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  1. Agree totally with Gordon P here! Sadly, in it's current guise there isn't any real prospect of British Speedway going anywhere but even further downhill (not that it can sink much further). Yes, there are some good people with the right intentions currently serving as promoters - but the last 2 Chairs aren't/weren't fit for purpose internally and more importantly externally. But until the majority of promoters finally agree that we need an independent body running the sport domestically, then there is no real hope for change. Let's give Rob Painter and his team the accolades they deserve today though!
  2. My understanding is Hans went for a medical yesterday including an MRI the fact Boro haven’t declared their team shows they are hoping for the green light from yesterday for Hans.
  3. Andersen having a medical today to determine fitness Cook for Ulrich! Ace in the pack for either team, depending on which Cookie shows up!
  4. Barry The Cat

    Leicester vs Scunny 9/10/21

    Asking for a friend…….did Ellis just pull a sickie or was the promoter happy for him not to travel and save himself a few quid?
  5. Barry The Cat


    Yes, spot on well said but remember a fair chunk of the money was paid out in commission to the “party” that negotiated the initial contract with Sky.
  6. Barry The Cat

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    I’d be surprised if Redvers would be part of a Rogers’ lead consortium! Peter “Drillerman” Mole was associated with Rogers at Newport when Timmy Mallet ran (sic) the show! So maybe Buck has persuaded Drills to invest!
  7. Barry The Cat

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Has he.......??? Can list plenty of negatives ones though........! If Redvers Mole is interested then that's a much better option than anybody that LR may conjure up.
  8. Barry The Cat

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Fantastic news.
  9. He’s very good with other peoples cash….well he’s **** with it actually but you just my gist!
  10. Barry The Cat

    Wolves vs pboro semi final 1

    Schlein will throw his toys out of the pram if they do that!
  11. Well if you put Laurence Rogers in charge of team building (and all things speedway) at a club, then it's all going to go Pete Tong!
  12. Barry The Cat

    Brummies v Bears take 3 08/08

    Rogers is a buffoon as Sandking says it’s hard to believe clubs continue to give him a prime role!
  13. Barry The Cat

    Brummies v Bears take 3 08/08

    “Main Man” Rogers overseeing another track related fiasco! Don’t recall track issues week in week out under Graham Drury’s stewardship!
  14. Barry The Cat

    Birmingham v scunthorpe 14.07.21

    Well done to Scunny winning the match - more important than the result for Birmingham would be the crowd size - I reckon 400/450 for Glasgow fixture - was there a marked improvement?

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