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  1. ch958

    Barry Cryer RIP

    in his autobiography he tells of watching at Odsal regularly and seeing Joe Abbott (?) killed there
  2. I wouldn't walk anywhere near the STMP after dark
  3. ? I'll continue to wear them myself
  4. what does the government gain by making people wear masks? Why would they scare the population into compliance? What's in it for them?
  5. ch958

    Isle of Wight 2022

    wish you were in the NL though
  6. ch958

    The Colston Statue

  7. ch958

    Poole 2022

    ffs pack it in
  8. ch958

    Football 2021/22

    There's everything wrong with Man U in a nutshell - 500k a week to keep an above average midfielder who turns it on now and then and is forever hanging his ass out to other clubs- I'd drive Pogba to the airport if i was Rangnick.
  9. ch958

    NSS - South Stand

    I'm not really familiar about what happened to Mort, I hope hasn't been bankrupted or anything
  10. ch958


    wasn't a problem 68/69 either
  11. ch958

    Well Done Tony Blair

    bad managers in my experience
  12. ch958

    Well Done Tony Blair

    it is if its badly managed, especially with regards to integration
  13. ch958

    Well Done Tony Blair

    would have been our best pm if not for following Bush, legacy ruined by that. Mind you, compared with the present incumbent...
  14. ch958

    25 years next year 2022

    there is much to be learned from 1965 onwards to the early 70s
  15. ch958

    Redcar 2022

    you're quite right.

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