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  1. Any tracks open for training on Sat 27th Aug please
  2. What’s the best gearing to run around Leicester for someone learning? thanks.
  3. number6

    Jawa Speedway Engine For Sale

    Hello yes I do still have an engine for sale cheers
  4. I am interested in racing sidecars either grass track or speedway for 2020. Is anyone looking for a new passenger?
  5. number6

    Wanted Kevlars and Boots.

    Hello I am after a set of Kevlar's for practice I am about 6ft and 34 waist. I am also after size 10 boots with steel shoe. Thanks
  6. I believe the trip to the tigers on Friday night was more the reason for points being dropped and amount of falls. The long journey Friday and racing then having to travel back for home meeting last night would of been very tiring.
  7. Tom was brilliant tonight it’s just a shame he got a bit too much grip which carried him into the fence. Not at all happy with medical staff tonight but shout out to Ian for doing all the running and getting stuff for Tom. Think there will be a team shuffle this week and look forward to seeing how it will line up for next Saturday. Although Jon Cook has jinked the season by saying he wants the more close meetings. Well Jon since you have said that we have not won a meeting.
  8. number6

    Eastbourne 2019

    I am sorry but I feel Alfie is not performing for the role of a number 3 I think Lewi should be number 3
  9. number6

    Jawa Speedway Engine For Sale

    New Price £475
  10. I have a Jawa Speedway Engine for sale. It was serviced by Chris Neame over a year ago and has not been started or put in a frame as it was spare. Ideal for a beginner or novice rider. Collection West Sussex £550.00 ono
  11. I am off to Brisbane for a couple of weeks mid Feb. Is there any speedway on locally does anyone know?
  12. number6

    Torun 2018

    Evening all, I am thinking of traveling to Torun for my first GP abroad. Is Bydgoszcz the best place to fly to and is there direct trains from airport to Torun or any special coaches laid on for the speedway GP? Any advise or tips will be much appreciated.
  13. number6

    Wheel Painting

    Can any one advise me the best type of rain to use on wheels? I don't want it to flake or chip too easy.
  14. number6

    Boots wanted size 10

    Has anyone got some boots possibly with steel shoe for sale?

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