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  1. This is so funny to read. Can none of you say fair play to my team (which I said not to underestimate) Swindon were the better team, end of. We were belittled by many of he Poole fans on here.
  2. A genuine question, were you there tonight?
  3. Read my post from Saturday night....I THANK YOU!
  4. You were saying.....hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahaha
  5. Think it’s a good move. This is what Rosco has said. Rossiter has opted to change his riding order for the meeting, switching Adam Ellis into the No.4 spot with David Bellego moving to No.2.He explained: “I’ve given the riding order a tweak, I just feel sometimes it’s worth trying something different and if it doesn’t work then we can always revert back. I was going to do it for Wolverhampton but didn’t get chance because of the rain-off, so we’ll go with it here.”I feel Adam could be in for a big season and rather than doing the same thing all the time, sometimes you have to make horses for courses, and we’ll see how it turns out.”
  6. Reckon this will be closer than some Poole fans think. Can see Ellis smashing double figures alongside Batch. If our reserves pick up 10 then who knows. Personally I don’t think the Poole team is all that. Lots of it, buts & maybes. Underestimate Swindon at your peril.
  7. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    Learn how “their” (the owner of something) & there (as in a place) works kid.
  8. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    *their.......oh dear.
  9. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    Learn what “hindsight & Irony” mean & then perhaps we can have an adult conversation. Other than that....bye!
  10. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    The irony of this is unbelievable....Wasn’t you the one who said “i’ll Believe Hans over a riders Dad who was there” & now this....you can’t make this up.
  11. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    I don’t disagree with this at all.
  12. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    I know Ray C.
  13. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    After the event & what is said is not a fact. It’s hindsight which has been explained to you. Pls come along to the Abbey to watch your beloved Poole & perhaps you can call the Swindon promotion liars to their faces rather than hiding behind a keyboard. Bring all the facts with you. Oh, MPT also said that the track was fine on the track walk...I can also pick out what I want from social media.
  14. Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    A riders father has told you what is what. He was there, in the pits with the riders. I think his word is more conclusive than a twitter remark after the event.