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  1. wealdstone

    Season Ticket Holders

    Another day goes by from the promotion whose main concern is shafting BB holders whilst not giving a stuff that they are retaining season ticket money imo frauduently. I do not need the money as I have said but now a matter of principal. I will not be treated with such arrogant disregard and will shortly being making a claim to small claims court.
  2. wealdstone


    Now Saturday and still not arrived
  3. wealdstone

    Season Ticket Holders

    The promotion that stitched up BB holders without proper explanation continuing to retain season ticket money paid in good faith again with no explanation.
  4. True another inane update to official site. No mention of shafting of BB holders or hanging on to season ticket money under false pretenses. As I have said many times before I am not desperate for the money and if it helped Panthers I would gladly let it ride. I feel however disinclined to help a management who seemingly do not give stuff re fans. Much praise on sites re sponsors none re fans . Can there be anything much lower than re write rules for BB parking to suit their own agenda , then get a management troll to ridicule any fears that differ from the three line whip imposed
  5. wealdstone

    Wimbledon Memories

    Apart from Bert, Ronnie Moore and Ivan Mauger I see Trevor Hedge
  6. wealdstone

    Wimbledon Memories

    Getting better
  7. wealdstone

    Wimbledon Memories

    Gote Nordin in background .
  8. wealdstone

    Season Ticket Holders

    Mr Chapman refusing to give up hope of Speedway this season. To continue the positive tone I am also refusing to give up hope of getting my money back. I am not exactly known for optimism it must be said
  9. wealdstone

    Corona virus

    Previously you said the vulnerable list seems to be confined to terminally ill, those receiving life saving treatments or had open heart surgery.
  10. wealdstone

    Corona virus

    I suspect you are right ,I know of some who have had the letter but choose to reject the advice and restrictions
  11. wealdstone

    Corona virus

    That is totally untrue , but it does seem very hit and miss. See my post re wife.
  12. wealdstone

    Corona virus

    Wife has had two letters, two phone calls and a personal visit. Has assured those concerned that we do not need the free food parcel ( even though Chapman has kept my season ticket money). She was told that she would probably get a parcel and if it was not needed to give it to local food bank. There is a suspicion it seems that when food parcels are refused the driver takes then home although they are supposed to take them to the food bank.
  13. wealdstone

    Season Ticket Holders

    I Paid by cheque, its not the money and never has been , it is just the utter contempt shown by the bosses to just ignore me. What I suppose can you expect from a management that shaft Blue Badger holders
  14. wealdstone

    Season Ticket Holders

    I Have paid £480 and not even got a ticket worthless though it may be, but the boss of my club studiously refuses to even reply.
  15. wealdstone

    Sverre Harrfeldt Exclusive Interview

    My recollection is that Lions forced out due to football.

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