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  1. CoolPanther

    2nd leg play off final

    Congratulations to all at Workington ! Well deserved win, good to see a positive end to the season.
  2. Whatever the right and wrongs are of this situation, one thing stood out, the sportsmanship, professionalism, clubmanship, the grit and determination and brilliance of Chris Harris.
  3. It is a beautiful day, panthers stand no chance, it is important to all the other teams if not ours, why not still come, enjoy the day, meet up with old friends you perhaps only meet at the fours, relax and watch some hopefully exciting speedway,I am still going.No doubt Panthers fans will get plenty of stick today.Be kind though it is not of our making!
  4. CoolPanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2017

    My guess is nothing will be said until fans are in the stadium,then it will be announced he isn't riding. It says on his Facebook page he is going for xrays today.
  5. CoolPanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2017

    Quite like the look of the team,only time will tell,roll on next March, may it be injury free and successful.
  6. CoolPanther

    Berwick 2017 50th Year

    Great news, good luck for 2017 and beyond !
  7. CoolPanther

    Berwick 2017 50th Year

    I really hope this works out for you,Panthers have been on the brink of closure a few times,so know how you all feel. Good luck and hope to see you at the tapes in 2017.
  8. CoolPanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2017

    Does this rule apply to any rider regards two years or is it dependant on averages?
  9. CoolPanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2017

    Very good news for Panthers,great promoter,proud to be in the Panthers family!
  10. CoolPanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2016

    Thank you and good luck !
  11. CoolPanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2017

    I don't mind a bit of banter,I wouldn't read the BSF if I did, but M.F takes it to another level,believe me if he latched on to your club after a while it would wear you down too. If Ipswich make the play offs I will be behind them, great set of fans, always get a friendly welcome at Foxhall.
  12. CoolPanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2017

    Most Panthers fans are sane,friendly, reasonable people,we love our Speedway,applaud all the riders, including the opposition,we turn out in all weathers to do this,we sit patiently if there is an unfortunate delay, we complain a bit ...but who doesn't? Even though we complain,during a meeting if things don't go the way we want, deep down we know everybody has done their best..look how far we have come since we nearly folded. We now have a thriving supporters club,and many fans work tirelessly to save the club money. I am proud to be a Panthers fan,it is a shame that a fool on here,is bringing our club into disrepute. I know it is only done for an idiot's entertainment,I realize you shouldn't bite when said idiot goes fishing as it basically feeds his stupid brain and we get more insane posts,I have tried to ignore it all season but it is hard. Morrissey.Fan, the joke is not funny,only in your own brain are you seen as witty,you just seem warped and very sad.
  13. CoolPanther

    Premier League 4's

    I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.I think most Panthers supporters would agree it would have been more enjoyable if we had not been seeded,although it was still entertaining Saturday as a neutral. Credit to the riders that put the effort in, on such low pay, thanks to all the volunteers and staff who worked tirelessly in the heat it wouldn't happen without you..or the fans who turned out in numbers to enjoy themselves. It was the 'Speedway Family' at its very best.
  14. CoolPanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2016

    On his Facebook page,says leg in full brace and hand in brace having intensive physiotherapy back to hospital in six weeks, not good news .
  15. CoolPanther

    Peterborough Panthers 2016

    You are very lucky, sometimes being a Panthers fan can be very frustrating, we have in the past,had weeks without a meeting then had two or three in a week,if we have rain offs we are in the proverbial.Even events at the indoor place now affect us.

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