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  1. Sotonian

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Let the Navy have some target practice.
  2. Sotonian


    Boston Barracuda-Braves. Who thought a double barrelled nickname was a good idea?
  3. Sotonian

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Wolves at Monmore Green are actually.
  4. Crikey, it must've looked even worse in VHS!
  5. Sotonian

    Birmingham v Plymouth 25 Aug

    That apostrophe in Shanes is superfluous. I've seen others do likewise and am curious as to why.
  6. Sotonian

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    But as much a lady as one of them by the looks of her.
  7. That fiction certainly suits your user name.
  8. Sotonian

    Philip Rising R.I.P

    Sad news indeed. His passion for the sport and Speedway Star never wavered. It feels like the end of an era. RIP Phillip.
  9. Sotonian

    Upcoming Fixture Chaos

    It's not always about cost. Berwick have covers but haven't used them recently due to having insufficient manpower to manoeuvre them.
  10. Sotonian

    Stadium Racing

    I've been to countless grasstracks, the first in 1972. I even competed in a few on my JAP in the 90's. Despite this, I never did and still don't get excited by the sidecars.
  11. Sotonian

    Stadium Racing

    I agree. I struggle to see who they appeal to. I see them more as light cars than motorbikes but my car racing fan mates think the opposite hence they fall between 2 stools.
  12. Sotonian

    Why speedway is failing

    Made exiting easier for those of us who stayed on though. Made a difference with the crowd sizes back then of course.
  13. Sotonian

    Start Marshall's

    Start marshal's what? (Apostrophe misuse irks me)
  14. Sotonian

    Why speedway is failing

    I think that's what the Supernational was in the 1990's. Can't remember how often it was staged and whether it was deemed a success though.
  15. Is it not live on YouTube this season?

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