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  1. SomersetBlue

    Play off contenders

    Sheffield - look good on paper but so they did last season. Andersen, Nicol and Kennedy have to live up to the hype. Leicester - very solid top four who should score home and away. Add on Mountain starting at reserve is a bonus but even if Perks drops they have a strong reserve. Somerset - granted i'm biased but I fully believe that is the best top 5 in the league. Reserves are the question, though Atkins does know the track. Redcar - very strong top 3 and massive potential at reserve. Can't see many teams beating them at home. Edinurgh - Wells is a good no. 1, Lawson a strong reserve and Pickering, Heeps and Andersson are solid enough. What Sedgmen will do is the big question? Eastbourne - As much as they will be strong at home with the lack of experience in the lower end, they may struggle away. Glasgow - people may be surprised but I really don't rate this team. Poor lower end may be helped slightly by Vissing, Jensen and Starke at home but I fear away may be a one man team, Cook. Workington - Very strong at home tbh and probably an exciting team at Derwent Park. However MacDonald being a British novice and Lambert being in the main body, I can't see an attsck on the play- offs. Scunthorpe - no omph in the team tbh. It's an ok looking team but doesn't make me feel any confidence in it. List starting in the main body is intriguing decision as Bailey isn't good enough to make the top 5. Berwick - same as Scunny really. Has no x- factor to the team. Newcastle - poor team imo but at the same time it probably has the biggest potential given that every single rider can improve their averages, I just don't expect them to do it. Brummies - sadly the speedway club that I am closest to, even though i'm a Rebel, looks a poor side as clearly they are trying to re make an asset list. Wajtknecht and Shanes are very good signings though.
  2. SomersetBlue

    Somerset 2019

    Surely my profile pic was enough of a pointer. Anyway I only said it to back my point, there are plenty of things at both clubs I don't like but they are the teams you choose and you should follow them no matter what. I chose both clubs because of my Uncle Steve and he was the same as me. He wouldn't have liked the fact that we haven't got the fan favourites but he still would have been there through thick and thin.
  3. SomersetBlue

    Somerset 2019

    Not really we obviously aren't in the best place financially because of our adventure to the top league. That will obviously of had an effect on team building, it's probably why we have two young reserves tbf. However much we don't like what the club do though it's the club that we chose to support and should back them. Heck i'm a Birmingham City fan so I know all about having to look past the things I don't like to support my club.
  4. SomersetBlue

    Somerset 2019

    Don't get me wrong I would have loved Wright, Bradders and Jake to be in the team but guess what it's speedway and it doesn't always go your way. We have a team and have to get behind them. I like the team tbh I personally think we have the best top 5 in the league and I can't see Brummies, Eastbourne, Redcar or Newcastle having very much better top 5's. Reserves are obviously the weakness but still good to see young riders getting the chance which pretty much every team has.
  5. SomersetBlue

    Somerset 2019

    Does Wajtknecht get a 2.5% reduction on his average
  6. SomersetBlue

    Somerset 2019

    I'm probably way out tbh but 1. Charles Wright 7.88 2. Dimitri Berge 5.03 3. Nico Covatti 6.56 4. Bradley Wilson- Dean 6.00 5. Jake Allen 7.56 6. Drew Kemp 2.00 7. Henry Atkins 2.00 Bit weak at reserve so I really doubt May would go for this side. Would be hard to beat at the Oak Tree though.
  7. SomersetBlue

    Somerset 2019

    Could we see Charles Wright back next season? With Doyle, Holder, Allen, NBJ, BWD and Covatti. If that fits.
  8. SomersetBlue

    Somerset 2019

    As opposed to Wimborne Rd? Tbh the only tracks that come out this season with any credit is the NSS and Momore Green which is rarely a bad track.
  9. SomersetBlue

    Somerset 2019

    I never said that he was our asset.
  10. SomersetBlue

    Somerset 2019

    I know we have a KOC to win yet but just putting the thread up anyway. Presuming that atm we are in the top tier and the team average is the same who would everyone like to see kept. Obviously I know things can change. I think the first names on the team sheet have to be Jack Holder and Bradders. Jack has been the signing of the season and Bradley can get vital points. Maybe riders would be Doyle, although travel and his high average are question marks. Allen who for me it's his time to move on and progress as a rider. Finally Covatti who is a cracking reserve to have although his top end form was little to be admired. Riders I would personally let go would be Summers who just isn't strong enough for his average and sadly Lawson who for me is too inconsistent for a third heat leader.
  11. Because us losing Holder hurt a lot more than Poole losing Kurtz. With a poor guest performance and having to cover for two r/rs and Doyle not being able to take one of them meaning 4 riders to take the hit.
  12. No he didn't. Are you thinking of Nicolaj Busk Jakobsen or Tero Aarnio who we used as guests for Allen and BWD.
  13. Simple matter of it is we didn't gate all night, we are more than capable of beating Poole who weren't that great in all honesty. They just gated and we didn't. Lawson and Covatti need to up their game though.
  14. SomersetBlue

    Somerset v Kings Lynn Tuesday September 4th

    Kyle Howarth guesting for Nico Covatti who lucky for Garry May gets his new average today of 5.30 meaning Howarth fits in the 5%.

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