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  1. barrybishop

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Hi, Sorry I didnt respond soon... had a weekend off of speedway and just went to Peterborough twice and had dinner with Ged on the Saturday - much to my Lisa's pleasure Please do introduce yourself to me on Thursday - and do try and arrive early.... we have the pits open from 5.45, mascots on the track from 6.15.... with it being Cobra's meeting there will be I am sure lots of surprises too. I am always in Yellow and Blue... so say hi. All the best Barry
  2. barrybishop

    I.O.W vs Kent 24/05/2018

    Hi all, our greatest challenge is our location sadly, and we too understand what its like to travel as we do it week in week out, throw in to the mix speedway schools, shows, and my normal job things are pretty stressful and time is always tight. Now, I am the first to admit we have not performed on the track... few of you will know what it is like in the build up to a meeting do the best you can for your club, fans, sponsors and rider and then get totally hammered.... it sucks, it hurts, it make me personally want to drive for miles and miles.... but then we get emails thanking us for a great night out, how much the kids love coming to the island, how much the first "education destination" group loved their visit and then there is our school.... all of which helps.... we dont have a magic wand, we are not millionaires prepared to bankroll the club - it must pay for itself. We cannot offer points money I hear of, engines, frame kits, - all of our riders tyres come from sponsorship (mainly My First Skid) as does the fuel. Going back to the point.... the island isnt an attactive trip every week.... once or twice a season I imagine its great and riders love it, but weekly its not so easy. The riders who come here must be prepared to go that extra little bit and in return they have 20 plus meetings at home. In all honesty I am not sure what the answer is, I hope our form returns (although we know we struggle as reserve and I have some, I think, interesting ideas for this for the next AGM) and our riders start to do justice for all the effort that everyone, including themselves, put in to the club. Many thanks Barry
  3. I can assure you, I monitor all our crowd levels, and compared with theprevious 2 seasons, like on like for this time of the year, they are up
  4. barrybishop

    IOW v Coventry 10-05-2018 NL

    by the way... thanks for the travelling fans from Coventry, it was great to see you all.
  5. barrybishop

    IOW v Coventry 10-05-2018 NL

    I am doing a training school for My First Skid at Leicester on the 19th but I may have to travel away on business on the Sunday...hopefully not
  6. barrybishop

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Hi Everyone Thanks for all the very interesting views on this thread. As you know we are in a unique place which pretty much prevents us from being an attractive offer to the next 15 year old starlet unless we can find them ourselves. This is indeed one of the primary reasons for developing My First Skid, entering the Wizards into the SDL because we know we have to find our own and even when we do, we equally know we have to fend off the other clubs. However, we almost managed to get a starlet this year, even had a place for him at the local school that sponsors the club... but brighter lights pulled him away. But we do now have some prospects coming through, at all ages so now the work begins to develop them. Our other weakness is loyalty to or riders... we know that....... but its because Martin and I have a vision of speedway and we have really tried to stick to that. Jamie was probably the hardest (and possibly the best) decision we made. Jamie is family to us, but this year we had too many tough meetings perhaps too quickly and something had to change and Jamie was the person. But of course Jamie stays with the club, he will Captain the Wizards, be our number 8 and we want him back in the team - he is good enough once we iron out his one or two weaknesses we have discussed with him. He is working on them, with our support and this is why the decision was right. I am as disappointed with the results as the next person.... it hurts me, well it hurts us all. Few of you will really know what goes on in the build up to a speedway meeting, the preparation, the marketing, the track work, purchasing, printing, administration, coordination and so on.... it's no small task in fact its an enormous task and then when your side comes and you feel that hey...something isnt right, I cannot see the effort from them that I have given myself... why not...and then we lose.... it is a pain that rips everything out of you. We should have beaten both Plymouth and Eastbourne, but we didn't. The middle order have to step up and start delivering for us to achieve our goals and believe me we are never complacent, we perhaps care too much for our riders, but we never want to lose. All I want is a club that breaks even, provides great family fun, top racing and Martin, our staff and I are treated with respect for our efforts to make our club and both teams the best they can be. Right.... I am off to work out how we are going to stuff Coventry Always look forward and not back. See you trackside.
  7. barrybishop

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Success for me is a sustainable business where we participate to the best of our ability with three objectives - to win, to be solvent (and therefore continue) and most importantly entertain. Success is when people shake my hand and thank me for a great night, win, lose or draw... success is watching our kids from the school progress, success is building a team of volunteers with a common objective, success is knowing that I could not do another thing to make it better... (when I say I, I mean Martin and I). What success isnt is going bankrupt to win, buying victory, or not entertaining, in my view.
  8. barrybishop

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Email me speedwayontheisland@yahoo.co.uk - will be easier for me to put you in touch. Welcome to the club
  9. barrybishop

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Warriors Aim To Make It An Opening Double After last week’s action packed win over the Belle Vue Colts, Warrior fans will be hoping for more of the same as the home side take on Plymouth Devils at The Andrew Younie Smallbrook Stadium this Thursday evening. A superb all-round team effort from both riders and their pit crews was the ideal way to get the new speedway campaign up and running so now it is time for the Warriors to launch their assault on the National Trophy against a Devils side that features former Island skipper James Cockle following his move west. Wise-cracking Cockle will undoubtedly be out to rack up a big score against his former employers and will rely on strong support from big hitting Adam Roynon and rapidly improving teenager Henry Atkins. Whilst Cockle could turn out to be a thorn in the home team’s side, the Warriors will be making plans of their own to deal with the Devonians who won all three visits to the Island last season. Both sides have made personnel changes over the winter months and on paper look evenly matched so the chances of a close encounter of the speedway kind should make for another gripping night of fun and track excitement. Co-promoter Barry Bishop (pictured), proud as a peacock after the Belle Vue win, said, “Last week’s fantastic family meeting had everything, passion, great action, lots of fun and a brilliant win over last season’s league champions. If this week’s meeting is half as entertaining our fans will once again leave very satisfied. Be sure, we want a win to set us off on the best possible start in the National Trophy. I cannot wait”. The riders on duty are expected to be: Warriors (from): Scott Campos, Ben Hopwood, Ben Morley, Adam Portwood, Jamie Sealey, Danno Verge and Chris Widman. Devils (from): Bradley Andrews, Richard Andrews, Henry Atkins, James Cockle, Macauley Leek, Adam Roynon and Ryan Terry-Daley. Speedway supporters around the world will have been saddened at the weekend to hear of the death of Ivan Mauger, a six time world champion in the 60’s and 70’s, at the age of 78. Immediately before Thursday’s meeting, there will be a short tribute to one of the very greatest speedway riders of all time. As usual, the turnstiles will open at 5.30 p.m. and the pits will be open for viewing from 5.45 p.m. to 6.15 p.m. The Warrior mascots will then take to the track for some demonstration laps followed by the grand parade of riders at 6.45 p.m. with tapes up on the first race at 7.00 p.m. sharp. The ever-popular kid’s on-track cycle/running race will also feature during the speedway interval.
  10. barrybishop

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    If you can get to Portsmouth on the scooter or by public transport then our paramedic said he will bring you there and back on the ferry
  11. barrybishop

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    I am also interested to know - what is cost prohibitive and if we can help in some way to get you to the stadium. I think our paramedic or one of our team for example,may travel from your area. All the best
  12. barrybishop

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Hi, I read you comments with interest as I do with as much as I can on here to gather feedback or to look at how we can improve our night of family fun. However, one sentence in your post set my alarm bell ringing.... "come October the fans feel that they have had their monies worth." Now, from my point of view not one fans has ever said to me "Barry, change the team line up - we have to win" or "Barry, I dont feel like I am entertained..." in fact, reality was quite the opposite. Fans we saying to me (because I do try and say goodbye and hello to as many as I can) thanks for another great night of racing we will win next week or "loved the racing, we were unlucky tonight"..... you see winning is great, but its not everything. Feeling entertained vice disappointed because your team lost are too different things... I was gutted (and always will be) everytime our team loses because I want to win... but more important to me is that everyone has a great time, are entertained, feel valued, love the Warrior Way, know that Martin and I along with all our volunteers do the very best for our club. So, I dont agree that come October fans will feel any more value for their ££ as they did last season. We put on a great family show from start to finish and this is the future of speedway. I hope that comes across how I meant it to be and if anyone doesnt feel they have value, write to me speedwayontheisland@yahoo.co.uk and tell me why.
  13. barrybishop

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Hi, Can you please tell me what award I have just won?? It's news to me Many thanks, Barry
  14. barrybishop

    Len Silver - Last Of A Dying Breed

    Thanks for the nice words, we try to always look at the positives of the sport, our club and put our best foot forward so to speak. We also value the effort everyone makes to come to speedway or be part of it... we know what it is like to travel because we do it every week too. However, we really do love the action in the National League and to be now able to tie up the shool with entry in to the Southern Development League we really can say the we have a develop step for anyone who wants to be a speedway rider. Your question was could we come up a league.... this is of course something we would consider but it isn't really on the radar for now. For now, we have to grow the club, ensure its longterm existance by breaking even (at the very least) every year. If you ask me where I want the club to be, then I hope my response is the same as any promoters...we want a viable club that provides great entertainment and a fun filled family night out. If that is in the NL or another one, the objective has to be the same. I also truly believe we can be the Manchester United of speedway.... if that makes sense.. to have an internationally marketed clubs with followers everywhere... thats the target. All the best Barry
  15. The next My First Skid on the IOW is February 1st - 18.15 to 21.30 on track. Why not come and experience speedway for the first time on one of our hire bikes, or come to perfect your skills on our 385m track. Please email speedwayontheisland@yahoo.co.uk for more details.

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