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  1. This thing about the hot laps, I guess all teams at home can now do it? Stop moaning about it and just do the same when you're at home.
  2. Coventry Promotion

    Neil Watson is no longer co.promoter, Neil is now co promoter at Peterborough.
  3. Coventry Promotion

    I was waiting for that!
  4. Coventry Promotion

    I will do it, for a price
  5. Eastbourne will give Coventry a much sterner test than Stoke did last week. I believe Danny Phillips is riding for Scunthorpe so a guest needed. I expect the crowd to be bigger, forecast much better than what we had to deal with last week. Thoughts.
  6. I think some of the riders Cradley have will also boost it by a few. I was impressed with Kyle Bickley the other week at Belle Vue and the two reserves are good prospects. Add of course Adam Roynon who Bees fans have a great deal of time for. I hear there was 47 less than last week which would mean the crowd was 250 ish.
  7. Coventry Promotion

    I was told you dont and Mick also said as much at the Q&A he did. We wouldn't be racing if we did.
  8. Coventry Promotion

    You dont need 2 promoters in the NL.
  9. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Sad news. He was riding way before my time but the way other fans spoke about him and his 6 world titles shows he was the very best.
  10. The rain actually forecast was worse than last week. It did have heavy rain between 2pm-5pm at one point. I'm quite sure once we get a meeting with no threat of rain more than enough will come to watch. The Cradley meeting will boost the attendance no doubt about that.
  11. That can't be right. The Stoke Meeting there was around 130 people on the bend, I counted them (sad I know). Although i didnt go today I was told more people was on the bend and less in the seats.
  12. 300-350 is break even. I guess the Cradley meeting in a couple of weeks will bump up the average attendance. A decent weather forecast will help, I woke up this morning and seen the forecast. I thought it had no chance of being on at that point.
  13. Couldn't make today as I had to work, great win for the Bees. Was the crowd similar to last week?
  14. Yep it'll be tough for the Bees but with a bit of rain around that may help Coventry as they rode in the wet at Leicester last week.
  15. I would like to think Bees will come out on top in this meeting. I believe Bees will be full strength for this. Thoughts.
  16. We are running R/R for Danny Phillips.
  17. Danny King on the SGP website "Its difficult. I don't think you can blame anyone. It's just the conditions caught us out". That should end any debate but I doubt it.
  18. Stoke v Coventry 14-04-18

    There press release said track won't be ready with rain tonight but you're right no rain seems to be forecasted.
  19. Stoke v Coventry 14-04-18

    Never mind, it's now off.
  20. Palm-Toft has also said the track looked fine. It sounds like it deceived everyone, I think the 2 captains should be able to do a few laps each pre meeting to judge the track.
  21. Seen a picture and it did look misty, people there say track looked ok. With it being misty, drizzling and an ambulance in use which would mean a big delay I guess at that point there was zero chance of getting to heat 10. Rosco tweeted no one was forced to ride.
  22. Obviously others riders didn't agree otherwise it wouldn't have started.
  23. British Under 21

    It's not like they have many heats to choose from so far this season.
  24. Schlein lives in Coventry he might have made it, I guess BV knew in plenty of time but asked Batch.
  25. Belle Vue 2018

    Harris points included a joker ride and if Worrall didn't touch the tapes in his opening ride he would've likely been top scorer. Worrall also rode pretty well in the World Games im Wroclaw beating some decent riders. I think it's a huge blow for GB (and BV) that he is now injured.