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  1. ch958

    Newcastle 2019

    always rated him - think the Bears should have included him. Next year mebbe
  2. ch958

    One League - Matt Ford

    its so obvious - its like the tuners and manufacturers are running the game. Also there needs to be research into the interaction between tyres and surface materials. cheaper bikes won't affect entertainmnet but maybe one or two riders and promoters can actually make some money
  3. ch958

    REDCAR 2019

    JBA is an asset - thats got to count for something and save a loan fee.
  4. daft thing is its nowhere near Redcar, its on the very edge of the boundary for Redcar and Cleveland Council - few hundred yards and it would be in Middlesbrough. I personally would have liked the team to be Middlesbrough Bears but i expect the council insisted on the Redcar name
  5. some of the comments are typical anti North bias - something we encounter every single day in every area of life.
  6. ch958

    One League - Matt Ford

    you get your chequebook out then
  7. ch958

    One League - Matt Ford

    this is definitely the way forward. And we need to stop worrying about riders' earnings - they can only earn what can be afforded to pay them. So what if big names are lost- generally i find the lower down the leagues the more interesting the racing anyway. Don't worry about shortages of riders - they said that in '68 and '69 about Div 2 and lo and behold there was plenty - quite a few of whom went on to be top internationals.
  8. ch958

    Peterborough Vs Ipswich 13th May

    Ben Barker is in danger of being double dumped by Panthers and Bears if he doesn't wake his ideas up
  9. ch958

    Where are they now?

    so they say - never had a problem meself
  10. ch958

    Where are they now?

    there's an excellent feature on this if you join speedway friends on fb - regular features
  11. not a pleasant walk, especially after dark - stick to the taxi
  12. reads to me, a neutral, as if people WANT it to fail
  13. is that an unpopular opinion? It's one held by many. Here's mine - i prefer NL/CL racing to PL and GP.
  14. ch958

    Brummies v Rebels 17.04.19

    4 likes for the post and 4 million people who won't come near the sport because of crap like guests
  15. ch958

    Brummies v Rebels 17.04.19

    should be RR unless theres 2 heat leaders out - no guest for reserves/ 2nd strings we really need to get rid of this farce of guests - and yes i would rather see a heavy loss or win as a result

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