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  1. Wheel Painting

    Can any one advise me the best type of rain to use on wheels? I don't want it to flake or chip too easy.
  2. Boots wanted size 10

    Has anyone got some boots possibly with steel shoe for sale?
  3. Is there anyone running training during the half term W/C 23rd October?
  4. Family Tickets For Cardiff

    Has anyone got their tickets yet for Cardiff i brought mine about a month ago and have not received them yet.
  5. Isle Of Wight Mfs Speedway School Dates

    Hello do you have any more dates planned for MFS after the 18th? Thanks
  6. I am looking for Grasstrack Chasis solo or 500 chair/sidecar outfit. I will even be happy to purchase parts to then build up myself over the next couple of months. Cheers
  7. Has Anyone Got?

    I am still after a curved Bike stand if anyone has one laying around!!!
  8. Tracking Down Stan Stevens

    Thank you for everyone help I managed to get ahold of him this morning and speak to him. Cheers
  9. Tracking Down Stan Stevens

    Hello Thanks for this unfortunately the wrong Stan.
  10. Tracking Down Stan Stevens

    Thank you yes I am after the rider from the days of when he was ridding for Rye House, West Ham, Wembley, Wimbledon ect Cheers
  11. I am after some help. I am trying to track down Stan Stevens who rode in the 60's & 70's. I beleive last I knew he was in Essex area but possibly going traveling. If anyone knows him or has his contact details please could they contact me or I could prove my details to pass on to him. Much Appriciated
  12. Has Anyone Got?

    Is there anyone that has a spare curved stand for sale?
  13. Fuel And Oil

    Can anyone advise where i can get fuel and oil from for a decent price possibly around surrey/sussex area over the winter.
  14. Any Training Dates Coming Up

    Thank you for that I am hoping to make a few trips up there over the winter! Does anyone know how or where to look for training in Germany, Poland, Denmark or Sweden
  15. Can anyone advise me on what training dates are coming up over the next few weeks. 2nd October Weekend of the 8th October Weekend of the 15th October.