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  1. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Owns Investin PLC and Brandon Estates is under that umbrella. They have many developments in the UK including Coventry, London, Nottingham and Poole. He lives in Monaco.
  2. Poole 2018

    Sundstrom, Woryna and Szczepeniak I'd have question marks over just for the fact they've either not ridden here for a while and/or have never showed anything over here previously. However, if they show their form from abroad Poole will get close.
  3. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    Jack Smith is the 1st signing for the Colts.
  4. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Ryan McDonald as the other 3pt man is my guess.
  5. Poole 2018

    Mateusz average was a rolling average. Nice try though.
  6. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Cheers Neil.
  7. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I see he passed and beat Bickley at BV in one heat which shows the talent. Bees still bees to appoint a manager and a co-promoter I'm sure they are sorted but i have no idea who it could be?
  8. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Option 2 looks better. I see Gilkes follows the new Twitter feed, I don't know much about him to be honest. Edit. Just looked at results from British youth championships. Seems a good prospect going on results.
  9. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Kids were free in the last season at Brandon too. Helps me a lot as I have 3 of them who enjoy going!
  10. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Buster didn't force them out, it was voted in!
  11. Confirmed Signings For 2018

    Jack Parkinson-Blackburn and Jon Armstrong confirmed for Coventry.
  12. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Finally two signings confirmed. Really looking forward to seeing what Jack Parkinson-Blackburn can do. Decent start to team building.
  13. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Admission prices are on the website. Adults £13 Children Free. A free racecard will be given aswell.
  14. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Yep he said last night he has signing news in next day or two. If you look at the new Twitter page a few riders including Jack Parkinson-Blackburn have followed which could suggest who is in the side.
  15. Kings Lynn 2018..

    So the team will look something like this? 1, Iversen 2, Proctor 3, Jorgensen 4, Rose 5, Lambert 6, Kerr 7, Andersen. For me a decent top 2 and strong at reserve and even more so if the young Dane does ok. Middle order a bit weak but having said that i do rate Jorgensen and he might step up to that 3rd heat leader role. Don't think that team will make the play offs.
  16. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    They listened to me. They used their usual Facebook page today and also set up a Twitter feed @CoventryBees
  17. Rye House 2018

    If I remember correctly Birmingham were ordered to pay a transfer fee to Coventry for Ben Barker. It was never paid and it was then changed to a loan fee.
  18. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I was shocked their average wasn't a bit higher to be honest. I'd also say JPB will increase his.
  19. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Rode for us in 93! I was only 11!
  20. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Yep can see that being close to the named 1-7
  21. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    http://www.savecoventryspeedway.com/_mobile/news.php?extend.120.1 the group have had a chat with Horton and have their say on Coventry Bees riding in the NL at Leicester.
  22. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I was told the 1-7 has been signed up for quite a while. Even Neil Watson posted that the 1-7 was complete when confirmation was announced.
  23. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    With ex Storm riders Greenwood, Dwyer and Halder still not signed up I wouldn't be surprised if they are named and Jack Parkinson Blackburn rumoured to be number 1.
  24. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    The club will need to sort out some form of social media as the save Cov speedway group took over Coventry Bees Twitter feed.
  25. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Horton did say selling assets and loan fees will help pay for riding at Leicester.