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  1. Hi, Smoking is not allowed at all in the stands and if that happens again please speak to a steward. Our smoking policy is (or should be) completely visible across the stadium and also it is announced after the parade over the pa system. But I will keep a close eye on this for our last two meetings and see if it continues. Regards the rider start positions - it was agreed by all that in the case of 15m being empty riders would move forward. We can look at this for future meetings although I dont believe it affected the meeting in any way. Many thanks Barry
  2. it was a brilliant meeting all round... racing, mascots, kids, track, atmosphere, attitude of riders.... I loved it. I totally agree making a level playing field produces the best racing and worked well last night and also the 2v meeting. #thefuture
  3. no rider should ever receive any type of fixed guarnatted payment - full stop in my view. Riders pay was exactly the same as normal.
  4. barrybishop

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    absolutely I would welcome 3000 or 300 or 30... as long as we are all going in the right direction. My only note of caution is this, bringing first time visitors is great, truly it is, but the really question that needs answering is of the 3000 how many returned? We have a system that we know if they return or not and in general every time we have a class, Scout Group or whatever, we have a hit... in that someone returns and pays to get it.
  5. barrybishop

    Eastbourne v Glasgow Semi Final

    I feel I must correct you on a few points here... Firstly we dont have any advantage when compared to other clubs whatsoever from local government or local transport.... we receive no funding at all, no discounts at all and we have NO public transport to the stadium. The Warriors PAY for the free taxi service from Ryde Pier for locals and travelling fans - but it must be booked via the company. What we absolutely do not have is any kind of public transport be that train, bus or ferry.... in fact we are at a distinc disadvantage because we have to pay for every rider and official's ferry ticket this include both teams Warriors and Wizardss - we do not have full sponsorship from Wightlink but their sponsorship has grown year on year because of our progress and our ethos. We do have a corporate rate of course because our spend is still in the tens of thousand with them. Your other point about not being able to be what we want to be... this is so true.... I work very closely with our team about the next idea, next promotional move and how we can sell our product better... this is a difficult areas because we are prevented by rules that govern us and given a free and open run at it... I know we can improve dramatically. Anyways, thanks for all the feedback and I enjoy reading peoples views on what works for them and so on and that is all feedback that we can utilise now and in the future. Many thanks Barry
  6. barrybishop

    Speedway Promotion or Lack of it.

    I am not so sure this is right..... when Martin and I took over the Isle of Wight our business plan started with 50 (yes that is right 50) paying customers because this was the estimate of paying fans when they closed. We built our speedway show from there and we knew from the offset we had to attract new fans, families and youngsters, so we built our show around that. Every week we include the family as much as we can, we never charge for kids 16 and unders, our food is the cheapest in the sport but probably one of the best for quality (read the reviews), our meetings are well presented, engaging, family orientated, and........ in the National League.... What I hear you scream no superstars..... again not right... of course we have superstars... our riders are superstars to the fans, children and families, they really are.... we have autograph sessions, our riders engage with fans, and we add to that by having My First Skid speedway school which gives families and kids that chance to be a superstar... never tell me there is not a market for speedway because our school sells out.. I have a queue of Mascots wanting to be in the show (we already have 12 out each week), the students aim for a mascot spot, then a Wizards team spot and then a Warriors spot. we give students objectives... fans continuity and a view of progress....and we have proven that this works with riders like Wirtzfeld, Sealey and now Williams... But how has this affected our crowds, considering we have no "superstars" and run "just" National League...... well, since we started like for like, week on week.. our crowds have only dropped off 1 time - yes thats is once..... and by 5 people... We dont have huge crowds... 300 plus in the off season 500 plus, in the holiday season... but they keep going up... and by the way so does our sponsorship not just in value but in number by those who want to associate themselves with the fun filled family show that Isle of Wight Speedway has become. Reading the above is interesting to me and probably the most important statement I read is... "the racing isnt different, but it is a different feeling is such a small crowd....." and this my friends is the crux of it. We entertain from the moment you arrive to when you leave and we see groups of fans who have made strong friendships discuss the speedway, are part of their club, back their club, its riders (their superstars)... and it about those who attend feeling valued, received value for money and most importantly entertained. Thanks for the continued knowledge transfer to me... its appreciated. See you trackside.
  7. Wood isnt riding tonight and I am trying everything to get someone somehow here... to say I am totoally and completely gutted is an understatement.... totally gutted. Big crowd, sponsored meeting with sponsors in attendance - meal the works, lots of great people travelling and I am truly, genuinely struggling.... another NL meeting tonight, NL riders covering for riders in high leagues for this meeting has caused us no end of problems plus being on an island is unfortunate in this situation. BUT rest assured, I promise you all I will put everything I have to make this an incredible speedway show for you all... and hey who knows what may happen... but it will be no easy task. Please dont write to me with suggestions for riders for tonight.. we will have tried them and are continuing to do so...
  8. barrybishop

    Speedway Promotion or Lack of it.

    I have to say it was my decision to inlude the crash at the end of our marketing video on the ferry - not because I wanted one it in, but really to end the video with a shock to the viewer... high impact.... I think the video on the ferry has brought dividends this year and we have spend thousands in market ing this year on the ferry, shows, radio, newspaper, magazines, banners... we do as much as we can cut out cloth to, but I know there is further scope to improve our non social media marketing and as for the social media marketing this is of course dynamic so we have to keep changing with not only the "times" but also our fixtures. Interesting to read this thread about today's speedway... the truth we have all that is described above on the island, relatively cheap motorsport, heart of the action, interaction with fans, riders and promoters, a fun family atmosphere, plenty of kids entertainment, static bikes displays (not each week), and more.... but as HT said, it takes a lot of time and belief in what your product actually is to be able to stand in front of the crowd and preach about speedway and our show, but once your volunteers believe in it how we believe in it... then you have many, many people singing the same song.... and hopefully new fans, new base to start from. That is a short history of how we started with a business case of just 50 fans on the Island.
  9. I am really looking forward to meet you tomorrow - we are up against it.. so everyone bring you loudest vocal chords.... I may even give whistles to everyone and not just kids for tomorrow... Safe travels and see you trackside...
  10. barrybishop

    Isle of Wight v Oxford Select 1st August

    Thanks for the feedback on this. Andy Hague from Speedway Portal is a great guy and he and I bounce ideas off eachother all the time... I say to him, we have no limit.. .the more out there the more I want to do it (within our budget of course) .... so we are really trying and I am pleased that you enjoy the media stuff. Thank you
  11. barrybishop

    Isle of Wight v Oxford Select 1st August

    Thanks for coming back to me.. yep we already engage with pretty much anyone and everyone we can on the Island although there are many areas for improvement and continued growth here. I would like to see the big 4 getting more invovled (although they do support us by banner placement and produce for our charity events) and as our profile on and off the track continues to improve and grow, along with the whole family ethos I am sure they are not far away. Thanks for the advice and "every little helps". Barry
  12. barrybishop

    Isle of Wight v Oxford Select 1st August

    Do you still run any of these retail businesses? If so, I can highly recommend, and prove the success of, being part of the Warriors Sponsorship program in 2019 or most likely now 2020, particularly if your products are nationwide. I look forward with interest to hear from you and how we can be of value to your business and lets see if we can find a way forward. Many thanks Barry
  13. barrybishop

    'Cheetahs' at the Isle of Wight

    OK everyone here is your fun packed holiday adventure line up..... Gates open at 5.30 Pits are open for full access 5.45 - 6.15 Mascots on track 6.15 - 6.45 Rider parade 6.45 First race 7.00 Halftime we have the kids on track race too plus all your other fun and games.... We have two places to get food... on bend one and in the premier lounge situation on bend 2... full range of, very well priced, food and drink. We also have a track shop on bend 1, seated stands with TVs in, tattoos for kids, sweet stalls, kids will get a whistle and sweet voucher on entry, there is a stadium map on the the back page of the programme. Any questions please let me know...
  14. Where abouts are you......? send me at PM and I will see if any of our fans, riders or officials can meet you somewhere...
  15. For sure it is not one I can fund...but I can certainly provide a workable business plan and would love to run it and build it...

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