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  1. well, he was also lucky to even be in positon for a GP spot. he won heat 7 from second start. at first he was easily last and then start marshall finished the race after 3 laps. so yeah I would´t say that he was the best rider of the night.
  2. Outclassed. He raced against much better riders in last two heats then in first three.
  3. I would suggest you to fly to Zagreb and hire a car because train conection with Krsko is not so good and then you can stay as R&R said in Terme Catez or Terme Paradiso. Both, Catez and Paradiso are 15 minutes from Krsko. If you fly to Ljubljana you can also stay in Ljubljana. With a car it's an hour drive to Krsko. You can also go with a train (1h50m) but you will have to run from stadium after the race to catcht it. Krsko is near a highway so it's easy to get to, either from Zagreb or Ljubljana.
  4. Ask them if they have Sportklub on TV so you don't have to watch it on the phone.It's on Sportklub 5.
  5. No place for Zagar in Sweden next year or I missed information about his swedish club?
  6. Kreso

    2018 Grand Prix Venues

    We had problems with weather whole week ahead of GP plus we had holidays that weekend so a lot of people went to sea. I think september is better option for Krsko.
  7. Bad injuries in last few years caused that we have only 4 riders. Matija Duh died on track in Argentina in 2013, Samo Kukavica was in a coma for a month after crash in Ljubljana in 2014, Maks Gregoric was also in coma for almost a month after crash in Italy 2015. A few riders stoped riding because of money and now we are here, with only 4 riders, but on Saturday we will get a fifth one, a young rider from Ljubljana. Also in Krsko last year started speedway shool and I hope at least two of them will race this year. But yes, I agree, it doesn't look good.
  8. NIck Škorja is named as Wild card for first round. Matic Ivačič no.17 Denis Štojs no.18 http://speedwaygp.com/news/article/5598/skorja-set-for-full-sgp
  9. Nick Škorja for Slovenia at Pardubice.
  10. It is not practical doing it for 3 days in a row. There are enough hotels in Pardubice and in other nearby cities to stay in.
  11. I saw some posts on twitter about Woffi changing tyre. Is it allowed to change tyre or not?
  12. Twice. He was 10th in 2010 and 2011.
  13. Nicki Pedersen Team ‏@NickiP_Racing

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