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  1. ch958

    League to run over two seasons

    yeah just do what we can this season, if anything, and start afresh next year. If we can start July/ Aug there'll be time for a mini league in the CL, perhaps regionalised.
  2. ch958

    Newcastle 2020

    Wolf is great as is adder and golden plover
  3. ch958

    Newcastle 2020

    I'm in Catton, nr Allendale - Allendale Brewery doing home deliveries
  4. ch958

    Mighty Mick!

    he may be annoying but he's a human being. I don't think posters should be bullied. I don't know his situation but this site may be an important source of company and communication. He's annoyed me in the past but its so easy to skip past. I've lost a couple of electronic friends off here due to bullying and abuse, it needs to stop.
  5. agree, slower and cheaper bikes, more dirt. I wd suggest that people riding abroad maintain several machines so having a brit standard bike shouldn't be a problem.
  6. oh, well you seem to enjoy being disliked, carry on.
  7. I really don't get you - you make some good points, clearly you know and love the game, you have your own ideas which is fine, and then this. I literally don't get what happens to you to make you react like you do.
  8. whats the difference between gp riders and good league riders? 1, 2 or 3 seconds. Who notices? And as for entertainment, you get that with any standard of rider if they're willing to have a go. Look at Danny Ayres - loved at every track he rode at, just as much fun watching him as Jason Doyle
  9. I've thought for years now that a non superstar British League would be just fine. I only ever watched D2/NL/CL and the quality of racing was fine plus we had local lads like Martin Dixon as our heroes, not Mauger, etc, etc I know big names are a draw but we just can't afford them. I.believe that close quality racing with identifiable - with racers is preferable to big names. I know others feel the same but i also know others crave big names. Sheffield are going to see a boosted attendance with Nicky but how many and for how long? I hope it doesn't bust them
  10. ch958

    Brandon Update

  11. ch958

    Speedway In Cornwall ?

    that wd be amazing
  12. ch958

    Speedway In Cornwall ?

    Yes it does and Exeter has one too - outskirts of town and acres of room. I suppose it has been explored though
  13. ch958

    Speedway In Cornwall ?

    I know its easier said than done but I've often wondered why more tracks aren't at county showgrounds like Peterborough. Every county has one, they're usually out of town, there's usually plenty of room and the facilities are often unused for months.
  14. ch958

    scam callers

    i think, at this time, a new law should pass to increase usual sentences by 50 pc for crimes taking advantage of the situation. It boils my blood
  15. ch958

    Redcar 2020

    i told you it would be different next week. I suppose Simon Cross is a bit of a swizz so maybe put him at 2

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