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  1. Blowing points left right and centre away from home but at least we’ve still got the entertainer at home
  2. He rode at no4 and was still shocking away from home so there’s no change there
  3. Hold on matej according to you was a bad signing well not a heat leader but you said we have one!! A tell you lindgren is terrible he’s a home track pony at that you’s all want to be called ankles!!!
  4. Our number one would struggle at reserve
  5. Shearer09

    Newcastle 2018

    Matej is back
  6. Shearer09

    Newcastle 2018

    Who’s the heat leader?
  7. Shearer09

    Newcastle 2018

    How about Frederik Jacobsen not sure of his average he done pretty well at belle vue at the start of the season in the open meeting
  8. Shearer09

    Newcastle 2018

    Its Phillips at 7 and possibly Nicholls the rest you have got spot on.
  9. Shearer09

    Newcastle 2018

    Fine tradition of leading well on and off track it’s hard to lead people sulking in a chair as he does almost every meeting!!
  10. Shearer09

    Newcastle 2018

    Lindgren couldn't do much with his average last season riding at no4 all season time to move on I’d say
  11. Shearer09

    Redcar 2018

    Tell him next season in the pits he will be close to you!!
  12. Shearer09

    Redcar 2018

    I was on about the personal problems and fitness bit pal.
  13. Shearer09

    Redcar 2018

    What a load of s#%te.
  14. Credit where credit is due regarding lindgren it's about time he banged a big score in even though I've never doubted him at home. And well done to the rest of the lads 👍
  15. Aye and he's on the down

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