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  1. Cradley v Coventry 21-05-18

    The 2nd Eastbourne meeting was very good, if you have two competitive teams you'll get good racing. I suspect that will happen v Birmingham. The IOW meeting wasn't the best but that was due to the gulf in class on the day. Mountain v Morley was good though!
  2. Cradley v Coventry 21-05-18

    Phillips at 4 seems to make us stronger especially at Leicester as Ruddick has put in heat leader performances there too. I'm guessing Leon has rode at Leicester in the youth championships but obviously not at this level.
  3. Cradley v Coventry 21-05-18

    . It will be close I think.
  4. Cradley v Coventry 21-05-18

    Its a big meeting Sunday anyway being local rivals but winning tonight makes it even bigger. We have a chance to make a final. I listened on the radio, fantastic job from BBC WM. It was also nice to see more Bees fans taking more of an interest on social media tonight and it seems a few went to support the lads.
  5. Cradley v Coventry 21-05-18

    Cracking win for Coventry 49-40!
  6. Thanks. There are others who are also doing their bit too whether it be attending or volunteering. I do my best for the fans that want to go and the riders that wear the Bees racejacket, nothing else.
  7. Cradley 1. Roynon 2. Andrews R/R 3. Bickley 4. Dwyer 5. Bowtell 6. Chattin 7. Edwards Coventry 1. Mountain 2. Harris 3. Armstrong 4. Phillips 5. Ruddick 6. Halder 7. MacDonald Kemp not riding for Cradley is a huge boost for the Bees. Bees again change their riding order, I like the way Martyn MacDonald changes the order for each opposition. Hoping Bees push Cradley all the way.
  8. Cheers! I don't like the situation we are in but it is my club. Unfortunately I might not make it next week I'm on a nightshift and at Wembley Monday. It all costs! I will try though!
  9. Though It was going to be slightly closer but Bees were just too good for IOW. Morley was excellent however. First 4 heats took an hour but fair play the following 11 heats were done by just after 5. Crowd was bigger than last week which is a bonus, i expect a few more when Birmingham visit next week.
  10. 2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    The GP qualifying is tough this year isn't it? Lambert and Bomber unlucky not to qualify although I think Lambert will get a wildcard.
  11. Perfect weather for today's meeting, a nice 21°c. Hopefully a better crowd than last week!
  12. Coventry 1. Mountain 2. Harris 3. Ruddick 4. Phillips 5. Armstrong 6. Halder 7. MacDonald Isle of Wight 1. Morley 2. Verge 3. Campos 4. Widman 5. Hopwood 6. Woods 7. Tedham Hopefully another 'Home' win for the Bees I'll go for 52-38.
  13. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    They should've stuck with the original plan of Monday's and Thursdays then what you seen yesterday wouldn't have happened. Britain has priority on Thursdays, use it.
  14. Coventry Promotion

    Erm Mick Horton maybe? Only the Eastbourne meeting(s) were below the break even figure. The big question is what type of crowd come along for Cradley, Brum and BV fixtures, these might be the ones that keep it going. Also a bit more promotion to come hopefully.
  15. Added cost of floodlights probably means that's a no go.