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  1. Sotonian


    Nail on the head again Dean but is anybody listening?
  2. Sotonian

    Kelvin Mullarkey R.I.P

    It's been announced today that Kelvin Mullarkey has died aged 67. Mostly remembered for his spells at Rye House but I recall him doubling-up with Poole in the late 70's. A real character who never shirked confrontation. RIP Kelvin. http://www.ryehouserockets.co/news.php?extend.1573
  3. A very well-deserved win for Lambert and an honorable mention for Bewley who is simply spectacular. Lastly, another plaudit for the NSS track - it should be bulging at the seams dishing up racing like that.
  4. Sotonian


    Edinburgh were doing that in 1978, others may have done so before or since.
  5. By far? I would suggest it's a close-run thing now. Putting aside the different eras and just looking at equivalent competitions: In the World Champs Craven: 2x1st & 2x3rd Woffy: 2x1st & 1x2nd British Champs Craven: 2x1st Woffy: 3x1st That's without considering Woffy's stellar efforts in the SoN and previous SWC rounds.
  6. There's a strong argument that he already is. I certainly think so.
  7. ? It was live on TV. How is that no media interest?
  8. There is no point in comparing speedway to football. Football has huge global appeal and will command TV coverage regardless of its rules. Speedway and other minority sports simply have to meet the broadcasters wishes to get screened. I'd rather last nights coverage live in HD with the contrived finish than a straight 'most points wins' with no media interest at all.
  9. Sotonian

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2018

    Thanks to SGPTV for covering it in HD with no ad breaks. https://speedwaygp.neulion.com
  10. No-one is criticising his overall performance, which was simply magnificent, but he probably chose the wrong option in that one race.
  11. Not unlikely at all. Tai was the best team-rider by miles and surely could have put Emil wherever he wanted.
  12. Absolutely stellar stuff from Woffy!
  13. I'm watching it on this using a VPN https://speedwaygp.neulion.com/video/monster-energy-fim-speedway-of-nations---final-2

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