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  1. ch958

    Football 2022/23

    yeah, the Atlantic League with the Euro leagues with only 2/3 decent teams, very good idea imo
  2. ch958


    would need pulling in a bit, 5 ot 6 feet into the pitch
  3. ch958


    turf has to be lifted at Cardiff, so I imagine thats what would have to happen at Odsal.
  4. ch958

    UK speedway slowly dying

    it worked for several national and world leaders and even trickles down to the workplace where bullhitters and self promoters get on through hype. Making people believe things is a piece of cake
  5. perhaps a bit of complacency last night but they can actually win this again on Saturday
  6. we are developing riders but they can't make the leap into Div 2 because its far too strong.
  7. ch958

    UK speedway slowly dying

    I understand the drawbacks, just don't know what else to do
  8. ch958

    UK speedway slowly dying

    I know but do they at least 'belong' to the teams
  9. no dirt, pathetic actually - hope its never allowed to return here
  10. ch958

    UK speedway slowly dying

    need to go to 5 man teams until something changes, need a surplus of riders not a shortage. I wouldn't want it but I can't see another solution. It works elsewhere
  11. ch958

    Bernard Cribbins RIP

    His version of 'I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face' is surprisingly moving, a man of many talents RIP
  12. our PE sadist went on to be asst manager at Villa under Turner and later landed a top job at the FA. His weapon of assault was called Cecil
  13. I literally can't understand the mentality, sometimes I genuinely think psychiatric help is needed. Certainly they need to think about their lives.
  14. how do you know I was talking about you?
  15. every now and then someone poisons a nice little group. If I were an admin they'd be history

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