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  1. I think he surrendered to the best gater on the night not so much the best gate.
  2. yes your right I think all the top boys are using his wheels.
  3. i have stopped watching the guy spoils the viewing for me and there was me thinking Pearson was bad.
  4. that was pretty hard from Fred to move his own team mate out the way in heat 11.
  5. neb

    Gerhard Engine

    where have you been for the last 8 months?
  6. don't know what all the fuss is about concerning Fred I thought his pass on Dudek was fair and square.
  7. neb

    Gerhard Engine

    have heard that Greg Hancock is testing and working alongside marcel now could the GTR be about to be reborn?
  8. he spent 4 years on a tight technical track and was pretty much unbeatable around it,granted he didn't meet GP opposition every week but still it seemed to suit him.
  9. its also possible that Fred decided he didn't want a ride in the uk this year have you considered that?
  10. neb

    Newcastle 2018

    Won't big brother help little brother out ? maybe Fred still has some stuff in the uk somewhere that is surplus to requirements.
  11. neb


    Doyley seems to of gone off the boil a bit only 5 for him today.
  12. neb

    Rye House 2018

    I am sure he knows the rye track as well as anyone spending time there a while back.

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