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  1. wealdstone

    Your 'first world champion'!

    He was sacked by Trevor Redmond as he was perceived to be unreliable
  2. wealdstone

    Your 'first world champion'!

    I saw Tommy Price
  3. wealdstone

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    If anybody remembers during the 1950's for while BBC showed the second half of amateur football matches on what became Grandstand. The only one I remember as we did not have a TV at the time and I saw it at a friends house was a match featuring and coming from Walthamstow Avenue.
  4. wealdstone

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Is this the team once known as Walthamstow Avenue a one time force in Amateur football
  5. wealdstone

    Rye House 2020

    The standard of BMR management was exemplified by one of them who arrived in his 4x4 when the whole car park was in gridlock. Unable to grasp this basic fact he proceeded to embark on a horn blowing extravaganza not having the wit to realize that nobody could get out of his way even if they wanted to.
  6. wealdstone

    Rye House 2020

    IMO the folding of Rye House was much to do with the standard of person now in charge of Speedway . Again IMO Spivs and Wide Boys .
  7. wealdstone

    How Many Of Us Are Losing Interest.?

    Having watched Speedway from late 1940's, the only thing that makes me lose interest is the contempt with which many promoters (the Peterborough BB situation being an example) seem to treat their customers.
  8. What i never understand is that I have Sky Q with a mini box, the whole goes to main box which distributes it to mini box, yet they charge me twice
  9. BT IMO amongst the most greedy avaricious out fits in the world
  10. wealdstone


    Must say got mine yesterday and it has arrived on time for last few weeks following a prolonged period of regular delays
  11. wealdstone

    Corona virus

    Thats alright then!!!
  12. wealdstone

    Corona virus

    It is not just about people dying which is bad enough, but long term possibly life long effects on those that have recovered. Seems to me we should realize this is a previously unknown variant of the Covid strain which is evolving all the time. Probably we will have to learn to live with it for the foreseeable future.
  13. When and if Speedway returns to this country in general and Peterborough in particular, it is to be hoped that consideration for the paying public will be high on the agenda and the universally condemned shafting of BB holders will be reversed. Speedway under the current stewardship without any effort to regard fans as the customers is likely in the near future to have 90% of the fans in the BB category.
  14. No doubt that a supreme talent threw his career away. Believe that he now thinks the same.

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