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    £10 Speedway - Is It The Answer?

    You know, i have waited the best part of 20 yrs to see Milton Keynes Knights return to the track. I couldn't get to the first match at Mildenhall a couple of weeks ago so i was really happy to hear they are facing a Rye House team after the PL match against Newcastle on Bank holiday Monday. I now find out that in order for me to watch 6 heats of amateur racing after 2 PL teams i couldn't care less about i am expected to pay £16 !!! I was under the impression that Rye House own their stadium, operate the catering etc, etc, so just how can this admission fee be justified for PL ?.
  2. Concrete Cowboy

    Speedway World Cup Team Line Ups

    They should have kept him away from Twitter this morning (quotes ammended for family forum) @LewisLBRLewis Bridger To all you c**ts slating me blow me.. Fu* u all got no idea the passion & hardwork i put into speedway.. Most GB fans r 2faced k**ts !! and @LewisLBRLewis Bridger & once again i don't care what people r going to say fu* u all.. Proved tonight none of u r true fans !!
  3. Concrete Cowboy

    Mk Knights 2011

    There is a god !!!
  4. Gav - Might be an idea to get a mod to delete this thread and start again with the new date as it still says May on the thread title ?.
  5. Sorry to be pedantic but isn't this saturday 30th APRIL ???
  6. Concrete Cowboy

    Poland Out Of World Cup, Possibly Gps

    Can everyone please calm down a Lidl bit ?
  7. Concrete Cowboy

    Speedway Star - Still Toothless?

    I have not subscribed to the Star for about 7 years now but last week i was walking down the magazine aisle in Asda in Milton Keynes and spotted a copy at the front of the shelf. I thought i would have a quick thumb through and what struck me more than anything was that of 62/64 pages, 20 were taken up with advertising for speedway holidays. Is this normal for the Star these days ?.
  8. Concrete Cowboy

    Coventry Poll

    Obviously we don't have enough threads running on this subject !. I notice the Poll is on your website Steve, i hope there are no security issues ?
  9. Concrete Cowboy

    Why Is The Pl More Profitable?

    I would happily pay any Elite League club £20 to watch good racing on a well prepared track with good stadium facilites and 2 full strength teams containing the odd GP rider and 3 genuine heat leaders, 2 Genuine second strings and 2 Genuine reserves followed by a 'proper' 2nd half. But in reality when do we actually get this ?. Too often i have come away thinking that i have wasted my £15.00 on 2 teams of 6 + R/R, a couple of lesser averaged guests and the rest made up of pl riders racing on a slick track, at a stadium that has seen better days eating overpriced food, followed by 2 x 15 yr old races. This is why i went to just one meeting last season. If anything the EL promoters have been getting away with charging @£15 for substandard fayre for too long. By all means put the prices up at all levels but the product has to be value for money whatever league it refers to.
  10. Concrete Cowboy

    2010 Grand Prix wildcards

    I have just had a smile to myself looking through a few of the posts here and i was going to quote a few but to be honest i think i'll leave it at just this one. With one round to go ....... 1st Tomasz Gollob 163 2nd Jaroslaw Hampel 131 3rd Jason Crump 129 4th Kenneth Bjerre 102 5th Rune Holta 97 6th Greg Hancock 95 7th Chris Harris 94 8th Chris Holder 90 3 points from 5th in the world ?, yep, they sure made a massive error picking Harris didn't they ?.
  11. Concrete Cowboy

    Leicester Lions At Perry Barr In 1980

    It was indeed Andy 'Flower Power' Grahame, who was sponsored by Florentine Florists in Milton Keynes when on loan to M.K. in 1978 & 79.
  12. Concrete Cowboy

    Swc Race Off

    I thought for a moment with the lack of shale, it was Poole
  13. Concrete Cowboy

    Aussie Pride Cap

    Have a look on e-bay tomorrow, there will probably be 5 for sale on there.
  14. Concrete Cowboy

    Cardiff Fanzone & Timings

    What an inspired idea the Fanzone was !. Something for everyone and a very welcome addition to the Cardiff experience.Excellent showing from Sky with all the presenters, Moley, t-shirts, badges, signings etc. Bigger & better next year please.
  15. Concrete Cowboy

    Can The Mk Knights Ride Again

    That's why i questioned it !. Groveway is now a large housing development since the stadium was closed about 8 years ago, sorry to be negative but i just can't see Speedway returning to MK, it just doesn't fit in with the structure of the town.
  16. Concrete Cowboy

    Can The Mk Knights Ride Again

    What Greyhound stadium is this ?
  17. Concrete Cowboy

    Fanzone ?

    Thanks, might be worth popping along.
  18. Concrete Cowboy

    Fanzone ?

    I only saw the first 30 mins on sky last night and Nigel Pearson mentioned something about a 'fanzone' in Cadiff on saturday. Anyone know any more details on this ?.
  19. Concrete Cowboy

    2011 Speedway Gp Qualifiers

    A sparkling performance from the 2 brits there, i hope Steady & Bomber perform a bit better
  20. Concrete Cowboy

    2010 Grand Prix Competition

    Hi Pete. I didn't notice the competition was on until just before the last gp so can you please add me to the competition for the next gp ?. 1. Jason CRUMP £50,000 - Captain 3. Emil SAYFUTDINOV £50,000 8. Kenneth BJERRE £35,000 13. Jaroslaw HAMPEL £25,000 14. Chris HARRIS £25,000 Thanks Chris
  21. Concrete Cowboy

    2009 Grand Prix Compeition

    Thanks from me too, your hard work is appreciated.
  22. Concrete Cowboy

    2009 Grand Prix Competition

    Emil for me please Pete.
  23. Concrete Cowboy

    Grand Prix Challenge.

    Same here. Way too much to cough up in these times.
  24. Concrete Cowboy

    Charlie Webster

    That one gets my vote as funniest post of the year so far
  25. Concrete Cowboy

    Charlie Webster

    You know what ?, i honestly think she looks better without all the make up & frilly undies etc. Much better as fresh faced girl next door.

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