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  1. Arson fire

    Newcastle 2019

    Told you 2 or 3 years ago but you wouldnt listen and just tried to take the pi55.....
  2. Arson fire

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    Hats off to the flag Marshall i say, had the numpty have got past him and to where kids and pensioners could have been it could have been tragic, i would do exactly the same tbf, a red flag is a red flag, its the same for everyone end of. Ask yourself this, would Cook have slowed if the public were on the track?? Of course he would!! So why didnt he in this instance?? Too many fans lick speedway riders ar5es to be able to see any wrong doing in my opinion. All this does is give the self certed doyens of this forum the chance to play their pathetic ‘my mothers bigger than your mother’ game. How anyone can defend Cookie and the course of actions he took is a joke, he could have caused serious injury to someone by his totally immature, irresponsible actions that night... to look for a scapegoat to pardon him at the same time makes you as bad as him!!. But lets blame the bloke trying to stop him eh.
  3. Arson fire

    Newcastle 2018

    Not the old chestnut at all? Its maybe not who i thought it was thats all. got nowt against people who work there getting in free fwiw... and ive done plenty of work at the track in days gone by Dave.
  4. Arson fire

    Newcastle 2018

    We might all be ‘loyal’ if we got in for nixy every week mate ;-)
  5. Yes i do actually... but to suggest Tai was “ effectively sending a message to Lambert and British speedway” is quite frankly pathetic
  6. Well we are into June and Big AL has just set the benchmark for the post with the biggest load of sh!te in it 2018...will it/can it be beaten i wonder?.
  7. Regardless of the result, that was proper speedway!! Tai in a different league and Robert just lacking that bit experience. A silver medal in that field is a fantastic achievment.
  8. The Lindgren debate has been done to death and yes he is what he is. But what he is isnt good enough imo, be it at any position in the main body of the team. which begs the question why we keep signing him year in year out regardless?. Does his sponsors put money into the club in anyway that he has a hold in us?? Because his return over the past 4 seasons hasnt got any better. carrying your captain constantly away from home is pretty poor at best, yet we just put up with it as a club year in year out. Its like being able to decorate your own home to a decent standard but once you go next door your arms fall off!! He would survive a nuclear war ffs!!
  9. What are his favorite tracks?
  10. Arson fire

    Newcastle 2018

    Aye...Bob, wester and no!
  11. Arson fire

    Redcar 2018

    Cant be true as there are literally no riders available, and those that are wont ride in the north!
  12. Typical, Redcar sh!te letting us down.. tut tut
  13. Arson fire

    Newcastle 2018

    Lets hope one or two do a Mark Thorpe and that we can cash in at reserve where we should be a bit more experienced than most others.
  14. Arson fire

    Newcastle 2018

    Dont forget to spend your hard earned pennies paying in each week mind... and your 20/80 draw ticket.

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