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  1. woffy was making plenty of effort yesterday to promote, encourage British speedway just not at Leicester maybe you should be asking where lambert was and not tai because tai was doing his bit.
  2. neb

    Newcastle 2019

    I know niike was always going to retire at the end of this season maybe he has called time on his career early.
  3. neb

    Newcastle 2019

    and how do you know he has spent thousands,just curious.
  4. neb

    Newcastle 2019

    could it be that a certain rider has dropped Newcastle in it just before the start of the season forcing the promotion into making changes they didn't envisaged doing with the season just a matter of weeks away, maybe tough on palovaara but before you start slagging the promotion off why not wait until you have heard both sides of the story before you call Newcastle disgusting.
  5. neb

    Newcastle 2019

    a shock or two on the horizon.
  6. neb

    Newcastle 2019

    who cares where we heard it first, why not let the clubs announce who they are signing or are you on some sort of mission to announce who has signed who before the clubs have chance to let their supporters know,why be a spoiler?
  7. looks like he is going to have to race then.
  8. neb

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    that's because he borrowed an engine off Fred for tonight which made the difference it seems.
  9. if Mr godfrey is as you say a nugget,half carrot,half brain cell what does that make 90% of all the other promoters? maybe the rest should follow in his footsteps and maybe just maybe our beloved sport would not be in such dire straights like it is.
  10. neb

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    but he withdrew after his third ride.
  11. neb

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    I think you will find Fred is very inconvenienced by his injury.
  12. I think he surrendered to the best gater on the night not so much the best gate.
  13. yes your right I think all the top boys are using his wheels.

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