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  1. Soon to be followed by a commode.
  2. Sotonian

    Brandon Update

    But is is better than Wimborne Road? :-)
  3. Sotonian

    Most friendly, approachable, modest riders

    Walter Elliot rode as Mark Hall for Berwick in 68/9.
  4. Sotonian

    Speedway GP Coverage

    Yes it is, at least it has been for the last few years. Using a VPN, you can even view it in the UK that way.
  5. Sotonian

    World Games 1985

    Wasn't it staged on a weekday afternoon, therefore in an almost empty stadium?
  6. Sotonian

    Colin 'Joe' Goody R.I.P

    Colin Gooddy, better known as Joe (does anyone know why?), has died aged 84. His career began in the old Southern Area League in the 1950's for Eastbourne and Southern Rovers. He then rode for Oxford, Exeter, Ipswich, Poole and finally Crayford. R.I.P Joe.
  7. Sotonian

    Guardian article today

    I agree. Grasstracks now tend to have too many classes which spoils the continuity.
  8. Yes - but it was a Rugby League match, 104,000 odd.
  9. Sotonian

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    I agree he's a good signing but at 22 is no longer 'very young'.
  10. Sotonian

    Forgotten Europeans...

    His racing exploits have which was rather the point.
  11. Sotonian

    Forgotten Europeans...

    Guiseppe Marzotto (aka Charlie Brown) didn't pull up any tress for Wolves in 1976. Clearly his talents lay elsewhere.
  12. Sotonian

    10 favourite Welsh riders

    The always spectacular Brian Woodward.
  13. Sotonian

    Swindon Stadium

    Nothing to do with him as far as I know. His company was Sabre Cleaning.
  14. Sotonian

    Workington 2019

    Does this affect Northside too or is that an independent operation?
  15. Sotonian

    Former London Venues

    Yes, but not AFC Wimbledon who are a totally new team as I said. .

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