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  1. reads to me, a neutral, as if people WANT it to fail
  2. is that an unpopular opinion? It's one held by many. Here's mine - i prefer NL/CL racing to PL and GP.
  3. ch958

    Brummies v Rebels 17.04.19

    4 likes for the post and 4 million people who won't come near the sport because of crap like guests
  4. ch958

    Brummies v Rebels 17.04.19

    should be RR unless theres 2 heat leaders out - no guest for reserves/ 2nd strings we really need to get rid of this farce of guests - and yes i would rather see a heavy loss or win as a result
  5. ch958

    Swindon Stadium

    wish you cd do that at Brough actually
  6. this seems like a thread which needs strangling at birth. It hasn't started well. BTW i disagree politically with Tsunami and TWK usually but I have never felt the need to be so rude, despite the fact that one is a Geordie and the other a Mackem and both are exiters.
  7. ch958


    i understand and respect your view but i can't help thinking that local home grown riders and continuity would prove popular and a crowd puller. I speak from the perspective of having only supported 2nd div speedway and having Martin Dixon, Steve Wilcock, etc as local (ish) heroes that the crowd identified with and supported
  8. ch958

    Guardian article today

    well its not really the way ahead, more wtf happened?
  9. get the Guardian online - very interesting article about (the decline of) speedway https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/mar/23/who-haul-speedway-out-of-1970s-back-into-affections-uk-viewing-public
  10. ch958

    Unusual Speedway boards?

    Jimmy Squibb, Tommy Sweetman.....oh sorry I thought you said beards
  11. ch958

    Helping your club........

    What is there to be offended about? Don't do it if you don't want, do it if you do. I coached football for donkeys years and never got a penny for petrol or time - no one made me do it
  12. they also care less because they're contracted to one other team in the uk and 2 or 3 in europe
  13. which is why, and i've said this before so apologies, you offer free entry for a match or 2 in return for registering via email. You then have a database of potential and existing customers, even though it was free they showed an interest, and then you can market to them.
  14. ch958

    Belle Vue 2019

    if we are moving towards the sport becoming a limited company perhaps at some point they could purchase the facility with a business loan.
  15. ch958

    Belle Vue 2019

    in that case every big meeting should go there. A National Stadium should be holding a GP at least, though i realise the crowd would be a fraction of Cardiff it would be bigger than some other GPs. The quality would be 1st class of course.

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