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  1. wealdstone

    scam callers

    Just had a scam Email telling me there was a prob with my TV lic and asking me to create a direct Debit for payment
  2. wealdstone

    Season Ticket Holders

    In the scheme of things it is fairly trivial , however I noticed my season ticket cheque ( 2 tickets) had been cashed and I asked for money back. Got a response that request sent to accounts department( did not know they had one) nothing heard since. More important things going on at the moment and I will not starve , but I would really like my money back. About £460
  3. wealdstone


    Although I get mine by subscription it is still available at my local Tesco.
  4. I truly have a deal of sympathy for all concerned as many will face hardship or worse, and are in denial mode. Anybody who thinks the season will start mid april are in cloud cuckoo land
  5. wealdstone

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    I am sorry to say that this could mean the end of Speedway in this country
  6. wealdstone


    Frankly can't see any Speedway this season. Could be even worse
  7. Not really just think BSPA are relying on the situation being taken out of their hands.
  8. Know what you mean but at the present suggest cut them a bit of slack. Even Speedster 15 has those close that could be vulnerable. We are in worst situation since WW2 almost war without the bombs.
  9. wealdstone

    Corona virus

    I am buying up the stock of immodium. With the absence of toilet paper constipation is next best alternative.
  10. wealdstone

    Sky and Bt sports

    Not doing themselves any favours with more and more of the stuff we watch going to BT. Mind you I rate BT as one of the most greedy avaricious outfits going
  11. wealdstone

    Sky and Bt sports

    Whilst I have both Sky and BT I will not cancel due to present crisis. Like everything else the lack of revenue will result in those employees who can least afford it suffering
  12. wealdstone

    Corona virus

    Totally true. Many people just don't get that to many of the older generation computers are a complete mystery,
  13. wealdstone

    Corona virus

    Probably you have secured your bog roll supply already
  14. wealdstone

    Corona virus

    I really do not think many have realised how serious this is. The virus itself is serious enough but the knock on effect on the very structure of society is mind blowing. Starting with panic buying , people losing their jobs etc. You can envisage a society where money is useless and bartering of goods becomes the norm.
  15. I think you are right

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