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  1. ch958

    Helping your club........

    What is there to be offended about? Don't do it if you don't want, do it if you do. I coached football for donkeys years and never got a penny for petrol or time - no one made me do it
  2. they also care less because they're contracted to one other team in the uk and 2 or 3 in europe
  3. which is why, and i've said this before so apologies, you offer free entry for a match or 2 in return for registering via email. You then have a database of potential and existing customers, even though it was free they showed an interest, and then you can market to them.
  4. ch958

    Belle Vue 2019

    if we are moving towards the sport becoming a limited company perhaps at some point they could purchase the facility with a business loan.
  5. ch958

    Belle Vue 2019

    in that case every big meeting should go there. A National Stadium should be holding a GP at least, though i realise the crowd would be a fraction of Cardiff it would be bigger than some other GPs. The quality would be 1st class of course.
  6. ch958


    fair enough Walter
  7. ch958


    i wouldn't describe myself thusly. Obviously they need props that reflect the times and i merely reflected. Sorry to spoil your day
  8. ch958


    this really isn't a cause for celebration: it merely underlines that the sport is seen as an historical activity.
  9. ch958

    Gareth Rogers

    is he in the next cell to SCB? Must be out by now.
  10. I'd be quite happy if they charged a small subscription fee tbh
  11. ch958


    The Mail was inferior. If it wasn't it would still be here
  12. Christ don't mix up my quotes with his
  13. league racing failed in the places u mention because of distance and/or lack of riders. There's nothing wrong with league racing if teams have a strong local identity. Individual meetings have become unpopular in this country.Thats not the answer I'm afraid
  14. part time yes, amateur no. When i started watching in 1968 riders had jobs (2nd div) and rode in front of bigger crowds on cheaper bikes we need to get back there
  15. doesn't have to be completely amateur but just don't pay what you can't afford. Its that simple really

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