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  1. waiheke1

    A top 10 to be proud of.

    Greatest 10 I've seen: Mauger Collins Olsen Nielsen Gundersen Penhall T Rick Crump Hancock Woffy Entertainers: Collins Morton Andy Smith Moranx2 Ward Emil Carter Nicki P Gollob
  2. If it stays as is surely 9-11 get a wildcard. Bottom 3 drop out. And then between holder and Lambert, at a stretch Fric ke or Milik, for the final wc. I'd say Holder most likely, but wouldn't be surprised by Lambert. Like others I can see Laguta dropping out of top 8, but surely deserves a wildcard if it happens. Hampel, Drabik, baby Pawlicki all unlucky in that if they were not Polish they would be right in the mix for a wildcard.
  3. Thanks R&R and good luck to those remaining
  4. Lindgren 50 more Doyle 50 more Emil 50 more Cook 25 more Laguta 25 more
  5. I thought BSI chose the series reserves? No chance Cook will finish top 10. If there is a brit wc it will be Lambert.
  6. Because the age factor is relevant. Fric ke could be considered but unlikely if holder gets a wildcard.Drabik would get one if the Poles didnt have so many qualified. Lambert is more likely than cook to be competitive.
  7. Is Lambert more worthy of a wild card thsn the riders currently sitting 9-12 in the gp? Would love to see him in the series, but surely they all have a stronger claim. Maybe he gets in ahead of Zagar? The three riders through today may not be overly inspiring, but all capable of being competitive next year.
  8. Favour from fellow pole who only needs a point?
  9. Can see a 3or4 man run off here. Cook,fricje Lindback and Pawlicki all on 10?
  10. waiheke1

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    In fairness the track and racing has been very good since that debacle. Obviously the brick have made the difference, perhaps now it is an advanced-climate controlled envirmoment. Very hi tech
  11. waiheke1

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Yep very strct control-stacked in a pyramid shape under tarpaulins isn't it?
  12. Ok i know I said I'd stop but..If Emil was concerned enough about Lambert to slow down to block the inside. Is it not possible that if Woffy had slowed on the inside it would have forced Emil wide? Worst case Emil passes Woffy and Russia still win. Best case tgat inside run from Lambert thst had worried Emil sees him through? They did have a 50/50 head to head record over the two days. And 14+4 vs 11+2 from 12 And 11regulation heats respectively arent miles apart. It's a bit like the England football team - surpassing expectations, but will there be a better chsnce of a world title? (Actually in fairness, Woffy and Lambert could be in contention for the next 10 years in this format)
  13. waiheke1

    What ever happened to team riding?

    That's an interesting definition of "modern phenomenon" then!
  14. All the more reason for a team mate to assist...anyway silver was a great effort, Woffy was fantastic, I think neither of us will change our views on whether the tactics were right or wrong...
  15. Lambert was quick enough to nearly run into Emil's back wheel...
  16. Anyone still think Emil v Lambert is a total mismatch, and even with world class team riding there is no possibility Lambert could pass Emil?
  17. I think he'd need to get pretty close in the challenge to warrant a pick. Look at the riders 9-11 in the gps- Doyle,holder,Zagar. Lambert not yet in thst category imo - he's a world's top 30 rider for sure, but arguably not top 15. Of course being a brit will help, wheras Drabik has almost no chance of a wild card. But hope Lambert can do well in the challenge, and either qualify or do enough for a wild card.
  18. Woffy 60 more Lambert 40 more Holder 30 more Magic 30more Emil 40 more
  19. waiheke1

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Emil 20 more Kk 20 more Huckenbeck 20 more Lindback 20 more
  20. Surely you watch the game at a pub near the stadium and then go on to the speedway? A brilliant afternoon/evening.
  21. Janowski 40 more Dudek 40 more Lindgren 20 more Woffy 20 more Doyle 20 more Emil 20 more
  22. Really? The first two Gps were decent imo. Horsens was poor, but a few excellent races - which is about all you used to get in world finals. Woffy is looking absolutely superb. Wheras last year you always felt a bad ride could come at any time, this season there is confidence every time. His ht20 3rd to 1st was superb. If he keeps this form up, then come end of season I'd say there is no debate as to who is the greatest brit of all time.
  23. Magic 40 more Emil 20 more Tai 20 more MJJ 40 more Laguta 40 more Doyle 20 less Vaculik 20 less
  24. waiheke1

    Team USA at the SoN

    Seems to me thatManzares version (quoted) is the truth. While Greg denied it in that beyond tedious "interview" he didn't deny any specifics. Didnt deny comments had been made about wishing Becker was in the team. Didnt say they had offered Gino bikes. Didn't give any specifics of helpful advice they have given. Didnt deny Gino was out of pocket. Just tried to laugh it all off in that "best buddy" routine he had going with the interviewer, who was beyond sycophantic. Tbh I'd say Mandates is better off out of that environment. And FWIW a friend of mine and his son had Greg visit them when he was in NZ, and said he was a great guy. So I'd say the nice guy image is at least partly genuine, at the same time he can be an absolute tower on other occasions (this interview and the strop after being excluded for cheating to help Holder spring to mind). * I didn't write "tower." Not sure if it was auto correct or "bad word filter".

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