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  1. waiheke1

    Last ever Hyde Road meeting

    Wow, that brought back memories. Thanks for posting!
  2. I have a feeling there was a massive swing BV v Wolves in 87. Aces putting on close to 60 in one clash and then losing in the next. Will check later.
  3. waiheke1

    SON 2020

    Tai wasn't really though was he? He wasnt a top rider in Poland, he was a rank outsider who was almost universally tipped to finish last...
  4. Maybe your next username could be DaveJessupfan?
  5. waiheke1

    2021 SGP Field

    A certain Tai Woffinden in 2013? Madsen came in and finished 2nd in 2019? Zmarzlik finished 3rd in his debut season, Dudek 2nd in his.
  6. Tai would have finished 2nd under the previous scoring system as well, so what would you propose?
  7. Nope. Pretty sure Tai and Freddie would have been tied for 2nd. Magic 4th
  8. Deserved World Champion, congrats. Now the greatest Polish rider of all time?
  9. If Bz is 3rd in semi, Woffy needs to win the final. If bz is 4th, 2nd would get woffy at least a run off
  10. In that case, BZ woukd be WC
  11. Woffy needs at least 2nd, depending on where Bartosz finishes in the semi
  12. Probably a good result for Woffy there, likely to meet Zmarzlik in the semi. So needs to beat him and hope Janowski/fred or Madsen do as well.
  13. While i hope they revert to old scoring too, there's more chance of Zmarzlik missing out this year under this system
  14. That would be my 5. But for the first ride crash in one of the SEC meetings Nicki would have been fighting for that title..2nd best Dane currently, and he's still box office.
  15. waiheke1

    Briggs, Fundin, Mauger , Crump, Rickardsson, Roll of honour.

    T rick, crump, greg, nicki, tomasz. Maybe you could argue for nicki ahead of greg, otherwise clear cut imo. Tomasz ahead of nicki would be less justified than having PC ahead of Olsen.
  16. waiheke1

    Belle Vue 1972 or Cradley 1983.???

    Correct. He was part of the Aces team that beat them to the Premiership and joined part way through the league cup.
  17. waiheke1

    Belle Vue 1972 or Cradley 1983.???

    They lost Wigg Ravn and Pedersen. From memory the points limit for 84 was 48 points. Agree, the best side I saw, though while they romped to the league they lost to Aces in the premiership and didnt even make the semis of the league cup.
  18. Marketing, promotion, presentation. And, at some UK tracks, the content. The GPs and Speedway in Poland tend to have the above largely right, and as a result get decent crowds.
  19. This point system, crap as it is, may favour Woffy
  20. Baffling. As was Puk selecting it for the other semi
  21. Yeah, you are right, crap racing...
  22. I dont think anyone else thinks this speedway gp is crap...what is it you were talking about?
  23. In fairness, when they were world champs Zmarzkik and Woffy looked similarly quick.
  24. Also on youtube, official sgp chsnnel, may need a vpn depending on country you are in

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