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  1. weejeemy

    Edinburgh 2022

    Come on monarchs, Glasgow Tigers needs you.
  2. weejeemy

    Glasgow 2022

    Couple of surprises tonight perhaps.
  3. Was in 2 minds whether to go today or not. So glad I did. Lots of close racing. Pleased to see Cookie max , and excellent performances from the rest of the team. Young Jack was worth more than his 0,0,0.too.
  4. weejeemy

    Knockout Cup Draw

    22/04, Somerset v Glasgow. KOC. 1st round. 24/04, Glasgow v Somerset. KOC 1st round 2nd leg.
  5. What is dishonest about my post?
  6. Much better effort tonight. Some really good races and not a tractor in sight. Hope we keep Sam and the tornado for next season.
  7. We are already KO'd from the KOC.
  8. Today was the worst dust bowl conditions I have ever seen in over 30 years of watching speedway. I will not be back on a sunny afternoon again. Thank goodness for Friday nights. Mind you our team will be lucky to make the playoffs riding like they did today.Overall very disappointed
  9. weejeemy


    Too young. A season at NL will bring him on. Lots of potential.
  10. Was a bit disappointed last night to hear Josh G won't be riding either due to Summerzet Rebels doo. He was my tip to win the meeting.
  11. AND who top scored for comets tonight?
  12. Thoroughly enjoyed watching the British Youth racing at Ashfield. I would advise anyone thinking about it to get along to any of the future rounds of these championships. These kids are skillful, brave and well worth making the effort to go and see. 41 races rattled through in less than 3 hours. The future looks bright.
  13. Since the link did work, I did bother.Some cracking photos Geo. Thanks.

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