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  1. iris123

    2016 Speedway Gp Qualifiers

    Be interesting to see the Timo v Joonas result
  2. iris123

    Tough Season Ahead?

    Hmmmm,better get on the phone to NASA and ask them then.They are looking like right mugs with their prediction I guess?
  3. iris123

    Premier League V Elite League

    I agree Keef,but you can't even start to make a judgement on the Poole v Bournemouth situation yet.The PL season started just as the speedway season finished and so they have hardly had 3 months of being in competition..........
  4. Wish all the lads success,but to me it seems the title winner has been given the hardest task in Pocking.Thought the British champ would get the home meeting
  5. iris123

    Premier League V Elite League

    There is no doubt Ford is a god promoter.I am not sure anyone really has argued otherwise.Fact is there is no point in bringing the recent success of Bournemouth into this.They have played 90% of the time in the bottom 2 leagues and average generally around the 4-6,000 mark.Only in the last couple of season have they found success and only in the past season have they been in the PL,but Poole have been successful for much longer than that.Bournemouth 5 years ago,wuld have had little impact on Poole and that is or even before that,when the argument appeared that Poole have little competition.It will of course be interesting to see if continued Bournemouth success has an impact.It is though far too early to judge the situation
  6. iris123

    Premier League V Elite League

    It used to be mental back in the 60s at big individual meetings like the Internationale when all the riders were wearing black leathers and had the same world symbol race jacket on and all had chromed bikes that looked the same.Couldn't tell who was who and that is why people stopped going I think.
  7. iris123

    Father And Son World Pairs

    One of the latest and so doesn't appear on the other threads must be Jacek + Oskar Aijtner-Gollob,who rode together a few weeks back for Bydgoszcz v Wanda Krakow.Might be mistaken,but think Jacek came out of retirement for this
  8. iris123

    Speedway Champions League ?

    That line-up looks as good as their track atm On the other hand it can only pull a surprise as everyone will be expecting them to come last...... positive note is they at least have 3 English riders
  9. iris123

    Speedway Champions League ?

    Elit Vetlanda named Tai Woffinden Bartosz Zmarzlik Tomas H.Jonasson Artiom Laguta Janusz Kolodziej At least the Danes have 4 Danish riders in their team
  10. iris123

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Think they are an anthropological experiment to see how our distant ancestors would react in a modern society,so have some scientific benefit I guess
  11. iris123

    Grandad And Grandson

    Well why not?Families that missed a generation out...... Toni + Kacper Woryna Bob + Bradley Andrews
  12. iris123

    Father And Son World Pairs

    Just reading one of the other threads what about Len and Andrew Silver? Or Peter and Nicki Glanz or Colin and Lee Richardson.Sure there are more
  13. iris123

    Venue Selection

    One main criteria of course is a track actually has to want to host a prestigious meeting.A lot just don't want to even if they meet other criteria
  14. iris123

    Tough Season Ahead?

    Know it is early days yet(just the start of April)but maybe this isn't going to be such a bad prediction for a thread after all looking at how many meetings are getting called off........
  15. iris123

    Three Generations Of Riders

    Here is the original thread which I linked to in the previous thread.Might help with ideas http://www.speedway-forum.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=71356&hl=father
  16. Now it is just down to Esbjerg to change or I guess put some new date on the existing posters they have around town and do a new ad for the radio etc,but they seem to be seeing the funny side of things..........
  17. Other news http://ekstrabladet.dk/sport/anden_sport/motorsport/speedway/nervekrig-truer-dansk-speedway/6024898
  18. First thing and I can't believe that people watching calmly on a video can't even see that Dudek didn't stop!!! Find it hard to believe that a few people have stated Dudek stopped when he didn't Secondly maybe the ref thought that as the two riders immediately behind Dudek avoided him then Kildemand should have as well seeing as he was even further behind.Might have been a factor in his thinking.And let's face it he was watching under stress and imo called it correctly and people here are sitting at home drinking a cuppa and still think Dudek stopped!!!!
  19. Sure would be.Haven't checked just who would be in this meeting if all those who signed boycott,but it would hardly be a world class line-up and Esbjerg have sold tickets for this already....... Off topic,but I see Svemo have nominated that Finnish bloke with the long name
  20. From memory this is what has happened in the past under Secher and possibly under Stekkers as well.So you can understand riders thinking this is what would happen again.As for Secher,well I am sure he feels his authority has been undermined and he probably gave his word to riders the usual practice would continue and that is maybe why only 2 riders applied for the wc.
  21. For sure he should put his hand up to warn following riders,but he can then see if he can get the bike going again and continue with the race.At the point PK hits him he is still in the race.He would only be out of it at the point when he leaves the track or gets lapped if he decides to poodle round and try to get going.Of course if he thinks he can push the bike to gain a point he can also do that
  22. Thought I already made it clear we are talking about this incident.You want to talk about theoretical or past incidents then talk about them on those threads.At no time does Dudek lose control or make a mistake as in other incidents that are different to this one.simple
  23. Like I said,at no time is Dudek not in the race and a rider behind just can't slam into someone who is in a race.Kildemand can't really be faulted,but you can't say "i didn't see him" as a get out.Now if Dudek had changed his path then imo I am sure the ref would have made a different decision
  24. No point talking about "any incident",we are talking about this incident,and I agree with the ref.He got it right.Dudek doesn't stop as you said
  25. Trouble is,and a few people just don't see it,but Dudek at no time stops......he is still moving when Kildemand hits him.As he is still moving he must technically still be in the race.And you just can't plough into a rider in a race and not be at fault for the stoppage.Now if Dudek had tried to move over to get off the track and a following rider hits him,he could then be said to be at fault,but he doesn't,he just carries on riding albeit slowing down.He is still technically in the race and could get going again and carry on,as I am sure we have seen numerous times.Like Star Lady say's Kildemand morally isn't at fault,but technically is

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