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  1. Sotonian

    Team Nicknames

    Plymouth have had 6 - Tigers, Panthers, Devils, Drakes, Bulldogs & Gladiators. Weymouth had 5 - Scorchers, Royals, Eagles, Wizards & Wildcats.
  2. Sotonian


    Donny "Too Tall" Odom was a bit naff though.
  3. Sotonian


    Lesser known was Ken 'Pubic' Eyre
  4. Sotonian

    Fave Progs

    My one-and-only pre-war Southampton programme from 1929. It's quite plain in design but unusually for its age the original staples have hardly rusted.
  5. Sotonian

    Favourite Memorabilia

    My 1929 Southampton badge
  6. Sotonian

    Double barrelled names

    Paul Lydes-Uings - Ex-Eastbourne and others
  7. Sotonian

    Wolves v Lynn 2/5

    What's wrong with that, it's not illegal!
  8. Sotonian

    Energy Bills going mad

    Remind me why we still give India millions in overseas aid?
  9. They could have gone to Leicester or Scunthorpe for pre-season practice.
  10. That was the Rudge in 1929 then.
  11. Sotonian

    Energy Bills going mad

    I queried the standing charge increase with my supplier and here's their reply: This increase in standing charges is due to a number of factors, including: An increase in fixed network costs – this is the cost of maintaining the energy networks. Ofgem expects that improvements made here will benefit homes across the country. Increased costs associated with the volatility of the energy market. An increase in government policy costs – this includes the new Green Gas levy, and increased costs associated with the Warm Home Discount.
  12. Sotonian

    Olympic Commentators

    And no running to the touchline seemingly every 5 minutes for an energy drink.
  13. Sotonian

    Original BL stadiums still operating speedway.

    Correct! All were open license venues that staged WCQR meetings. There was hardly a shortage of tracks then so I wonder what the rationale was?
  14. Sotonian

    Original BL stadiums still operating speedway.

    Ipswich were also running Open meetings in 1965. On the subject of 1965, what did these 4 tracks have in common? Cowdenbeath, Ipswich, K.Lynn, Rayleigh.
  15. Sotonian

    TV Recommendations

    The Cockfields

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