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  1. wealdstone

    Redcar v Peterborough Thursday

    Great result for Panthers they should all get a free Burger at next home meeting assuming of course the van turns up.
  2. If you read the comments by Terry Russell in Speedway Star it seems BSPA totally negated the benefits that fixed race nights were supposed to bring by altering the agreed nighs from Thursday to Wednesday and introducing the 8 point rule.
  3. Whatever the reason it seems clear that nobody from EOES deemed it necessary to inform Speedway. Seems fairly simple to say either we forgot to book in the catering or we could not get anyone to come given the amount we charge for the privilege . Speedway been totally wrong footed by either incompetence or arrogance. Again I ask why Speedway no longer allowed to use proper car park and turnstiles and why Bar (even the building) is opened at last moment and is understaffed.
  4. You are certainly unlikely to get a Burger should they decide to allow the vans in for the next meeting
  5. Wash your mouth out!!!! On no account must you upset the EOES as they are very sensitive to criticism
  6. As JCF I trust knows the cost etc is not the point.
  7. "No answer was the stern reply"
  8. Whilst clearly rider safety is paramount what concerns people is the long delays in the circumstances ( it was over an hour on Sunday) If there are two ambulances there is no obvious reason for the delay assuming both ambulances have qualified paramedics
  9. Neil Could you please let us have an explanation for the lack of catering facilities yesterday.To many this is a further indication of the indifference shown towards Speedway by EOES. I know that catering is down to them
  10. wealdstone

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Great result from what at the moment effectively is a five man team.
  11. If I understand Terry Russell 's comments in todays Speedway Star correctly he feels BSPA have made a right ruddy hames of the whole issue
  12. Hopefully this meeting signifies the start e new era in British Speedway at last we have a few who look like they could reach the top. Lambert was superb and Bewley pretty impressive. Had not liked Lambert up till this juncture but possibly a lot of previous perceptions of him were more down to his mother.
  13. OMG had nightmare run home to cambridge following Fridays supporters club event. what advice can you give for sunday, or shall we not bother
  14. Whilst end result disappointing overall our performance was superb
  15. wealdstone

    Glasgow v Peterborough

    Rather have r/r or even Tim Bungay than Holder

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