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  1. neb

    Newcastle 2020

    your 100% right Steve was never going back to Newcastle not this year anyway.
  2. it seems to me there is only one prat here and it sure isn't rob.
  3. neb

    Newcastle 2020

    correct me if I am wrong but was Darren Hartley Jan staechmann's mechanic in the late 90's?
  4. neb

    Wolverhampton 2020

    I understand Ryan Douglas has gone with him.
  5. for young Palin to progress these are the parings he needs to face and with no pressure and no one expecting too much from Jordon is there a better time?
  6. should of grabbed Ryan Douglas for many reasons.
  7. neb

    Newcastle 2020

    I fail to see the connection with newcastle
  8. I reckon you might find Howarth will be heading down the A46 in 2020
  9. I reckon a good guest for Charlie would be a certain Australian guy who is pretty handy around the EWR.
  10. and harris finishes last in heat 15,heat 15 should of been given to a home rider not a guest.
  11. why give a guest heat 15 when the meeting is already won,Harris scored paid 10 and Douglas scores paid 11 it don't seem that fair in my book I bet Ryan would of been more than happy with an extra few quid.
  12. I reckon I could do the team managers job,after all it cant be that difficult when you can count on your right hand how many riders you have to choose from.
  13. neb

    Wolves 2019

    too much night nurse apparently triggers a drugs test fail.
  14. neb

    Swindon 2019

    I bet he don't try somewhere in the midlands

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