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  1. It's laughable, the person plucked the names out of a hat.
  2. I believe Brennan is riding for Lakeside tonight in a Challenge match so the info provided appears to be incorrect. Lakeside Hammers Select Richard Andrews; Tom Brennan; Jamie Couzins; Jason Edwards; Daniel Gilkes; Ben Morley; Danno Verge
  3. Nothing on their twitter feed either.
  4. Rospiggarne vs Smederna is listed for their 2nd play off leg....Both Doyle & Fricke race for the home team....Who get’s priority? It could be that the polish website has it wrong. Let’s hope so as it would be farce if so.
  5. hyabb17

    Swindon 2018

    Can we stop arguing on who's track is best. Aside from BV in the top league I think all tracks need looking at & money spent on them. The main thing is that Swindon will have a track next year, hopefully with the new dimensions which should make closer racing, If you've listened to what RR said & Tobi said the same last night, the long fast straights at Swindon make it difficult to pass especially due to them being very narrow. Please can this thread return to talking about Swindon.
  6. hyabb17

    Swindon 2018

    I personally think that if it follow's the shape Melbourne's GP had that won't be a bad thing. The racing was close, fast & plenty of overtaking. Assuming they get the shale they require, if you watch the video link I've posted Ronnie Russell has said they've sourced some.
  7. hyabb17

    Swindon 2018

  8. hyabb17

    Swindon 2018

    No idea...The Melbourne GP track did serve up some decent racing with its size & shape though. Hopefully they widen the straights (or straight as it may only be one as such).
  9. hyabb17

    Swindon 2018

    Interesting interview with Ronnie Russell with Totalsport Swindon. He said that he's due to mark out the revised track this coming Wednesday - said it'll be the carpark bend bought in (the troublesome corner which needs ripping up), approx 300m & shaped like the Melbourne GP track (which if my memory serves me correctly was shaped like the letter D...)
  10. THE Swindon Management have confirmed arrangements following Thursday's (Sept 6) abandoned meeting v Belle Vue and will offer prices which are an improvement on the official BSPA policy. Supporters who purchased tickets at the stadium will be able to use their re-entry vouchers to obtain a discount of £6.00 for either the King's Lynn meeting on Monday 10th September or any other Speedway meeting held at the Abbey Stadium in 2018. Adults tickets will cost £11.00 and concessions £8.00, children (11-16) will cost £3.00. Season ticket holders will be able to use their re-entry tickets to obtain free re-entry for either the King's Lynn meeting on Monday 10th September or any other Speedway meeting held at the Abbey stadium in 2018. People who purchased tickets online have two options: Option 1 - bring your receipt from Thursday’s meeting and pay the reduced rates shown above on the gate. Option 2 - Receive a refund of £6.00 from their ticket purchase. Persons choosing option 2 should email this preference to -email-. Anyone who cannot attend in 2018 can receive a refund by sending their re-admission tickets and a SAE to Swindon Robins, Abbey Stadium, Lady Lane, Blunsdon SN25 4DN
  11. Of course it will. Rosco said last night.
  12. I believe if they go past heat 6 it's not a full refund. This was within the report on the robins website: ''Supporters are reminded to retain their re-admission tickets, and details of discount policy will be available in the near future.''
  13. I went & at a guess I would say the crowd was 800 tops. Interesting to see what the club will offer for re-admission. It went past heat 6 so no full refund, re-admission is applicable . My guess is a few quid off the restaging of the rearranged meeting....I'm personally hoping they say if you went last night it's a £10 Monday but I very much doubt this.
  14. Heat 13 has now been tweeted by BT. What a race & shows why the NSS has the best track in the uk. Amazing stuff.
  15. Best track in the country bar none

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