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    Football, Speedway, Darts (spectator)
    Martial Arts, Boxing, Rugby (active)
    I hold a SIA Doorman (Bouncers) Licence so I am very nice to you before I punch you lol (joking)
  1. HasseHolmqvist

    Malcolm Simmons Rip

    Rest In Peace Super Simmo, a true English great in every sense
  2. HasseHolmqvist

    2014 Gp Predictor

    1. Ward 2. Nicki 3.Noddy 4.Niels
  3. HasseHolmqvist

    Birmingham V Poole Grand Final 2nd Leg

    Never wanted Poole to win anything because of the smarmy bugger who runs it, but him vrs Ben "Look At Me" Barker is a no brainer! .... go get em Pirates
  4. HasseHolmqvist

    Swc, Event Two, King's Lynn 15/7

    We could be yanks
  5. HasseHolmqvist

    Swc, Event Two, King's Lynn 15/7

    Missed the gate did we Kenneth
  6. HasseHolmqvist

    Swc, Event Two, King's Lynn 15/7

    He NEARLY caught Herbie again there lmfao
  7. HasseHolmqvist

    Swc, Event Two, King's Lynn 15/7

    Yeah I nearly won the lottery last week lol
  8. HasseHolmqvist

    Swc, Event Two, King's Lynn 15/7

    Just as good as the gating tarts when we get out eh lol
  9. HasseHolmqvist

    Plrc (23/9/2012)

    Good luck to Dougie Wyer tonight
  10. HasseHolmqvist

    Vojens Gp

    "oooooh Nicki, Nicki, Nicki Nicki Nicki Nick Pedersen" Get ready guys, Nicki is about to win his FOURTH World title on Noddy's home track
  11. HasseHolmqvist

    Panthers 2013 Thread

    I know and I paid my dues on that one & me and Jacques are now fine thank you (never drink and post) ... so its only fair that you are treated the same eh sunshine
  12. HasseHolmqvist

    David Howe Vs Tai Woffinden

    Hmmm Woffy seems to be making a habit of opening his mouth before engaging his brain Mind you THJRacing calling Tai an idiot did make me chuckle The awful Wolves team that finished bottom not long ago hammered the all conquering Monarchs home and away, thats how
  13. HasseHolmqvist

    Panthers 2013 Thread

    Calling people idiots all the time, now scum ... I think we will soon be seeing the end of THJRacing for sure, Phil will not put up with him for much longer
  14. HasseHolmqvist

    Panthers 2013 Thread

    He is my little side hobby, as for the room we already have one thanks .... but we have more members than that in the KKS room, a hell of a lot more
  15. HasseHolmqvist

    Panthers 2013 Thread

    I am collecting the threads and post numbers that he calls fellow posters "idiots" on ... its against forum rules & I will be reporting each post to the mods asap, I ma up to FOUR at the moment. That should be enough to see off his latest alias .... dont see why he should get away with it nobody else does

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