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  1. kopite92

    Somerset 2020

    Luke Becker replaces BWD
  2. They didn’t do it against King’s Lynn. There was passing on the inside and outside. Wilson-Dean went around the outside of Klindt in heat 6. Lambert passed Lawson and Howarth (both outside passes) in heat 5. Doyley also passed riders around the outside later in the meeting, to state a few. Perhaps Klindt is making excuses to cover for his poor performance?
  3. kopite92

    Race for the Top 4

    As Shovlar said, Somerset offered 3 different dates. Chapman refused all of them, but wanted to come down on a Thursday instead. The Thursday before the Krsko GP was when he wanted to come down when Ipswich could possibly be riding (so no Covatti) and Doyley would be off to Slovenia.
  4. kopite92

    Somerset 2018

    Kenneth Bjerre as a temporary replacement?
  5. Well done boys! I know we were against a weakened Robins side but they rode well and got the job done. A special shout out to Tero Aarnio who did a bloody good job for us, especially in heat 12 up against Morris and Ellis.
  6. kopite92

    Somerset 2018

    Yes it is strange as Wolves haven’t used him since either.
  7. kopite92

    Somerset 2018

    Pontus Aspgren? He rode well for us in 2014 and has improved a bit since.
  8. kopite92

    Somerset 2018

    As of tomorrow, we have up to 1.01 extra to play with.
  9. kopite92

    Somerset 2018

    How about Erik Riss?
  10. Get in there. Great win for us on the road after Monday
  11. kopite92

    Poole vs Rye House Weds 16/05/18

    Poole 54-36 Rye
  12. Excellent point for us to take away from the NSS. If only we didn’t give away 10-2 starts...
  13. Excellent point for us to take away from the NSS. If only we didn’t give away 10-2 starts...

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