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  1. 1st leg at Eastbourne 6th October (7.30pm) and Bees at 'Home' at Leicester the following day on the 7th (4pm)
  2. When the opposition reserve scores paid 20 your not going to get close. All we can do now is win the home meeting a gain some of those point a back.
  3. Huge underdogs over the two legs, we have to somehow keep it as close as possible. I think that would require Mountain and Stoneman to get into double figures with the rest chipping in.
  4. Sounds like Jamie Halder has had to pull some strings to be at Eastbourne tomorrow. If he was missing that would've truly been a disaster.
  5. Run the league from march, plan the Play off final August bank holiday weekend and run a cup competition for September + October
  6. Woz01

    AGM November 2018

    Chris Louis said Ipswich will go up when the time is right, will that be this time?
  7. All have work commitments. Even before the date was announced Armstrong and MacDonalds family said on my Facebook page that there is no way they could get to Eastbourne midweek because of work. It's at least a 16 hour round trip for MacDonald so he's have to get a minimum 2 days off.
  8. Coventry team on Wednesday 1. Connor Mountain 2. Danny Phillips R/R 3. Luke Harris 4. Nathan Stoneman 5. Luke Ruddick 6. Nick Laurence 7. Jamie Halder So 3 of our 1-7 missing. Probably the best two guests we could bring in.
  9. I have the flu, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it . I seen their tweet and just assumed it would be at Mildenhall considering it's on a Sunday and Eastbourne usually ride Saturdays. Doh! We need to keep it to no more than 12 in all honesty, we've beaten them by that already at Leicester. We should hear team news tomorrow.
  10. Should Eastbourne get through the 1st leg will be 21st at Mildenhall and if they dont it'll revert to a league fixture. I'm guessing if its Mildenhall v Coventry it'll be 27th and 28th.
  11. Yes Leicester have called off 2 or 3 of our meetings for differing reasons but we have also been very unlucky with the weather. There has been quite a few Sunday's where it's rained, even during the dry spell! However even then we should have plenty of time.
  12. It's a possibility.
  13. As I understand it we are missing at least Armstrong and MacDonald for Wednesday. Best guest available for Armstrong seems to be Stoneman.
  14. For the sake of 24 hours....
  15. Play offs has to be the priority otherwise what was the point of the whole season.
  16. That's not been on any fixture list I've seen.
  17. I can't see a reason why Eastbourne would turn it down. It's available, its Coventrys race day and Eastbourne are not scheduled elsewhere. We have to go to Eastbourne mid week with a patched up team (work commitments) I wonder if they want this meeting to also be midweek?
  18. Woz01

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    This is the problem, we have nowhere fixed to ride so it's unlikely anyone will buy or even lease it. It would be nice to get a decent crowd in for this Sunday, possibly our last ever 'home' meeting.
  19. 17th October confirmed.
  20. Woz01

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    No it hasn't. A few times we've had break even crowds but some others have been awful. At one point I think we didn't have a 'home' meeting for 11 weeks. We will have to see what everyone's plans are for next year, like if Leicester will run an NL side. Maybe they can run Coventry there? Simple facts are people won't support Horton and that's how they see it. Should someone else take it on I'm pretty certain we'd get more than enough to attend. A lot can happen during the winter
  21. Woz01

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

  22. Woz01

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    No, there is virtually no sponsorship for Coventry.
  23. Woz01

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    But funnily enough Coventry and Peterborough have made money during some recent seasons!
  24. Woz01

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    He's open to offers for COVENTRY or even just some help but he believes Coventry need to keep on racing. He's come out and asked for sponsorship for next year, although I think it's unlikely we will run it doesn't sound like he's finished with the club unless someone else wants to take it on. I really don't see how he'll have the funds to buy Peterborough outright. If he did however could he run a NL side at Peterborough as well as the Panthers? He'll have a spare club laying around.
  25. Do you know whats funny if all this was the opposite way around and KL was slightly over the limit Poole fans would be arguing it and then others defend it. For me if Kings Lynn agreed to it then I have no problem it's not like it's hurting any other clubs. Also KL didn't do anything wrong booking Ellis for the 1st leg, KL fans would be up in arms if the promotion didnt get the best rider available. It the rules that are wrong.

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