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  1. I travelled for an hour to reach the stadium but only because I had bought tickets online well in advance. If I hadn`t got the tickets I would not have gone because I would have expected it to be off. Petrol money comes into the equation as well. I thought the meeting was a very poor advert for the sport. It did go ahead but the track was sodden
  2. Its just started raining here where I am half hour from track.
  3. It all depends what Lofty does !
  4. Dornier fixer

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 03/06/19

    I agree. Personally think Bomber would have gone on to win that race because you could tell he was in that mode to win at all costs. Fricke knew it would be Bombers tactic to sweep round the outside and therefore closed the door before he had passed him.
  5. Dornier fixer

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 03/06/19

    Dont think it helps selling tickets in advance on line as it makes it impossible to drop the price at the drop of a hat ! People who had bought tickets way in advance would be up in arms if the price dropped on race day. And if tickets were sold way in advance at £10. because it was on telly THEN B.T. changed there planned televised meeting the Aces would lose out so they`re a bit stuck with it.
  6. Dornier fixer

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 03/06/19

    Go to Aces website. prices on show there. I`ve looked at a future televised match and the prices are full price.
  7. Dornier fixer

    Poole v Peterborough Premiership Thursday May 30th

    Special mention for the Panthers race suits they look a professional team ! Its how it should be done.
  8. Dornier fixer

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Yes I was suprised to see that as well
  9. Dornier fixer

    SoN Belle Vue

    Just had a cloud burst at four o clock and its steady rain now up here in Yorkshire. Dont worry cloud bursts dont last all day.
  10. Dornier fixer

    Brandon Update

    Thanks to Gambo for keeping us updated its much appreciated. Heres hoping for some even better news in the near future.!
  11. Dornier fixer

    Belle Vue vs Poole 6/5/19

    Perhaps halifaxtiger will have a word with Colin Meredith
  12. With regard to the Belle Vue meeting my original post stated that I thought two and a half hours was too long for a meeting to run it was then that halifaxtiger popped his head up to say that it was two hour fifteen minutes and he thought it was acceptable as the track was watered regularly which meant there was NO dust. In actual fact I looked at my watch as I stood up to go as the last rider crossed the line it was two twenty five. I never said there was clouds of dust but to say there was NO dust at all is totally incorrect. anybody stood on bend one would have needed a bath when they got home. there was one race near the end where the riders who were in close contention to the leader on bend four were unable to see for a millisecond. Hope that clears it up.
  13. There was plenty of dust at Belle Vue it blew down towards the pits exactly as it did last year and in one race the riders couldn`t see coming out of bend four. The referee was to blame for it running so long he was prompted several times by the announcer to put the two minutes on. my arguement is that two and a half hours to run a meeting is unacceptable.
  14. For the record the Scunthorpe v Sheffield meeting was run in similar circumstances and was done and dusted in one hour twenty five minutes. they got on with the racing before the track had time to dry out. Don`t think they watered at Sheffield because the home riders weren`t delivering the goods on the watered track. the racing improved when the track became dusty.
  15. No I looked at my watch it was nearly two and a half hours and the bowser mainly came out during the normal grading breaks.. there was too much time wasted between heats.
  16. I thought it was a decent meeting but two and a half hours is far too long for fifteen races.
  17. Dornier fixer

    Sheffield Vs Leicester CS 21st April

    I agree it was poor stuff ! The last four races weren`t too bad. Danny Kings a good rider but am not impressed with his team riding skills he never looks round for his mate. and they seem to have a problem which line to ride when they`re behind him.
  18. I went to Scunthorpe and they had the track well watered and they watered again during grading time. there was no dust. There was some dust in the car park though
  19. If the race doesn`t finish to your liking ask for a rerun thats what usually happens !
  20. I` ve not been to Scunthorpe before whats the car parking facilitys like please. Wheres best place to park ? Thanks in advance.
  21. Dornier fixer

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    I think everybody hopes that.
  22. Dornier fixer

    Poole 2019

    No it doesn`t matter but its one of the reasons Speedway is on a downward spiral. It portrays a poor image.
  23. Dornier fixer

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    He might even have had a pay rise !

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