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  1. Newcastle 2018

    Lets hope one or two do a Mark Thorpe and that we can cash in at reserve where we should be a bit more experienced than most others.
  2. Newcastle 2018

    Dont forget to spend your hard earned pennies paying in each week mind... and your 20/80 draw ticket.
  3. Newcastle 2018

    I knew i knew you from the " i bet we see him at brough this season" comment!!
  4. Newcastle 2018

    You never answered the question?? Had one ride in mechanics race and failed terribly, no i havent missed any years but sometimes you change your mind or change what you want out of life or whats important. You have a go at anyone who posts anything remotley negative or against the grain!! Just a quick look at this thread. Sign up as new poster and troll boomerang, then more recently mauger65, diamond@heart and myself with snydey comments and veiled digs because we dont have the same outlook or opinion as you... who f*** are you to tell us we arnt proper supporters so to speak??your mask is slipping....
  5. Newcastle 2018

    The die hards found out that he only attended when it was deep and hounded him out, he became disillusioned with speedway and now lives a solitary life in a pigeon cree with only distant memories and a jason king framed photograph to keep him going. :-(
  6. Newcastle 2018

    Whos fault is it then? The fans?? I will always suppport them and always will but im not prepared to turn up in the freezing cold to watch us get battered and to pay for the privilege... its a huge gamble putting this team out and sustaining any sort of paying fan base imo. you say in a later post about die hards? Can you tell us how you are a die hard, how long youve been one, how long youve attended and more importantly do you pay to get in?? ive been going best part of 40 years, ive worked on the track, i cleaned riders leathers as a youngin, been a pusher, spannered here and there for a few riders, text updates to the updates site when no one else would, took part in fundraising a good few years ago, lifted sheets at 10'clock at night and paid my entrance fee every week for the past 10/15/20 years etc. what makes you a die hard and me not?? I would guess you are probably part of the inner sanctum at Newcastle speedway coming on here to have a go at those who dare to question or have a different opinion.
  7. Newcastle 2018

    If meant if i just want to go and watch speedway any old speedway i could go to Redcar... maybe im different but i want to see my team win or be competative...I dont go to Nufc games hoping to see a good game, ( gave season ticket up few years ago but still go about 7/8 times a year and to away games) i go to see us hopefully win or be competitive, i dont go to the basketball to see a good game i go to see us hopefully win or be competitive... why should speedway be different to me?? Its up to the promotion/ owner to get the fans there, not the fans to blindly pay top dollar come what may surely?? If that makes you a better fan than me then on you go... but who are you to tell me what i should think and basically what i should do?? Good luck to the Diamonds this year, id love a bit of humble pie!!
  8. Newcastle 2018

    You can watch speedway anywhere if thats all you want??
  9. Newcastle 2018

    £16 to watch a team of journeymen?? A team of 2 second strings and 4 reserves so far... Nar thanks, id rather pay the petrol money and go to Redcar. No disrespect to the riders as individuals but collectively that team is truely awful. Still the Grumbler will see his men in Kevlar's from his half empty terrace #perspective.
  10. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    What a load of absolute horsesh!t!! so i will be the first one to bite. Riders this riders that? What about the fans?Where is the respect for them? Who without them there is no speedway!! Fans are treat with utter contempt the length and breadth of the country man, They are shafted for value for money in everyway imaginable yet still pay their monies, people are sick of paying over inflated prices to watch substandard racing on ill prepared tracks, with poxy made up rules and short handed teams. they are treat like mushrooms and drip fed information when it suits. If you pay your money you are entitled to an opinion both good and bad surely?? Speedway riders are not gods imo and to suggest they do it for our entertainment is both futile and ridiculous, if that was the case they would do it for free or basic expenses.... they dont and no one forces them to ride either... our armed forces, police force, fire fighters put themselves in danger for us ffs not bloody speedway riders!! You will be telling us jockeys are the same no doubt? Yes its a dangerous sport but its their choice to ride ours to watch. Speedway fans are far too passive in accepting sh!te and being told to be thankful like promoters, riders and the bspa are doing us a favor. Wake up and smell the coffee man because without or after this generation of fans there will be no speedway because society today wont accept or support the current shambles that is speedway in the UK. Ive been going to Newcastle for 40 years, it was a passion, it was part a massive part of my life it was a drug.. I loved it. Now i couldnt give a monkeys if i go or not... so where are the next lot of die hards coming from?? Who is going to stand up for the fans? Etc.. id rather voice my opinion and how i feel rather than sit apathetic creaming my self thinking a bloke in kevlars is a god or a hero... and told to be thankful!! Thankful for what?. Says something when you couldnt care a less about something you once lived for... and im not alone.
  11. Redcar handed fours

    I've no problem with Redcar or anyone hosting the 4's, and agree the showground is the ideal place. My concern is how are they going to fit hundreds more people into a tiny space ( home straight) that is already full for normal league matches. The decking outside the portokabin bar is always full, the temp stands are pretty much full and the stand nearest the pits is petty much full, that leaves standing areas in front of the stand and in the middle by the starting gate, you put say another hundred, 2 hundred people in there and your going to be 5 deep watching the racing... if theres another 3,4,5 hundred there it will be a recipe for disaster imo.
  12. Redcar handed fours

    I wouldnt know, its easier, quicker to get too for the northern tracks fans... and there's more of them than there is southern ones
  13. Redcar handed fours

    If the back straight isnt accesible i cant see how Redcar can easily accommodate a normal 4's size crowd, the usual stands are pretty much full for regular league meetings nevermind a shared competition with all other teams fans there....aswell. where are they going to put the extra 3,4,5, 600 fans?? Genuine question?
  14. Redcar handed fours

    My comments are nothing to do with the track, its the saftey, comfort and facilities for supporters that i think are poor to be holding a shared event with at least triple the normal league match crowd
  15. Redcar handed fours

    Ok point taken, can they use the back straight these days if needed?