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  1. ch958

    Redcar 2020

    meanwhile: "i know something you don't know" like a junior school playground
  2. if you can ride in 2 countries or more u can afford a second/third bike - something has to be done its easy to shoot down ideas but what then???
  3. there should be a team tasked with reducing costs in GB. If people ride GP, Poland or wherever they can do what the hell they like but the British leagues need to trim costs drastically - how they do it I'm not sure, maybe move to F2
  4. ch958

    Transfer Window

    they wouldn't have to keep making daft rules if clubs didn't act like such jerks chasing basically meaningless titles
  5. or in the middle of nowhere, or nowhere anyone wants to build, such as Redcar
  6. ch958

    Loan Riders

    i think it was a restraint of trade in a supposedly free labour market but i really don't want to argue because others think differently and thats fine
  7. ch958

    Loan Riders

    well its all semantics Gordon, as you say its a fine line, have a nice evening
  8. ch958

    Loan Riders

    therefore he WAS blocked from working - would be unlawful if he was a plumber or a teacher, that was the point i was trying to make. If a football team doesn't offer a new contract or one at reduced terms the player is free. I really can't see how anyone could argue with that. But I'm sure someone will haha
  9. ch958

    Loan Riders

    interesting points, i don;'t care about the loan system i just can't see how its legal and enforceable but u guys seem to know better
  10. ch958

    Loan Riders

    if someone is an employee, they get paid and have certain protections. If a team can't fit a rider in, that rider is essentially redundant and able to seek work. elsewhere unfettered by his previous employer. Yes, its working at the moment and no one is complaining too much but sooner or later a Bosman type situation will arise.
  11. ch958

    Loan Riders

    actually if this was taken to law it would collapse like a pack of cards - riders are actually self employed contractors and the asset system is a load of bollox.
  12. ch958

    Who is an NDL rider?

    yes, it is entirely because the gap between div 3 and 2 is far too big; the gap between 2 and 1 much closer. But apparently DU/DD is necessary to make a living
  13. ch958


    BAGS can make a massive difference to the viability of a stadium - Newcastle being an example. The track doesn't need to be bigger, its great as it is
  14. ch958

    Newcastle 2020

    neither named yet
  15. ch958

    Club Merchandise

    i don't know how much wooly hats cost wholesale but instead of looking at them as rvenue they should look at them as. advertising and give them away. And yes, as long as they're not garish

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