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  1. Poole 2018

    Shouldn't that be the fiddle? :-)
  2. Odd Fossengen R.I.P

    Ex-Poole Pirate Odd suffered a massive heart attack on Wednesday December 27th and sadly passed on Friday December 29th 2017.
  3. This is so true. I still wonder how they are allowed be so loud when speedway bikes have to be muffled to death. Grrr.....
  4. Best ever Dutch rider

    I believe that's correct for the modern era (1965-on). Peter Craven scored one for GB in Poland in the 50's.
  5. Speedway Music

    Anything by Level 42 (point limit). I'll get my coat....
  6. Speedway Music

    Dot Dash by Wire
  7. 2017 Profit & Loss

    Really? Surely 15 4-2 heats is the cheapest outcome, with 8 in favour of the home team to clinch the win.
  8. Team Combined Average Limit...

    Yes. Use that as bait to lure them and with luck they'll find other reasons to keep them interested.
  9. Team Combined Average Limit...

    Ditto. In my youth, Seery's Statistics was always my favourite page in Speedway Star. I used to try and add my own stats too such as which rider or team suffered the most number of exclusions or breakdowns. Now, I couldn't care less.
  10. More Free Speedway On Tv?

    Not so. You need a Freeview HD receiver even though it's a non-HD channel.
  11. Speedway Memorabilia

    Pretty much everything from the 1970s onwards is next to worthless. I ended up recycling my entire collection of magazines (every copy of the Star and Mail since 1977) and every Poole prog from the same date to 2000.
  12. Which British Pioneer Had The Longest Career

    I guess that depends on whether British pioneers in the thread title means British riders only!
  13. Which British Pioneer Had The Longest Career

    In terms of start and finish dates (1929-63), Phil Bishop would be a candidate. However, his appearances post-1949 were sporadic to say the least.
  14. These problems were hardly a surprise based on the last couple of seasons. Not being able to deal with, or at least accept, them suggests that the promotion were ill-equipped for the PL.