peterborough 5.8.16

    Only thing to say is............ Well done Somerset..... What a good team you have....
  10. spencebel

    Somerset V Peterborough 5.8.16

    Come on Panthers..
  11. spencebel

    Well Done Woffy.

    100% Top top Guy... Well done Tai
  12. Congrats to Poland. A huge Congrats to Alun and the GB boys,led by our amazing world champion.. You did us proud.......... Fantastic night...
  13. Thanks Rob. Will check with hubby later.
  14. We are staying in one of the travelodges can we walk from either of them to the stadium, or do we go for the park and ride? We travel tomorrow by car from Northamptonshire... Any advice would be great thanks........
  15. spencebel

    Why Is Speedway Great?

    As a child going to watch my team BV at Hyde Rd..(the place to be).Last meeting of the season all riders ligned up across from the main stand,and said a few words , and esp if they said See you next year.. Now with silly rules ,most teams are never the same two yrs running.......... .Also loads of things to buy in the track shop, always new stuff every week. Wooden rattles.. World finals at Wembley. The men with their big display boards with every rider rosettes.
  16. spencebel

    Tigers Vs Panthers - 28/7/16

    Didn't expect that.. Well done Panthers. Hope Simon is ok..
  17. spencebel

    Cardiff Saturday 9th July 2016

    All the best Tai......You can do this.
  18. Wishing you a speedy recovery Simon.
  19. Well deserved for the Rebels... Will take some beating. Fingers crossed for Simon.. Hope he is back very soon.
  20. Well done Panthers. hope Kyle is ok?
  21. Home win. Come on Panthers
  22. spencebel

    Cardiff Saturday 9th July 2016

    Just read Tai's statement on his website, he now carn't take part in the walk for Darcy, he is wanted in Poland on Thursday and will not be back in time for the walk....He is so disappointed . Feel for him and the fans who were hoping to walk with him.
  23. spencebel

    British Final

    Congratulations Danny King..

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