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  1. Sotonian

    Alternative speedway group

    You didn't search in 'groups' then. Here it is https://www.facebook.com/groups/459382347998578/
  2. Sotonian

    1948 Queries

    I wonder why Reg Craven pulled-out? Ironically, he received fatal injuries the following night at Poole.
  3. Sotonian

    1949 Queries

    Southampton 1949 15/05 Southampton - practice - winner: Welch - CONFIRM DATE, EVENT NAME & WINNER Did you mean 15/03 ? The 29/03 programme refers to a practice meeting on 17/03 so I reckon that would be the date. 29/03 Southampton Charles Knott Trophy - winner ? Oakley - Date correct, Winner Bob Oakley 13pts 10/05 Southampton North v South 36-48 - Date & result confirmed 05/07 Southampton World Championship QR - winner Fred Tuck - Date correct, Winner Fred Tuck 14pts 16/08 Southampton Inter-Track Best Pairs - winners May & Boyd - Date correct, Winners Charlie May & Jim Boyd 23pts (May 10, Boyd 13) 04/10 Southampton Leg Trailers v Foot Forward 34-50 - Date & result confirmed 11/10 Southampton Pre-War v Post-War 43-41 - Date & result confirmed
  4. Sotonian

    Speedway Promotion or Lack of it.

    Just in case you didn't discover it, there were actually 2 tracks in Wigan: Wigan Warriors at Poolstock Stadium, 1947 & 1960 and Wigan Panthers at Woodhouse Lane in 1952.
  5. Sotonian

    Isle of Wight First meeting

    I'm only guessing here but that track record time looks suspicious!
  6. Sotonian

    TV new deal?

    No, 2011, when the change in noise was markedly noticeable.
  7. Sotonian

    TV new deal?

    They removed the classic speedway roar which was an integral part of the sport for me. I gave it until the end of that season then never returned for more.
  8. Sotonian

    Isle of Wight First meeting

    No, sorry
  9. Sotonian

    Isle of Wight First meeting

    The first official meeting was the Island Champs on 13th May 1996 won by Martin Willis.
  10. Sotonian

    1955 Queries

    Ringwood closed down mid-1955, their last home meeting was v Eastbourne on May 22nd.
  11. Sotonian

    Speedway on the BBC

    Oh, I don't doubt that, my point was that there really weren't any highlights in that appalling final.
  12. Sotonian

    Speedway on the BBC

    That can't have taken very long as I don't recall there being any.
  13. Sotonian


    That would mean Kent starting at 5.30 or earlier!
  14. It's the new Godden.
  15. Poole wasn't too bad.

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