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  1. Woz01


    The preview for the Buxton meeting said Connor Mountain won't ride until Thursday at the earliest? That doesn't rule him out of the NLRC
  2. Woz01

    Where is SCB

    They should be notified if someone is convicted of certain crimes.
  3. Woz01

    Where is SCB

    I believe they usually do but just checked after reading this, his Facebook seems to have gone but his Twitter is still showing.
  4. Woz01

    Play Off Run In

    I wonder how strong the Birmingham 1-7 will be on Sunday?
  5. Yes collarbone injury from his crash last week. Meetings went pretty much as expected beating Buxton and losing to Mildenhall. If we didn't have such a poor start v Mildenhall it could've been close. From heat 4 onwards we matched them.
  6. Having to negotiate with Leicester to run on a Monday is probably another reason why it was arranged late.
  7. Coventry Bees doing all they can to get their fixtures in before the cut off point.
  8. I've got to be honest the racing has been decent for Bees meetings generally but Sunday it certainly wasn't.
  9. It's Leicester staff not Coventry. There has been problems with the 3rd-4th bend most of the season and certainly sidecars the evening before didn't help. I agree the 2nd meeting it seemed a lot better.
  10. It will make the meeting a lot closer now.
  11. I didn't even notice that Hume is now R/R with Laurence coming in. Looking at the greensheets only Flint, Laurence, Embleton and Davies can take the R/R rides for Hume.
  12. Riding in Germany I believe.
  13. Such a shame you're missing riders.
  14. Woz01

    Buxton vs Kent

    Hopefully the will fit the Coventry fixture in somewhere too!
  15. Sunday's meeting starts at 1pm and as it's a double header I believe it will cost an extra £5. Team news will follow. This should be a good days racing especially the first meeting with a playoff place up for grabs.

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