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  1. Just seen a pic from the track, blue groove & some
  2. I’m down on bend 3 if you wanna come say hi
  3. Personally I think the track has been ok
  4. Thought that was a tad harsh, Lampart has to lay it down otherwise he would have clattered in Jacobson who turned himself inside out
  5. I’m already there! In front of the bar.
  6. The reserves handled the track fine
  7. Go home son....actually you’re probably already there
  8. No offence intended here but how are gauging this from the terraces. Unless you are down on the track & talking to the riders, management then it’s just an assumption.
  9. How do you even know this? Tobi tagged himself in Hertfordshire about an hour ago!!!
  10. We all hope this! Hopefully they’ve been able to work on it. I guess if there are any doubts today (assuming the riders practice later today) they call of off early
  11. To say I’m shocked you’ve commented would be an understatement. Who was it last season.....that’s it, the whole team should have been axed according to you.

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