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  1. A ORLOV

    Speedway Star Question

    What do expect the star to find out and from whom. If they speak to the owners they will only get the same bull s**t that they tell the Council and TR etc, or more likely told to B off.
  2. A ORLOV

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    Then the rest of the track as one big circle.
  3. Pederson £30 more Lindgren £20 more
  4. If they pull their finger out meetings, like the one at Swindon the other night, can be completed in about 1hr 45 mins although using RR will delay that slightly.
  5. A ORLOV

    Wolves V Swindon 20/8/18

    So two wins for Swindon this week then
  6. A ORLOV

    Wolves V Swindon 20/8/18

    Meeting preview from Swindon http://www.swindonrobins.co/news.php?extend.3161
  7. A ORLOV

    Swindon 2018

    This stand was mentioned by Stadia which they will use for the dog racing, and if construction happens in the speedway season for speedway while the main stand is replaced as it is not an overnight job, even though they claim their "lego brick" construction goes up fast. This is another case of plans which do not fit what has been stated and possibly all bs.
  8. A ORLOV

    Swindon 2018

    There is a query about the plan which does not appear to be right, the same as most of the other drawings etc shown previously, as it does not show the location of the back straight stand which is the first thing they are waiting for planning permission to build, after they have received permission to demolish the present building.
  9. A ORLOV

    Swindon 2018

    I understand that the Stadium is proposing using the park and ride at Groundwell, and they mentioned for really big events they want people to park in the town centre and get the bus.
  10. A ORLOV

    Swindon 2018

    Agree, best to park elsewhere and save the parking charge as well as trying to find a space in the limited car parks.
  11. A ORLOV

    Swindon 2018

    The pits are going to be at the opposite end to where they are now. I have not seen any houses being built behind the back straight, if you mean the area between the back straight and Lady Lane, that is where one of the present and future car parks are.
  12. Only if lots go to watch it, if the majority stay at home and make a point about the stupidity of racing on a wed, when they have riders that ride in Denmark, then they get all they deserve.
  13. A ORLOV

    Poole v Swindon Prem B. 22/8/18

    Swindon need to at least get 1 point from this meeting but after last night I am not sure we will.
  14. Well done BV, they wanted the win and our team did not. Why can some of the home team not ride our track, is it because it changes every week in they way it is prepared. I heard that Ronnie had been working on the track all week but last night there was still an issue with bend 1, and why were most of our team left behind at the gate ? We have two tough meetings next week and only two more at home, unfortunately one against BV again and one against Poole, and if we ride like we did last night we will not get to the playoffs. If there is no rule against it Rosco needs to get the whole team practicing on the track after the dog racing, which finishes at 2pm, on the day we race Poole and the same in the morning on the thurs when we race BV.
  15. Swindon has been dry and sunny with a decent breeze since about 11am so racing should be ok providing what rain we had early this morning drained away ok which it should have done.
  16. A ORLOV

    Wolves V Swindon 20/8/18

    An important week for a few of the top teams: Wolves have this one then a double header at Kings Lynn. Kings Lynn have a double header at home against Wolves Swindon have two away meetings, one at Wolves and one at Poole Poole have one away at Somerset and one at home to Swindon. Somerset have two home meetings, one against Poole and the other against Leicester
  17. Agree with that as Zach is going very well, but if Dimitri goes well he could get seven rides if any BV rider is having an off night.
  18. Swindon has not been great but there are many worse.
  19. From tonights meeting we will need to be careful of Dimitri Berge at reserve for BV who scored 8 and 7 when he rode for Swindon.
  20. Agreed, gaps of two or three weeks without a home meeting, yet we have run most of ours.
  21. Meeting preview http://www.swindonrobins.co/news.php?extend.3159 Main point is that Brady Kurtz is guesting for Cook so no real advantage for BV there if Brady rides like he did monday.
  22. It is unlikely the Aces will get an away win at either.
  23. As I understand, any PL meeting can take place on any night providing both teams agree but where there is a d/u rider clash the CH or NL club has priority over the riders.
  24. Do not forget we have one less team in the league, only 7 now, and they still cannot get all the meetings run. There are too many gaps in the schedule to start with then there was the bad weather at the start of the season.
  25. Not at all just fed up, like many on here, with you posting CRAP

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