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  1. Mick H

    Rye House 2017

    If they don't, it's a much better league than is being suggested by the 'experts'.
  2. Mick H

    Lakeside 2017

    Don't count your chickens, it could still be cycle speedway.
  3. Mick H

    Lakeside 2017

    100% correct. However, you, Jon Cook and Neil Vatcher are among the few that don't welcome constructive criticism. You appear to be totally unable to grasp that Lakeside Speedway is supposed to be operating as a professional enterprise and therefore, run in a professional manner. As for the state of your mind, right or otherwise, I really couldn't comment.
  4. Probably thinks Swiderski is still riding for Lakeside.
  5. Mick H

    Lakeside V Poole Ela. 8/04/16

    What a crock of bull....
  6. Mick H

    Lakeside Speedway - Smoke & Mirrors?

    Well done Kev.
  7. Mick H

    Lakeside Speedway - Smoke & Mirrors?

    Is that why you are posting on one? It should not be a case of either-or. Jon Cook is a dinosaur when it comes to communication and has had it in for the Lakeside Fans Forum for some time. My guess, is that it is pay back, because he believes the whistle blower to the concessions fiasco was a member of that forum.
  8. Mick H

    Lakeside 2016

    I guess I bittern off more than I could chew.
  9. Mick H

    Lakeside 2016

    Owl could you not have known that?
  10. Mick H

    Lakeside 2016

    This is something that needs thrushing out.
  11. Mick H

    Lakeside 2016

    That's nothing to crow about.
  12. It could be a way to get more West Indians into the sport.
  13. Mick H

    Leicester V Lakeside Saturday 19th July

    That's nonsense, how can riders not be inspired after a Churchillian speech from Neil Vatcher?
  14. Mick H

    Cardiff Gp

    In a nutshell.

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