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  1. Leicester Lions 2017

    To TSC1. If you know the facts could please share them with me as I don't have a clue. There was no argument or any thing like that. I was just told Job over end of. Glyn
  2. Leicester Lions 2017

    It may come as a surprise to some but given the opportunity, I would be back. I have no hard feelings towards the new management. They have their reasons I guess for doing what they did though I have no clue what they are. I love Leicester, I enjoyed my time there, and was hoping I would be continuing to prepare the track this season as I felt the changes we made would make the racing so much better and that the fans would be getting the race track they deserve and have waited for. To me, it has always been about the track as at the end of the day, that is the stage that the riders entertain the fans on. Glyn
  3. Leicester Lions 2017

    David has a lot of good racing left in him. Hope he gets a chance.
  4. Leicester Lions 2017

    Just for the record we took 6 meters off the inside of turns 1 and 2 this is at the apex of the turn and the new length is 300.1 meters. Glyn
  5. Leicester Lions 2017

    Its ready other than we have to make yes make some shale. Glyn
  6. What happens when the Brits are faced with the same problem in Poland.
  7. Leicester Lions 2017

    The track work is not finished. Still a bit to do . Drains need to be finished off, the track surface needs to harden up. We can't get any shale for 6 weeks as the clay pits have a water problem.So we are trying to find an other supplier. But all in all its 90% finished and the airfence is up. A great job and very good day from the volunteers . So with a bit of good weather this week and some shale we are hoping to be ready very soon. Glyn
  8. Leicester Lions 2017

    I am down at the track Monday to Wednesday this week so will take a few pic for the fans. Heavy rain today means not now at the track till Wednesday . Glyn
  9. Leicester Lions 2017

    Josh and Kieron have been laying curbs and are doing a great job. Got give a Coventry rider something to focus on LOL. Glyn
  10. Leicester Lions 2017

    A fair bit of storm damage today. a roof or two off. Will see it first hand in the morning. Glyn
  11. Leicester Lions 2017

    I have taken 6 meters off the Apex. The turn is now 21meters wide at the apex. Glyn
  12. Leicester Lions 2017

    Speedibee Funny you should ask. Yes I am a new 5 lane 130 foot CNC routed. Glyn
  13. Leicester Lions 2017

    If your near the track and are interested pop up and have a look at what we are doing. Glyn
  14. Leicester Lions 2017

    No misunderstanding, that was the situation when Keith Chapman (BSPA) was going to be running the speedway. The New management have since asked me to return and I was more than happy to accept. There are some pics on the FB page. Glyn
  15. Leicester Lions 2017

    Very good start today, marked out and dug out. Hard core coming tomorrow. Moving the drain in the middle of turn 2/3. Have widened the apex by 6 metres. Bit of rain late today but nothing to worry about. Glyn