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  1. Panthers management have abandoned the club, might just as well concede, 50 years of watching Speedway have come to an end
  2. wealdstone

    Daily Mirror International Tournament 1973

    In those days they knew how to put on a show!!!
  3. No doubt in my mind that if Ostergaard had put up any kind of show whatsoever Panthers would have clawed back the deficit. Disgruntled Scunthorpe fans may like to dwell on the fact that this was possibly the last ever meeting at the Showground. Scunthorpe still have their moment to come.
  4. 1 nil to JCF I think. Well knowmerchantn as wind up merchant
  5. All seems a massive waste of effort with owners having lost enthusiasm.
  6. It was only Panthers!!! Clearly thoughts more focused on fixtures the following week
  7. wealdstone

    Panthers up for sale.

    We had one once but the promoters did not like the decisions made so contrived to get rid of it.
  8. See MPT turned up at KL last night to support team, hopefully Panthers will get the same support
  9. Used to call it "Blue Skies Philosophy"
  10. God knows why but I will be there
  11. A band playing dirges and a horse drawn hearse would be appropriate for the parade
  12. Expect poor crowd for this one , totally outclassed by Scorpions in first leg and betrayed by Panthers management . Some may go to witness the end of an era.
  13. wealdstone

    Panthers up for sale.

    The management did not even have the courtesy to forewarn season ticket holders that their tickets were no longer valid.
  14. wealdstone

    Panthers up for sale.

    It is but makes any possible deal even less attractive.
  15. wealdstone

    Panthers up for sale.

    I assume that should someone take it over, it would not necessarily follow that T Balfe Construction would continue their sponsorship.

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