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  1. Woz01

    2019 NL Season

    If there is any kind of NL racing at Leicester the Thompson twins are highly likely to be there.
  2. Woz01

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    There is absolutely no reason to be losing over £100,000 a year in speedway.
  3. Woz01

    Leicester Lions 2019

    I thought the name sounded familiar! I've checked my group on Facebook and he's no longer on it.
  4. Woz01

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Didn't Chapman briefly take over Leicester last winter? Maybe the same will happen here.
  5. Belle Vue gets the U21 World Team Cup final on 12th-13th July.
  6. Woz01

    Somerset 2019

    And this doesn't happen anyway? Someone has to finish top and bottom, that's the point of a league.
  7. Gutted i missed the last meeting. Although doubtful I wouldn't rule us out completely from running in 2019.
  8. When the opposition reserve scores paid 20 your not going to get close. All we can do now is win the home meeting a gain some of those point a back.
  9. Huge underdogs over the two legs, we have to somehow keep it as close as possible. I think that would require Mountain and Stoneman to get into double figures with the rest chipping in.
  10. Sounds like Jamie Halder has had to pull some strings to be at Eastbourne tomorrow. If he was missing that would've truly been a disaster.
  11. Run the league from march, plan the Play off final August bank holiday weekend and run a cup competition for September + October
  12. Woz01

    AGM November 2018

    Chris Louis said Ipswich will go up when the time is right, will that be this time?
  13. All have work commitments. Even before the date was announced Armstrong and MacDonalds family said on my Facebook page that there is no way they could get to Eastbourne midweek because of work. It's at least a 16 hour round trip for MacDonald so he's have to get a minimum 2 days off.
  14. Coventry team on Wednesday 1. Connor Mountain 2. Danny Phillips R/R 3. Luke Harris 4. Nathan Stoneman 5. Luke Ruddick 6. Nick Laurence 7. Jamie Halder So 3 of our 1-7 missing. Probably the best two guests we could bring in.
  15. I have the flu, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it . I seen their tweet and just assumed it would be at Mildenhall considering it's on a Sunday and Eastbourne usually ride Saturdays. Doh! We need to keep it to no more than 12 in all honesty, we've beaten them by that already at Leicester. We should hear team news tomorrow.

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