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  1. No he didn't. Are you thinking of Nicolaj Busk Jakobsen or Tero Aarnio who we used as guests for Allen and BWD.
  2. Simple matter of it is we didn't gate all night, we are more than capable of beating Poole who weren't that great in all honesty. They just gated and we didn't. Lawson and Covatti need to up their game though.
  3. SomersetBlue

    Somerset v Kings Lynn Tuesday September 4th

    Kyle Howarth guesting for Nico Covatti who lucky for Garry May gets his new average today of 5.30 meaning Howarth fits in the 5%.
  4. SomersetBlue

    Race for the Top 4

    It's going to take a lot to finish above King's Lynn now tbh although still do- able for Somerset. They would have to pick wins from Leicester and Belle Vue and win against Kings Lynn putting them on 51/52/53 and lets face it King's Lynn beating Leicester twice putting them on 50. We would then have to hope nothing comes from their trip to Wolves.
  5. SomersetBlue

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    Who said Poole are going to beat us? Besides on this showing there is every chance King's Lynn could pick Poole.
  6. SomersetBlue

    Somerset vs Wolves 29/08/18

    Can only see a big victory imho. NKB is arguably stronger than BWD atm looking at his scores for Leicester and with no Schlien for Wolves it puts pressure on the rest. Masters and Thorsell are capable of taking no. 1 rides and Howarth who rides the Oak Tree well but Andersen having to take a no. 1 ride. I'm going 56-34 our top end and reserves are so much stronger.
  7. SomersetBlue

    Race for the Top 4

    I wouldn't count Somerset out of finishing top tbh. Especially if we can get King's Lynn to agree to a date before the 10th. We can go well at Belle Vue who are without Bewley and Leicester are there for the taking imo.
  8. SomersetBlue

    Poole v Somerset. prem B 27/8/18 12.30pm.

    I'm happy with a point tbh with a patched up side. Poole also going to be weaker now with Woryna going into the main body so no more 6/7 rides from him. P. S just to put something out there in my opinion. If a rider gets excluded from a race I really don't think teams (including Somerset) should be allowed to replace them.
  9. SomersetBlue

    Poole v Somerset. prem B 27/8/18 12.30pm.

    Doyley and co will be pumped up for this i'm sure. A point would be enough to finish ahead of Swindon and Wolves would have to pick something up from Belle Vue, Somerset or Poole.
  10. SomersetBlue

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    You do realise that Holder had just been whacked by the tapes so had some discomfort. Think that had to do with him struggling to get past.
  11. SomersetBlue

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    The home team preparing their own track to have home track advantage. Oh how disgusting that is. If Poole were good enough they would have worked out what to do and done it. They however did not, apart from Klindt and Woryna. Three heat advantages, nothing to do with what we did with the track. Oh and btw you obviously didn't read the whole way through my comment did you. Otherwise you would have seen my comment about the track not being what it was. P. S scared of Poole? A quick look at the results between the two sides this season will tell you if we are afraid of Poole.
  12. SomersetBlue

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    Can't blame the track when the fact Poole lost was because THEY WERE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Simple as that really. The Rebels riders managed plenty of passes and the track was the same for the Rebel riders. Whilst the track is not the same as it was and needs a lot of work in the close season, it is not as bad as some people are making out.
  13. Somerset can go top with a win tomorrow against BV. The Aces will be desperate for an away win against Somerset and Swindon. I think it will be easy for Somerset though 53-37
  14. SomersetBlue

    Poole v Somerset. Prem B. 13/8/18 BT Sports.

    More pressure on Poole than Somerset tbh with the Rebels having 2 meetings in hand and 4 on Swindon

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