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  1. King's Lynn v Belle Vue 18/04/18

    Hope that he will now dispense with 50p surcharge on debit cards. He carried on with this even after it was in the process of being made illegal as the law was not yet in place.
  2. Perhaps the bosses can ensure that the Bar ( at least the building) is open. Also no delay between heats 14 and 15
  3. Ivan Mauger

    Think you are right. I went to the Final that year in Poland. . Chorzow if I recall.
  4. Ivan Mauger

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before but my foremost memory of Ivan was during the qualifying stages of the World Final at White City where he fell off at the start and remained lying down until the race was stopped. The referee excluded John Davis although Bob Dugard pointed quite clearly to the Davis's tyre tracks which showed do deviation at all that could have caused Ivan's fall.
  5. No problem with parking more than ample on site. However the Stadium leaves imo a lot to be desired. Take a chair is my advice. Last time I went mud terracing was the norm.
  6. Poole 2018

    Should also mention the indecent haste that another luminary of the sport rushed to take the 30 pieces of silver
  7. Poole 2018

    The winter of discontent was caused by MF falling out of his pram after losing to Coventry and then seeking vengeance and retribution..
  8. Leicester Lions 2018

    The mafia can and do just about anything they want.Every now and again they are pulled up by the ACU but ignore this as much as they are able
  9. 2 minute start clocks

    I thought that you had to be under power and on way to tapes
  10. Wimbledon stadium

    Very sad although a long way for me living in Harrow at the time, went to Wimbledon and Hackney most weeks during the seventies
  11. Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Such is the current level of ambition
  12. Ben Fund

    Thanks Neil , I am sure however that there are some on here who will still not believe
  13. Ben Fund

    I am sure this decision gives no pleasure to anybody including the organizers who have suffered enough flack already. There is likely more to this than meets the eye and my own view would be that the EOES having forced a change of start time have refused Speedway sufficient access to the track for adequate preparation . As EOES hold all the cards and have already threatened to take their ball home the Speedway organizers are scared of upsetting their landlords
  14. Ben Fund

    Ill informed rant forgivable under the circumstances!!!!
  15. Ben Fund

    Sure your comments about EOES are correct.