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  1. iris123

    No Woffinden....

    Didn't he get a lot of national media coverage after he won the title?That sort of thing attracts 'new' people i'd have thought
  2. iris123

    No Woffinden....

    All well and good,but I thought we already had it proved to us on a previous thread that NO,he couldn't ride for Australia as he doesn't qualify under the rules unless they make a special case for him as a top sportsman.It isn't though an easy choice of who he rides for according to the experts as he left Australia before his 16th birthday......
  3. iris123

    Football Thread 2015-2016

    Yer.Dulwich played against Tooting & Mitcham and Enfield in the last week or so,but on the bank holiday get Tonbridge!!!
  4. iris123

    The 2016 Speedway Best Pairs Cup

    Like Dutchie,watch it if you want,watch something else if you don't want.....I think even in a world pairs championship the pairs could change from meeting to meeting.Main thing I the action is good.But it does seem there is a t of a problem that the sponsors didn't know that instead of 70 countries showing the meetings it seems only 7 are!!! http://www.speedweek.com/speedwaybp/news/89755/Speedway-auf-Eurosport-Das-Luftschloss-von-One-Sport.html
  5. iris123

    Tough Season Ahead?

    According to the Met Office,the 2nd wettest winter on record......
  6. iris123

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    People,dogs,cats and insects apart from ladybirds.....
  7. iris123

    Belle Vue 2016

    The only London football club with an equivalent attendance is Leyton Orient I think.Or are you comparing Belle Vues 6,000 with 40 or 50,000????
  8. iris123

    Tough Season Ahead?

    I'd have thought the opposite was true,at least on the Isle of Wight
  9. iris123

    Tough Season Ahead?

    We have April showers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_showers_(weather) But to be honest I haven't really experienced this for years now.The weather has changed quite a bit since I was a kid.I doubt NASA are predicting 'normal' April weather though........ Not really much of a headline....NASA predict normal weather for April!!!!
  10. iris123

    Tough Season Ahead?

    No.Really hit the ice speedway season on the continent,that did Think they only managed 1 meeting in CZ,1 in Austria,none in Switzerland or Poland for example......
  11. iris123

    Tough Season Ahead?

    Well it hasn't been a great start to the season and that is without the NASA weather and the clash of big sporting events,which are still to come......
  12. iris123

    Brussels Attacks : Here We Go Again

    Seems a strange statement.If we don't hear about them,how do you know about them?And what if there are foiled plots in other countries that we don't hear about?This is another terrible day,making nonsense posts doesn't help the situation
  13. Sounds like there is a connection between turnips and King's Lynn speedway there
  14. Henny Kroeze I thought ran the only Indian wall of death show in Europe.Maybe that has changed,but just hear this...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVppHdMKJb0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPSqEnJbcvM
  15. Guess it is a flimsy connection.The Wall of death sprang from the US wooden board tracks and some of the board track riders also rode dirt tracks.Basically you go back early enough and motorcycle racing share an original beginning and diversified and changed into different sports
  16. I think the enquiry will find that it is in fact the EU to blame.If we weren't in the EU this wouldn't have happened
  17. Trouble is with this scenario is why have the B.V management issued a statement saying the track isn't up to standards and why was work being done to get it up to standards this morning????? In their words Gordon said: There was a problem with the sub base of the track around the third and fourth bends which was recently completed. there were contractors workmen and machines out there first thing on Monday working to correct the problems."
  18. iris123

    Sgb Statement

    I don't really see it quite the same as the warsaw situation,because now the Belle Vue management have themselves come out and said the track wasn't up to standards.The riders are off the hook.In Warsaw I don't think anyone other than the riders said the track wasn't suitable???
  19. iris123

    Sgb Statement

    Seems crazy.If contractors do work then they have to have it inspected and accepted.Surely this procedure should have been done well before the meeting was due to take place?They had a practice on the track and the two riders said it was good,the BV management went ahead with the meeting.When it all goes t#ts up they start blaming others instead of looking hard in the mirror.They must have 1 or 2 track experts who could see it wasn't up to scratch or what was the point of travelling around Europe looking at tracks etc......
  20. iris123

    Belle Vue 2016

    Speedway all over.Always someone elses fault.......
  21. Was that a b-side of a Smiths single? Or maybe half man half biscuit?
  22. iris123

    Belle Vue 2016

    Oh for the days of Harry Cripps and Derek Hales.....
  23. Surely the thing to do then in this situation was for the management to get together with Harris and all those other riders who thought the meeting could go ahead and put on some demo heats and still give the fans entry to the restaged meeting or even the SWC.Everyone wins apart from those riders who didn't want to compete,who would be outed......
  24. My understanding of the rules(flimsy,i know) are that a rider must race at all times.Just riding around could and sometimes does get him excluded.In fact I remember at an indoor meeting on what was a dangerous track where a number of riders were injured that 1 or maybe 2 riders did get excluded for what the ref thought was "not racing".......
  25. Harris is just 1 rider with 1 opinion.What did the other 15 think?

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