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  1. Harris is just 1 rider with 1 opinion.What did the other 15 think?
  2. For a small donation to Belle Vue you can get your own personalised nail.......
  3. Another nail in the coffin and all that.........I guess at least no-one was on the first and second bends or there would be even more p'd off punters
  4. They might be meaningless to you,me and most of the world,but what you have to remember is that they are run by one of his(main? I don't know the finances of ll his deals)sponsors.Frank Mauer runs the track and sponsors Emil as well.probably part of the deal is that Emil rides in some of his meetings.There must also be a reason why some of the top riders also turn out in them even if they are meaningless.The track is also open often for practice and riders like Nicki travel over jut for that purpose.I'd imagine it isn't easy to attract a top field for a meaningless meeting without some incentive
  5. iris123

    Snp To Build Case For Another Referendum

    It is,because no-one fitting that description ever got their own tv series,as far as I know
  6. I did meet Ove at one SWC final in Vojens,so he does go
  7. iris123

    Snp To Build Case For Another Referendum

    Honestly don't know which is worse,but I think Stewart was on tele before the Krankies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbJMTzlYI8s
  8. Bumped into Jesper yesterday and Conkers yesterday and we also met up in Groningen today.But now I am home,so we missed each other. Good meeting yesterday thoroughly enjoyed it.The highlight was Lars falling on his arse trying to get off the track.....no,i am being mean.The racing was pretty good,but I was frozen by the end
  9. iris123

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Yes,i remember when it was tradition to close early afternoon on a Wednesday as well
  10. iris123

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I agree on this topic.Germany is another country where the Christian movement are against relaxed sunday shopping hours.Why should they dictate to us when we can shop.If they don't want to go shopping they don't have to.And if they really are so deeply religious I doubt an employer would make them work.The trouble is we get the anti immigrant lobby telling us we are a Christian country with traditions that need to be defended........
  11. iris123

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Maybe they do,but try coming up with a major Christian group or leader who wants more relaxed sunday shopping hours.I can come up with plenty of links for Christians who want more restrictions and even Christians who seem to have formed an alliance with Muslims.So it seems even Muslims are for keeping sunday a traditional day of rest......Like I said,we get maqny who tell us we are a Christian country and should keep Christian traditions and then you get some of the same people who moan when people try to maintain traditions!!!!
  12. iris123

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Isn't it at least partly down to pressure from the Christians?People are crying about how immigrants are changing our tradition and when someone (i.e Christian churches)try to keep a tradition people seem to be up in arms as well
  13. I'll be in Assen about 17:00 friday.Got Ians number,so I will phone him when I am there
  14. I don't know.He was giving the season a miss,had a go in Sweden and done well in berlin.Beating the other Dutch guys,so guess deserves it.Was looking back and Conkers was raving about de Jong and we also had Schukken,but both have disappeared? Saw the comments about Luca being either insecure or very arrogant.......looking like he hates everyone.Hope he doesn't turn out like his father.But yes,i do agree it is a little crazy giving him the spot in Assen
  15. Sounds fair enough.He is experienced enough and not known for moaning without a reason.I'll have a chat with him in Assen
  16. Ok.Want to expand on this?Most fans seem happy at the organisation,but to be honest I am not keen on the press guy,so am happy to stay away
  17. Not following Conkers,so haven't seen the comments.What meetings is he talking about?
  18. Another thing that popped into my head today......wasn't it about 2 years ago some guys(Dirk Fricke maybe)announced there was going to be a new track in Switzerland and possibly even a series of meetings.......what ever happened there? Stellingwerf gets the Assen wc.Seems about right.None of the other Dutch riders look good enough
  19. Report on Berlin and nothing about this new adopted 'german' Zorn 6,500-7,000 for the weekends racing.Only counted 4 Russians riding though....... http://www.rostock-sport.de/?qs=1457282400 Seem a bit slow in announcing the wc for Assen.And also no line-up as of yet for Fridays meeting!!!!
  20. And I think I am right that you are hoping t host Jääspeedway?Is it cold enough round your way to prepare a track in a normal winter?
  21. Then you write Gluehwein Just had a look at Sanomat.Do you only have ä+ö in Finland?
  22. Almost....Glühwein Saw the youtube vid of todays final and it looked a start to finish 1-2-3-4,but Ivanov did make a try to get through,though never really looked like making it.But reports are it was a good meeting.Still all finals have seen 4 Russians in....... Just watched some crazy Finns doing downhill cross on ice skates in -25°!!!!! Now some crazy Finns in Hirvensalmi racing stock cars on ice....
  23. I think you are mistaken
  24. Seems so.Everyone was riding again today.Berlin was a big disaster for the Germans,but as someone said,not quite as bad as 1945 And all I can say to that second bit is.....
  25. Quite a nice piece from yesterdays meeting in Berlin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sXk_xZ2KOo

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