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  1. Try the one on this link https://www.facebook.com/speedwayservice
  2. Mad Potter 2

    Track Drying Methods

    I seem to remember a tarmac laying machine being used in either 60s or 70s to dry out a world final track.
  3. http://shop.speedwayservice.at/images/JK_draw_base/2017/DRAW/SWC-2017-Final-Draw.pdf
  4. Mad Potter 2

    Polish Rules 2017

    If they pay him.
  5. Mad Potter 2

    Club Closures Since 1990

    What happened to this move with Berwick.. http://www.worldspeedway.com/artman/publish/article_26816.shtml
  6. Mad Potter 2

    Gerhard Engine

    They do a 250cc engine. http://www.gerhard-engines.com/products/
  7. Mad Potter 2

    Fao The Big Cry Babies

    It's probably because they are copying website address and pasting it.
  8. Mad Potter 2

    Guess The Track

    It's been demolished.
  9. Mad Potter 2

    Speedway Star

    Been having the comic weekly since 1966.
  10. Mad Potter 2

    British Speedway As A Brand....

    Somebody need's to produce a large air freshener that smells of Castro R for use in the pits during the meeting.
  11. Mad Potter 2

    British Speedway As A Brand....

    The engines are not total loss any more, so the hot oil doesn't drop out the bottom of the crankcase on to the ground or track. They have to be drained at the end of the meeting and disposed of environmentally.
  12. Mad Potter 2

    New Scb Chief Officer Announced.

    Wasn't Richard Hall told he would have to ride on his 2004 conference average, when he wanted to race in the National League earlier this year?
  13. Mad Potter 2

    Centre Green Rule

    At Stoke last night Lee Payne went clockwise round the track before the start of a race & went onto the centre green to get around the tapes. Margaret Vardy excluded him, but then let him go of 15mts.

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