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  1. A ORLOV

    Private Pensions

    It may be a bit late but consider moving most of your pension to bond funds or cash within the pension then start reinvesting gradually when the markets show signs of a rebound. If it is a decent pension there should be no cost to move funds within it, the rip off pensions could charge anything up to 5%. The markets are going to be very volatile so if you do not understand them play safe. I did post on the forum about three months ago that a shift to gold would be a good move, which was. This was followed by a move to bonds and a few favorite low risk funds when gold started dropping, but now sit on cash until the markets pick up for a couple of weeks, then gradually reinvest. Anyone with stocks and shares ISAs should do the same. Consider using a good website which shows the performance of all Pension and ISA Funds so at least you are not totally in the dark as to where to invest, but do keep checking the performance of the funds, as in the last week some funds made 10% but others lost 30%, and check that your pension company does not charge you for switching funds. If it does charge you for switching consider a different pension company that does not charge for switches. Examples of performance Blackrock Aquila Connect Overseas bond month growth 10.8% 3 months 12.3% Threadneedle Global Bond 10.4% 13.9% L&G Old Mutual UK MID Cap minus 50.0% minus 47.0%
  2. A ORLOV

    The Three Word Game

    not now Cato
  3. A ORLOV

    The Three Word Game

    and automobiles film
  4. Only if the figures given out are to be believed
  5. The multipack issue is down to the lack of common sense of the management re two items, it should have been one multi pack, or an equal number of individual items.
  6. They are trying in Hong Kong but need more areas to follow them
  7. after using one side hang it out on the line to dry then use the other side .
  8. A ORLOV

    The Three Word Game

    Dorsets Del Boy
  9. As expected all speedway meetings have been suspended and the situation will be reviewed on April 15th http://www.speedwaygb.co.uk/news.php?extend.37980
  10. What, someone like the Vatican, the Church of England etc, you will be lucky
  11. There is now a daily briefing by BJ and others, just shown on BBC news explaining the governments approach and the reasons behind action taken or not taken, so many of the above questions may be answered on them.
  12. Went to supermarket this morning, no panic buying going on and plenty of items on the shelves, so all the idiots are sat at home surrounded by surplus items.
  13. So what is the rest of the eu going to blame whos downturn is likely to be a lot worse ?
  14. A ORLOV

    Swindon Robins 2020

    P & P due to take place on wed has been cancelled, no doubt followed by a delay to the start of the season.
  15. A ORLOV

    The Three Word Game

    for buying drugs
  16. Copies of the Labour GE manifesto for a start
  17. After the bspa meeting on tues and with the number of riders not traveling here from europe already, I would not expect any meetings in the UK until an all clear for spectators at sporting events is announced by the govt.
  18. A ORLOV

    European Union - In Or Out?

    But how much worse will it get when they are told they have to pay more into the eu budget and get less back ?, and not only in France
  19. A ORLOV

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Possibly, but then the Danish govt might want them to go into isolation on each return from any country with a level of the virus above a certain level.
  20. Not missing the point at all, just pointing out the state of the situation in france, even before this virus really takes hold and makes the the situation there worse.
  21. A ORLOV

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    I have found BT are useless and get things wrong.
  22. Did similar but bought BBQ flavour.
  23. At least we have not got marches against the govt every weekend, farmers causing problems because of the eu, riots and no go areas caused by immigrants and a leader that very few like. It should get more interesting when the French have to pay a lot more to be part of the eu and receive less back.
  24. A ORLOV

    European Union - In Or Out?

    She never mentioned that their policy was a big mistake on all the tv programmes that I saw, she has been on after the election either
  25. A ORLOV

    European Union - In Or Out?

    So now you rely on a report printed in the Sun in Feb 2019 about an offer in 2016.

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