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  1. and far from being the top hl trio that season. penhall gundersen grahame and ross morton collins definitely stronger. and you could argue olsen, knudsen, shirra or sigalos cook eriksen were comparable. none of those sides had a bottom.three as weak as eastborne though, albeit Cradley had equally rubbish reserves.
  2. waiheke1

    2019 Odds for World Champion

    predictable two favourites. doyle, emil, dudek and hancock all strike me as good value.
  3. waiheke1

    2019 SoN Draw

    much better would be that the pair who have scored the most points through the meeting win. so one team will go to the final knowing they need a heat advantage to win. still, this is an improvement on last time. and if it goes to a run off we wont be able to blame woffy for not team riding in that...
  4. waiheke1

    The name's the same!

    Mason Wear and Mason Wear. the rider and the sponsor.
  5. waiheke1

    All time favourite top 10.

    Larry Ross, Andy Smith, Chris Morton, Peter Collins, Shawn Moran, Kelly Moran, Tai Woffinden, Dan Bewley, Emil Safuydinov, Darcy Ward.
  6. waiheke1

    A favourite speedway era

    81-87, at Hyde Rd most Saturdays. beyond that, love watching the modern era gps.
  7. waiheke1

    10 favourite New Zealand riders

    he's a kiwi without a doubt..he doesn't even have a map of Tassie
  8. waiheke1

    10 Favourite Polish riders.

    gollob magic piotr Pawlicki Zmarzlik dudek Drabik Drozdz plech Jancarz KK
  9. waiheke1

    10 favourite New Zealand riders

    Not a fan of Larry Ross Sid?
  10. waiheke1

    10 favourite Danish riders

    Nicki p Nielsen Gundersen Olsen Jan o. Knudsen Ravn Staechman Karger k bjerre
  11. waiheke1

    1983 scorecards belle vue

    30 April v Wimbledon bl 9 October v Coventry up cup As always much appreciate anyone who can help with these. Thanks
  12. waiheke1

    1986 scorecharts Belle Vue

    hi anyone (dave allan?) able to provide heat details for: aces vs Ipswich 21 june aces v wolves 5 july aces v cradley 18 October vx Oxford and v Sheffield 19 July v Bradford 12 July recently acquired a bunch of programmes, but either not filled in, or filled in with mismatches between heat details and scorecards thanks in advance
  13. waiheke1

    10 favourite Australian riders

    Darcy, Fricke, Sanders, Crump p, crump j, baker, Titman, Hunter, guglielmi, Lidsey.
  14. waiheke1

    10 favourite New Zealand riders

    Larry Ross, Ronnie Moore, Ivan Mauger, Barry Briggs, Wayne Brown, Tony Briggs, Bradley Wilson-dean, Bruce Cribb, Mitch Shirra, Gary Peterson.
  15. waiheke1

    10 favourite British riders

    Chris Morton, Andy Smith, Peter Collins, Tai Woffinden, Declan Eccles, Dan Bewley, Paul Thorp, Peter Carr, Phil Collins , Robert Lambert.
  16. waiheke1

    10 favourite American riders

    I think its pretty clear noone is confused in that regard, given that Greg Hancock hasn't made any lists but others such as Lucero, pyeatt and Alan Christian have? Unless you are implying mike bast would have filled all ten slots if this was a greatest riders list.
  17. BLRC 82 is available on DVD but the quality of recording is very very poor. As an Aces fan 82 is my favourite year of that era. And the last year when all the sports big names remained..before u lost Penhall, Olsen, Sigalos, Sanders, carter, lee etc over the subsequent years.
  18. The only test at belle vue they met each other in was 82. At least one of the two times they met in tgat meet is on YouTube I think
  19. waiheke1

    1986 scorecharts Belle Vue

    Andrew the 18th october fixture vs dead leg was actually 1987! Would u happen to have the results for that?
  20. waiheke1

    10 favourite American riders

    Why am I not surprised to see the great mike bast on this list speedy?
  21. waiheke1

    1983 scorecards belle vue

    30 April v Wimbledon bl 9 October v Coventry up cup As always much appreciate anyone who can help with these. Thanks
  22. Actually, only until 81 when Penhall knocked Kenny off (And got excluded) in the 81 overseas final. Kenny said exactly what he thought!
  23. waiheke1

    10 favourite American riders

    Shaun Moran, Kelly Moran, Bruce Penhall, Sam Ermolenko, John "cowboy" Cook, lance king, Mike faria, Bobby ott, gino manzares, Steve Lucero, Scott autrey
  24. waiheke1

    1986 scorecharts Belle Vue

    Awesome thanks
  25. waiheke1


    It's when you use a different user name to debate,/answer questions you posted 5 minutes ago that you should be worried!

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