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  1. TMW

    Injuries This Season

    Tracks in this country are Multi use. For example The IOW track is built round a football pitch. Lakeside is inside a a Car track, probably explains the anomalies. A few have packed in aswell
  2. TMW

    Leicester Lions 2017

    I must admit. I've not looked at the fixtures closely but, with a couple of quite dry spells, at some point they will be back to back.
  3. TMW

    Birmingham V Cradley Wed 5th July

    Did Cradley need anybody at the time Hampshire was signed ?
  4. TMW

    Isle Of Wight 2017

    I know all Teams have the same issues but, The Warriors were 0.04 off of having Campos and being able to put Kelsey at reserve. When you see it in Blak and White it makes you think. Kelsey could have been at Reserve where he neeeds to be with his current confidence levels but, it is what it is frustrating
  5. TMW

    Jon 'armo' Armstrong

    The Rider, The Man, The Legend Enough said
  6. Waco has always had a downer on the IOW because Ben has never been able to master the track
  7. I'm sure you'll get over it !!
  8. Probably tongue in cheek.😂😂😂
  9. Doesn't mean people can't have an opinion because Kevin works hard. Or even get laughed at for voicing it surely
  10. TMW

    Isle Of Wight Customer Care

    Not bad considering the forecast. 325 came out considering the forecast ? I'd say that is pretty good
  11. TMW

    Leicester Lions 2017

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions it's what drives the free world but you're are an altogether different Dinosaur
  12. TMW

    Leicester Lions 2017

    Oh I'd rather him than you any day views or. O views
  13. TMW

    Isle Of Wight 2017

    They will but they won't have to use RR at 2 which has been the main problem so far. Only Widman and Reserves can take rides. Only losing marginally including Kelsey will take the pressure off Jamie

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