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  1. Had a check and they both take pride of place(!!!!) in my photo collection.Crang in the BV 1985 team pic and Barrett in Arena Essex team.I wouldn't recognise him from the rider who was doing a bit of ice racing
  2. Having seen the poster for next weeks meeting at Ufa it does seem the Night Wolves are sponsors of the club now.Their emblem is there alongside the likes of Motul
  3. iris123

    Bruce Penhall

    No.Either read it again and have a long think or bugger off with your idiotic posts
  4. iris123

    Bruce Penhall

    What is worse are the umpteen books/theories about who Jack the Ripper might have been.A whole range of books and tv programmes have been made.That is talking ill of the dead about someone who can't answer any of the accusations brought against them and could stigmatise any of their living relatives.Calling someone names who was known to have done a dreadful thing doesn't really come onto the scale of things to worry about in this world...........
  5. iris123

    Any Fellow Bucks Fizz Fans

    I remember the days when Bucks Fizz fans used to have barneys down Brighton with Brotherhood of Man fans on bank holidays.mental it was
  6. iris123

    Bruce Penhall

    This was in the book.Not sure if the same quotes were used in the mag or if they are different quotes that have upset Dave I'd generally say a book can be more hard hitting than a magazine that people have a subscription to,imo
  7. iris123

    Bruce Penhall

    I know I do.If that had meant saving the life of an innocent mother,then so be it
  8. Let's hope it has a happy end.We despearately need a track that is willing to host ice speedway in western Europe to go along with Berlin and Inzell or the sport will disappear.It seems the weather just doesn't allow for many natural tracks these days.Alarmingly warm again so far this winter.We have blossom on trees and flowers still blooming!!!!!
  9. Exactly.Untried riders!!! And how do you choose them?If you put 16 untried riders together from Australia,NZ and Argentina.....they might be 16 who want to have a go at PL or worse.They might also be the 16 worse riders available.Someone is going to win and someone is going to come second,no matter how bad they are.........Why would the authorities grant visas to those guys or girls?
  10. You are talking Pl standard or worse!!! That is hardly "the very top Riders" Make your mind up.The Australian championship does the job without trying to make some other competition up that probably the authorities wouldn't even recognise,the public wouldn't flock to and you might find it hard for a promoter to host .It just doesn't make sense
  11. You can be a bit stupid at times. Just look at scb's post.....and anyway,why would we want to hold meetings for riders who are "of PL standard or worse" ??????? Beyond belief from someone who is always moaning about immigrants to be honest
  12. iris123

    Wimbledon Stadium: Some Important News

    That is probably the reason.Unpalatable as it may seem a league football stadium brings more prestige to an area than a jumble sale.In by gone days a speedway stadium did the same thing.Sadly for our sport, those days are long long gone
  13. iris123

    Poole 2016

    You don't want to go too overboard.Maybe some will get taken in by Jimmy Tarbuck or a Bucks Fizz thing,but no-one is going to believe you aren't a wannabe wind-up merchant with stuff like this
  14. iris123

    Bruce Penhall

    Exactly.I haven't seen the article,but having read a number of Backtrack mags I can't see them as publishing comments that are too scandalous or unfounded
  15. iris123

    Bruce Penhall

    Quite an eventful year for you Rob.Getting under the binliner dress of a Bucks Fizz star and then having your hero booed.Sort of explains why yu grew up to be the person you are
  16. iris123

    Aussie Speedway Season

    Were they funding with any significance the sport beforehand? Must admit I don't know,but I do remember talking to a few fathers when their sons were competing in Denmark for the Youth Gold Cup and it didn't seem they were getting much help.I think maybe Darcy Wards dad,i know I talked quite a bit to Arthur Sissis' father and Mick Poole I seem to remember told me straight that riders should get on and sort themselves out without looking to MA for support
  17. Problems with the plans for the new stadium in Assen?If I understand correctly the council are asking for are detailed plans which cost €100,000 and the guys behind the project say they haven't got that kind of money to spend without a guarantee the project will be accepted by the council http://www.rtvdrenthe.nl/nieuws/103298/Initiatiefnemer-ijsbaanplan-Assen-kritisch-op-handelen-provincie-Drenthe Sure Jesper will correct me if I am wrong on that
  18. iris123

    Aussie Speedway Season

    Hmmm clicked on 2 vids.The first were sidecars and the second was a two rider heat and the guy left the girl for dead before his bike packed up!!!!!
  19. iris123

    Josef 'wack' Hofmeister

    4 time speedway world finalist and 3 time European longtrack champ https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Hofmeister_(Motorsportler) video of Josef winning a meeting on his home track in his last season https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wqy1T_AsZTc But what really got me started was the great link to all the photos on the technische museum wiens website.There are some wonderful pics of Hofmeister,Kamper,Seidl etc on tracks.But if you look further there are also pics speedway from 1952-70s and of Sterling Moss and a female motorbike racer from the 30s Anny Dein and a lot more http://www.technischesmuseum.at/motorsport-in-oesterreich/person/articleid/1707 Of course when Hofmeister finished his career he didn't go on to race cars,but interestingly planes and was 3 time German champ
  20. iris123

    Poland 2016 Season Extraleague News

    Well I wasn't wrong Polands first game is on sunday 12th June at 18:00.Then 16th + 21st of June and then if they get through......haven't looked if there are any big games involving other speedway countries on the sundays though
  21. iris123

    Why Is Stock Car Racing Rubbish?

    Lots of posts disappeared as well as a couple of Johns threads....."Why is Flat Track rubbish?" for instance,which no-one was really bothered about anyway
  22. Day 2 live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG5sKS84W9k Results Moscow 32 (Koltakov 18pt max) Mega-Lada Togliatti 28 Kamensk 22 (strong performance from Harald Simon) Ufa 19+3 Sterlitamak 19+2
  23. iris123

    Why Is Stock Car Racing Rubbish?

    You are really taking a spanking tonight John,i must say.Glutton for punishment..But please,don't start putting links to spanking on here now.........
  24. iris123

    Why Is Stock Car Racing Rubbish?

    No John.This would obviously be a proper world championship with lots of different nations competing(I counted at least 6 different nationalities in one McDonalds and not at peak time),not the crap they put on.Not one of your best ideas mate I was at a great concert by the Black Sea Fleet Choir about a year ago.Well recommended if you like that sort of thing and I know you do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fq5z2YdH4XA That wasn't the one I was at but very similar
  25. iris123

    Why Is Stock Car Racing Rubbish?

    I do like the Leningrad Cowboys version,especially the one they done with the Red Army Choir But I was thinking the other day whilst in McDonalds.I was thinking,"you know what.There are more nationalities in here than enter the stock car world championships.What we could do is draw a circle in the car park have a race in our cars and the winner could call themselves the world champion and who could argue?" I have bright ideas like that sometimes

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