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  1. wealdstone

    Premiership Pairs

    Suspect few will regard it as a flagship event. Rather another example of failing to provide value for money re season tickets. Even trying to stress their benign benevolence in that they have bot increased prices despite more races than normal
  2. wealdstone

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Regrettably many did not think deep enough, and some not at all
  3. Yes it was the Artic
  4. This book contains a certain amount of supernatural stuff, as nobody knows what exactly happened . In fact the ships involved were only discovered in the last few years. However the book does follow the historical facts as far as they are known. There are in fact a plethora of books available on the subject( one by Michael Palin), but none can give facts once the expedition arrived in the antarctic as they were never seen again.. The book I refer to was dramatised on TV about a year to eighteen months ago .
  5. "Terror" A fictional account of the Franklin expedition to find the North West Passage.
  6. wealdstone

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    I am getting fed up with being told we have to apologise and pay compensation for things that happened hundreds of years ago. Latest thing I understand is an apology wanted from Queen for events that commenced during the reign of Charles the Second.
  7. wealdstone

    Stars v Panthers Thurs 21/04/2022

    Palin last year always seemed to mange one exceptional ride in each meeting, showed some good form in Ben Fund. Sure he will make m ore progress this year.
  8. wealdstone

    Panthers v Stars 18/04/22 5pm

    Many things get my goat , but those that think they are so important that they are exempt from rules that apply to others really annoy me. Peterborough Speedway VIP's and Boris come to mind.
  9. wealdstone

    Panthers v Stars 18/04/22 5pm

    He has always replied to me!! It was my involvement with him that got BB parking reinstated
  10. wealdstone

    Panthers v Stars 18/04/22 5pm

    No reply as yet from Dale, in fairness he does not usually duck out of such things. If the queue jumpers were so called VIP's I would suggest that "VERY IGNORANT PERSONS" would be a better appellation. All are equal at the gate but like "Animal Farm" some are more equal than others.
  11. wealdstone

    There is another sun

    Can confirm walthamstow
  12. wealdstone

    There is another sun

    I have the DVD . will look to see where it was filmed
  13. wealdstone

    62 Years+ Club

    Yes still go regularly.
  14. wealdstone

    62 Years+ Club

    I went to first meeting prior to 1948 but do not recall opposition.
  15. wealdstone

    Panthers v Stars 18/04/22 5pm

    I have already e mailed Dale Allitt re this as the lack of direction resulted in people having to queue when they did not need to. No reply as yet. As wife a BB holder we now are able to park inside, this is not without its problems due to the new gates now being used. One of the problems on Monday were those who felt they did not have to queue steaming up the outside then trying to force their way into BB and VIP queue thus causing even further delays for those trying to get to normal parking area. As I said earlier one particular chap seemed perfectly prepared to crash his car to achieve this. A number of people in camper vans tried the same ploy ,I originally thought they were riders but now I wonder

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