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  1. shadowfax

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Would love it to be Freddie but think it will be either Nick or Luke
  2. 16.5.2 For an absent rider with a) an assessed MA b) has been approved in a team’s declared line-up at the start of the season a 28-day Facility may be granted at the Directors discretion. But I would imagine that this has expired now, as we have no meeting until the 13th it will be interesting to see what happens if Morris is still not fit.
  3. It has to be Jacob it's a no brainer Nicholls hasn't been that brilliant and wouldn't expect him to keep it up. Jacob will be a 8+ rider Nicholls won't.You can't bring Jacob in as a replacement for Morris as his average is higher and he is in the original declared 1-7 & Nicholls is a temporary replacement, Nicholls could be a temporary replacement for Morris to save using R/R if Jacob is back 1st.
  4. shadowfax

    Best Race Suit Ever?

    Adam Skornicki Black and Green with tassels and matching bike
  5. He cares immensely he also knows there is still work to be done you don't count your chickens
  6. Who's to say Gate 1 is going to be advantageous, last year it was close with gates 1&2 and Zmarzlik has 2 gate 2s he also has gate 1 against Tai so yes a wonderful fix
  7. With the dogs running this afternoon there wouldn't have been chance to work on the track
  8. Injury update on Freddie INJURY UPDATE | Freddie got injured during the meeting between Wolverhampton and Belle Vue last night. He has substained an upper back injury and he is still in hospital in England. We are waiting for more results from the doctors and a MRI scan. Besides the upper back injury Freddie is in good condition. Thank you all for your caring message. Yes
  9. shadowfax

    Swindon Robins Vs Wolves (29-6-17)

    yes a medical certificate is required and he is unable to ride for 7 days without permission of the MC so that should rule him out of Berwicks meeting on Sunday.
  10. shadowfax

    Swindon 2017

    The new team limit is 42:00 as per the SCB website Supplementary Regulation - SR1705 Classification of Speedway Regulation Art 18.7.3 Team Composition 18.7.3 For the SGB Premiership ONLY, it must not exceed 42.00 points in any declaration following the issue of established CMA for 2017, except where the MA of the introduced rider is equal to, or lower than the rider being replaced. Any re-declaration must include 2 riders who have competed or are eligible to enter the National Development League (Conference League).
  11. shadowfax

    Wolves 2017

    what a comedian should go on Britains got Talent
  12. shadowfax

    Wolves 2017

    What about Fred 10.09 Jacob 9.89 Sam 8.97 Kyle 7.18 Schlein 7.17 Max 4.34 ? 2.00 -------- 49.64
  13. shadowfax

    Wolves 2017

    Depending on points limit, regulations etc 1 Lindgren 2 Howarth 3 Thorsell 4 Harris 5 Masters 6 Clegg 7 Morris
  14. Well that's 2 meetings to re-arrange and the 1st free date is 12th Sep woohoo for track sharing.
  15. shadowfax

    Wolverhampton 2016

    Until the fixtures were announced the official site was advertising Monday 28th then alternate Mondays & the cuckoos on Tuesday 29th then alternate Mondays , now the fixtures are out and hey-ho we are riding on the Tuesday why?

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