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  1. Swindon should win the meeting tonight. I wonder if R Lambert is going to be better than usual at Swindon, he did very well last night and we need the young Brits to progress.
  2. Thursday night speedway at swindon

    The speedway get the prog money but none of the other income you mentioned.
  3. He rode in Poland last week.
  4. More meetings, it is his decision to do things that way and it seems to be working so if he carries on like he has started, good for him.
  5. You might want to revise that prediction Skidder.
  6. Now the Poole mafia might realise that Nick is better than Brady
  7. I should give up this predicting lark as you have not got a clue.
  8. Or how Swindon did in heat 5
  9. Suffered injury to foot at Swindon last thursday.
  10. One or two titles, make your mind up.
  11. Thanks, I see that. Yes i am referring to hot laps for one side only.
  12. Adam Ellis is progressing as well
  13. Would serve them right, if they do not let BV do the same, if they blow a couple of engines.
  14. If he wanted to do a full season he would have been at Swindon
  15. Poole fans told us Kurtz was good, not seeing that here.
  16. That is what some of the refs say, they would rather get the race away as soon as the riders are at the tapes.
  17. Leicester visit Swindon this thursday http://www.swindonrobins.co/news.php?extend.3074 Will be interesting seeing how Leicester get on tonight at Rye House. Hans is probably the biggest threat but will see who else rides well tonight.
  18. Poole 2018

    I accept a couple of meetings have had a badly prepared track, but the new one, if we get it, should make the racing slightly better.
  19. Poole 2018

    But we still won it.
  20. Poole 2018

    It was good when he decided to ride for a decent team on a good track, but not the last. Try the final last year when the best team in the league won the title.
  21. That is because he was against Swindon
  22. Poole 2018

    Just like ours might be on wed.