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  1. one thing people shouldn't forget is that the Queen has to give permission for a government to be formed. At some time in the future we may find ourselves with a non Christian religious party with enough support to form a government. Only the Queen, as head of the country and the C of E could stop that. Don't throw out the devil you know
  2. To be fair the Cat in the Hat books mean bugger all to GB kids. Plus they're really rather sh@t books. Nothing to see here
  3. ch958

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    the D of E don't care about averages just employment for Brits above foreigners
  4. ch958

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    its a serious point - the Dept of Employment may very well think that an unproven Frenchman could easily be replaced by an unproven Brit.
  5. ch958

    Redcar 2020

    i bet that was a special time of his life doing grand prix - and shows how well thought of he was, proper speedway person.
  6. ch958

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    having only seen racing at Cleveland Park as a kid, watching at the Shay and BV was like watching a different sport and i have to say i didn't like it at first, it seemed like twist and go where CP was a technical track and needed a bit more control. If you only have linited space you can only have a small track. When i first went to Redcar I couldn't believe how small it was but the racings fine. Maybe someone should do a study on passing on small v large tracks
  7. some good ideas, not new. Promotion and relegation won't happen, it's been tried before. As for du/dd teams could be paired so that div 1 teams call riders from 2 div 2 teams. No guests, use r/r or a div 2 rider from yr partner team. There's enough riders of div 1 second heat leader standard in div 2. Then at least we won't have the grotesque spectacle of Ipswich riders helping Wolves, etc, they'd just come from their partner teams in Div 2
  8. ch958

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    How the hell do you get in?
  9. ch958

    Plymouth speedway

    if the Championship was a proper 2nd division and not a slightly diluted 1st div Mildy and IOW could join
  10. ch958


    wonder if Nigel Coddington's up for a comeback?
  11. ch958

    Customs clearance

    haha, you think
  12. ch958

    Customs clearance

    yeah, you'd think and yet they are les mots juste
  13. ch958

    Customs clearance

    everyone knows it was racism and xenophobia
  14. oh give over, we need riders and thats what they are. Its 4 blokes going round in circles, cut the whingeing everyone when D2 started in 1968 the teams had loads of 'no hopers', blokes who'd struggled to get in pl teams and they did ok, 2nd strings, reserves - needed as much as heat leaders. I'm loth to mention names but 55yrs plus folks will know the sort of blokes i mean.
  15. ch958


    Kings lynn town are in the national league, one below the football league. Its still only 8/10 to go to the flix or pizza at a restaurant. 20 is far too much - 15 max

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