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  1. ch958

    REDCAR 2019

    unfortunately we do seem to be carrying one of our reserves - i think it was a step too far for him. I'm one who complains about excessive team changes but maybe this needs addressing
  2. ch958

    One League - Matt Ford

    well will the 40 tell us where the fkin money's coming from
  3. ch958

    One League

    fine by me
  4. ch958

    One League

    Aussies, USA, German, Italian, Czech - countries whose domestic leagues are not so onerous. Would need to co operation of the employment department though. We also need to control the amount of random sackings in search of 2/3 points a match. Bonkers and expensive. Cheaper equipment, better track/tyre interaction.
  5. ch958

    One League

    there are enough riders - the same claim was made in 68 and 69 as i have said before and lo and behold the riders were there. Its more a question of making it cheaper to race so they can earn something in the 70s when the big boys were posting averages of 11/11.5, how average do you think some of the riders across the league were that they couldn't actually beat them? There was an imbalance as there would be this time - no problem, it worked
  6. ch958

    Rider Movement

    so not only do we lack continuity from season to season but now within a season. And continuity is one of the things people cite as a desirable thing
  7. ch958

    One League - Matt Ford

    no massive world stars on Monday night and yet we get the meeting of the season.
  8. ch958

    TV new deal?

    agreed but you have to start somewhere and slowing the buggers down wd do for a kick off
  9. ch958

    TV new deal?

    more speed, which wasn't required for the sport, just individuals. It's just an arms race. Someone has to have the cojones to stop it before it's too late. GB could do this unilaterally - international riders have numerous machines anyway to ride abroad. A decision like that would however require the aforementioned cojones
  10. ch958

    Redcar v Sheffield

    according to the Bears site - yes. Full strength team
  11. ch958

    One League - Matt Ford

    pay rate agreements are great. They last 15 minutes tops then someone caves
  12. i think there would be an audience for, say R4 for a single 30 minute thing. They often have offbeat things like that. It would need to have some kind of human interest for wider appeal.
  13. he can be amusing but seems to lack some kind of filter
  14. ch958

    One League - Matt Ford

    well you're guessing there a bit: you don't really know the circumstances at, say, Redcar, who rent from the council and keep the catering receipts unlike others who have private landlords and don't get the catering money. The level of a single division HAS repeat HAS to be achieveable for the "smaller" clubs. I'm certain thet evenly matched teams with continuity and fixture variety is an improvement and will prove popular if costs are controlled
  15. regardless of the veracity of the money worries here, it is quite clear that the situation nationwide is dire like global warming, some seem to be ignoring it while, truthfully urgent and radical action is required. the league (and it should be one big one with a NL second tier) needs to be set at an affordable level with mainly semi pro riders and (god knows how) cheaper machinery It needs survival mode As an aside, I used to never think twice about turning up to Cleveland Park with rain around, it always seemed to be on sometimes with the help of sawdust. Seems crazy to call off a match in case it rains

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