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  1. Shocking that Hans is rolling in every race and not called back. Good effort from Shanes there
  2. Cook is really letting Belle Vue down 👎🏻 It's shown in the World Cup and in the play offs that he struggles under pressure
  3. Adam Ellis having a nightmare tonight. Struggling to stay on and making mistakes.
  4. 🤣🤣🤣 Think he forgot his drill
  5. Terrible luck for Belle Vue there when on a 5-1. Hope Tungate is okay
  6. mdmc82

    Bt Sport Coverage

    Why aren't they showing Wednesday's meeting? 😕
  7. Cook messed with his bike cos it was too fast 🤔 Think he should have left it as it was as now it's too slow
  8. Rory looking good. It's good to see him doing well after his serious injuries.
  9. How was Hans not pulled back there?
  10. The first name announced for the Coventry Bees team is Chris Harris 🐝
  11. Good Coventry line up. Not a fan of Hans but don't mind him winning when riding for us lol. Great work by all of those involved in getting this meeting staged. 👍🏼🐝
  12. mdmc82

    Coventry 2017

    I think the job Jeff, David and those working with them are doing is amazing. They don't have to do it but they are doing it because of their pure love and passion for our club and I am really grateful for all the time and effort they are putting in. They are fighting to stop the Coventry Bees from becoming just a name and so we can all see the sport we have missed so much this year. I pity posters who take joy in pulling those helping apart and enjoy knocking those who are a credit to the support. Was a pathetic individual they are. Speedibee should remove the bee part from his profile name as he is no true fan of the bees judging by his posts
  13. Think Kelvin is on the beer. Shouting several times about Morris being brought down and he's not even on the track riding 😂
  14. Poole proving that the only reason they had a short change in form was because Lahti was at reserve which helped them just get 4th. Shame as Rye House would have put up a lot more fight esp at home. I have yet to see anything impressive from Holder. Been shocking every TV meeting so far
  15. Looks like the ref made a mistake and realised.
  16. Surprised Starke got 2nd. TV replays looked more like he came 3rd 🤔
  17. Haha Weren't Poole the backstabbers when they sacked him? Bet he was hoping he wouldn't have to ride at the ploughing field again so soon 😉
  18. Does Holder ever stay on for a whole meeting?
  19. He hasn't seemed on form this year. Has been very injury prone though. Unlucky for Poole in heat 2 See the ruts are still there. Was like bouncy castle in heat 3 😉
  20. Great fight back from Doyle & Ellis there.
  21. Pleased with the riders announced. The team already has a good Coventry feel to it 🐝
  22. Great start from Wolves. Looking in form so far. Can understand Swindon picking Poole who look the weakest of the 4 esp with Lahti not at reserve.
  23. mdmc82

    Coventry 2017

    To be fair, Woryna wouldn't have been in our team if we had rode this year. He was good at home but mainly poor away.
  24. mdmc82

    Rye House Vs Poole 28/8/17 7.30pm.

    I love watching Harris race. Brilliant all round team performance from Rye House. Everybody playing their part 👍🏼

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