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  1. barrybishop

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Martin and I are off on our travels again this weekend where we shall be attending with our better halves, the World Speedway Riders Association's gala dinner and awards night. The Wightlink Warriors have been nominated for an award for the best community club. We lost out last year to Somerset in the same category, so hopefully we can go one better this year and win it, although we up against stiff competition with Berwich and Kent, who have done brilliantly this year for their communities. Then we are back to the Island on Thursday for My First Skid, followed by a weekend working party at the stadium (anyone can come along for both events) In between this, its more sponsorship thank you letters and organising our plans for next year. Thanks again for all your continued support whether local or afar, we really appreciate it. All the best Barry
  2. barrybishop

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    I have posted on FB why this award is so important to us, and that being that we were in the same competition with every other sport, sports club, sporting individual on the Island and those who represent the Island and UK around the world. We were voted to win this above all those, voted for by the public, our community which to me shows that we are really becoming an important part of the Island
  3. barrybishop

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Hi, Thanks for the kind word and unfortunately you are correct in that we do not attend the BSPA AGM and we hold our own 2 weeks after at the NL AGM. It is for me way too late of course and I would prefer these AGM to happen mid season with a wash up meeting at the end of the year. We do strive to do our best for all, be that at the school, speedway, in the community, our parties - everything really. Unlike most I fear, I am really looking forward to 2019 to continue what we have begun and hopefully continue to grow and get further into our community. Many thanks Barry
  4. barrybishop

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Really proud to tell you all that Martin and I, on behalf of everyone who believed in us, volunteers, our fans, visiting fans, sponsors and riders, won the 2018 Isle of Wight Radio Local Hero Awards for Sporting Achiever. This is absolutely great to be honored up against every other sport, sports club, sports person who represents or is on the Isle of Wight and is voted for by the community. We are both, as should everyone associated with the club, very proud today. Thank you
  5. barrybishop

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    We are all very proud to have been nominated for an Isle of Wight Radio Local Heroes award. Martin and I are invited to the awards dinner on Nov 8th so we will keep you all posted. This is a very nice surprise and totally out of the blue so, now we know about it, it will be just brilliant to win it although being nominated is equally as fabulous when you consider where the club was just 4 years ago. Thanks everyone for your support in 2018 and enjoy the off season
  6. barrybishop

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    This is interesting and perhaps we are slightly different to other clubs but our demographic definitely is not over 60s, its kids to 50s mainly (or perhaps I am blinkered as I get older of age ) We do have senior fans for sure, but as to them being the majority our gate tickets tell us otherwise, as does the fan base, and while we are not talking thousands through the gate, well not yet of course, our fan base is definitely less than 50. This has been our objective since the start. To start from the ground up, attracting a new demographic while engaging and supporting those who have been for year. I cannot say that we have cracked it for sure, but in general I think we are working well with both groups of fans. Our parties are always full of families, which is really where I want it to be. Our season ticket sales goes across the spectrum of course but we do have youth pricing for season tickets and we have sold them. I walk our stadium every meeting and engage with the fans and not one traditional speedway fan has said they didn't like the new things we were putting in to attract fans... I feel that they actually enjoy the fun filled show we try to put on more than just 15 heats of quality racing... For us, making speedway an event is our target and to make each week better than the previous one is a business objective along with have a business that is sustainable and can fund itself. That's our view on it and it is a challenge to think of great ideas, have them copied and have to think of new ones to keep being innovative but thats the plan moving forward... continue to improve the stadium, continue to engage, continue to promote, continue to build a rider base, continue with the show and continue to innovate... all to the best we can and all within a budget. .......... see you trackside.
  7. barrybishop

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    This is one of the things we are most proud of on the IOW and it also adds to our evening’s entertainment because MFS students and Mini Warriors are all part of the show. Every week from 6.15 - 6.45 we have around 12 mascots on track on Revvis, Piwi's, 160cc and 500cc machines - we have noticed that people are now attending the stadium earlier to watch the mascots - at 6.45 when they have finished we bring them on to the centre green to receive their applause - this is part of being a speedway rider... it gives them (and us) great pride to hear people clapping and cheering for the mascots - we also interview them to start to teach them public speaking... one of my favourites for this is Chad Wirtzfeld who would not look at anyone let alone speak as freely as he does now on the microphone. At every opportunity we include piwi races in our main events - obviously non-league or cup meetings. This has proved hugely popular with the fans and students and again it teaches them from an early age what it is like to win but more importantly how to improve, how to react if your bike stops, how to interact with the crowd, what to do when another child asks for your autograph... the pride of wearing a MFS race jacket. As it stands as a direct result of the school, My First Skid, we have a stream of new riders all wanting to be speedway riders. So much so that we decided to enter a Wizards squad in to the SDL league with an ethos of no matter what, we only use our squad and riders in that squad must be My First Skid students. It has shown remarkable results in my view - Morgan Williams, Ben Ilsley, James Luckman, Steph Whitlock, are now totally different riders from just 6 months ago and indeed in my view exceeded our expectation. Of course, we now want them to continue on their path and become Warriors making way for other students coming through the school who want to be Wizards. I believe next year we will have a very healthy supply of second halves with 3 new 15-year olds joining our Wizard squad who will want to push for a team spot. Let me tell you, this is so rewarding - we are now seeing result from 2 years and if it continues as it has then there is just so much potential. Our school takes everyone, and we operate in a fun, safe, educational environment, that has rules and seems to work. It constantly sells out - on Oct 11th we have 22 children and 22 adults booked in, some living the dream, others wanting to make the dream begin and others really wanting to make it. Their ages are 4 - 78 and they come from across the country. I have no idea why they choose us, but I am so proud they do. I am more proud they keep coming back. Finally, I have learnt so much from the school too - our school basically pays for itself and a set of team tyres for the Warriors per event. No one is paid, no one expects it. I have learnt that kids and adults love our sport, our kids want to be speedway riders and we make them all feel like they can make it to be world champion… why? because they could. I also know that people have brought their children just to ride a motorcycle not knowing what speedway is... it’s true...but they are all converted when they come to our fun filled nights where their kids are part of the show. They love it.... we all do. It is brilliant. Enough of my ramblings.. It’s true to say that we love our school, we love the reaction of the kids and adults when they achieve, we love that our methods do work and riders are progressing, we love the teamwork and sense of pride that we instil in our students, and if you ever want to try look up My First Skid on Facebook or twitter. Come live the dream. See you trackside.......
  8. That will be great and I look forward to it. However, I am always happy to get amoungst it anywhere, so if you are at a meeting when I am there... always say hi all the best Barry
  9. when you do come and grab me....always in yellow and blue and we can have a chat on the centre green All the best
  10. Hi, Either ferry is OK... but I would suggest Portsmouth in my view. One reason for this is the majority of fans, riders, and promoters take the 2300 back over which is a opportunity to chat about the night and speedway in general. If you are by train and the last one is 9.30 this maybe a challenge for you. When you would like to travel let me know and I can put on to our FB page as we have some who come over from the area by car and there may be a space. Many thanks and thank you for the nice feedback about the DVD footage. In my view Andy Hague and Speedwayportal really are doing a super job in this field. Barry
  11. Hey.... we offer a 20% discount via our website so depending on how in advance you know you are travelling the cost fluctuates. Early is obviously better but wrtie to me speedwayontheisland@yahoo.co.uk and I can point you in the right direction. All the best Barry
  12. that's an interesting comment, that our track is still viewed as "pants and needs improvement" out there. I can hand on heart say that I (we) would like a perfect track (even though our riders currently complain because its now really smooth). We have used the motorway plane, that we found in undergrowth, had serviced and is now fully operational, on several occassions this year and the track is now really quite smooth. We made further improvement to the banking to bends 1 and 2 over the year. You may of course be refering to the terrible shale that we put down at the start of the season which we had to take off and we are now using a better quality shale. I guess you can also judge the improvement by the average times this year which have been reduced by over a second and the racing quoted as some of the best ever at the Stadium. We of course continue to put our heart, soul and all that we are into making the Warriors the best night out in speedway and continue track improvement (such as replacing the whole back straight fending last off season) will continue to take place this off season. Hope to see you at the track sometime in 2019 and if you let me know who you are, I will gladly do a track walk with you, show you the improvements we have made, our vision for tomorrow and welcome any thoughts you may have. All the best Barry
  13. barrybishop

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Sorry I thought I had responded to this question. Our planning is for Tues, Wed or Thursday only. Wednesday is used by the football team so regardless of league the only days we can currently run on is a Tuesday or Thursday. All the best
  14. I cannot believe the delay was indeed almost an hour because the time flew by for me... I loved giving the speedway bike lesson with John Carpenter, we had masses of team photos to give out, autographs, selfies... and not forgetting the kids race. Loved it... only sorry it took poor Alex Spooners crash to be given this length of time in which to actually show people around a speedway bike, how they work, can be adjusted and so on.... but watch this space... I think we can do more... and better
  15. barrybishop

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    No one demographic age group will transform speedway in my opinion but of course we must try to be attractive to all. I have been watching things on the island and I have posted this before about what is happening here. We are getting lots of groups of families and couples who make "new" friends at speedway. Now when I was a child I had my friends at school, sea cadets, local to home and speedway and every group of friends was different - had my friends at speedway dropped off, I probably, would have left too. In fact I did leave for a while as a child with the sea cadets until speedway changed it race night again and I was straight back. My point is attracting news fans, rekindling the love of former fans has to be gelled by something and that something in my view is the club, the community (in whatever form) and friendships - that strengthens the fan base, encourages away travel and social activity which in turn brings in new fans, new sponsors, new momentum.... sounds easy I guess, but we all know it is not and on the Island we started from scratch and slowly, slowly we are now seeing momentum in every part of the club.

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