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  1. Joseq7

    Season Cancelled

    Do we have any idea of a typical crowd that goes to the stocks? Is it one man and his dog? Is it (normally) equally or more popular than speedway?
  2. Joseq7

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Yes unfortunately confirmed. http://www.kent-speedway.com/news.php?extend.1599.1&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  3. Joseq7

    start date ?

    Isn't it often a tad wet in Manchester in October?
  4. Joseq7

    start date ?

    Agreed. No speedway at all in the UK this year.
  5. Joseq7


    Fair play for showing a defeat, albeit to an excellent Hull side who would go on to win the Premier league in '04.
  6. Joseq7

    Edinburgh 2020

    I'm not familiar with British Superbikes, do they run at Knockhill? As I'm sure you know, Jason Leitch is the Scottish medical guru. I'm assuming he's specifically talking about Scotland, obv I'll bow to your greater knowledge of British Superbikes at Knockhill.
  7. Joseq7

    Edinburgh 2020

    I realise this is rugby centric but it'll apply to all pro spectator sports...www.theoffsideline.com/murrayfield-test-venue/amp/?v=79cba1185463&__twitter_impression=trueSurely this pretty much rules Edinburgh out running this year in any form of league competition, however reduced.....?
  8. Joseq7


    I see Waldorf and Statler are still persisting with looking to the side of an empty room in a different house. Can someone please tell them to stop it Rodney you plonker.
  9. Joseq7

    bandits 2020

    Surely somebody is missing a trick here.... https://www.edinburghmonarchs.co.uk/shop/product/detail/2020-facemask As a Glasgow fan I couldn't wear a Monarchs one but I'd happily wear a Bandits one, as my adopted team for 2020!!
  10. Joseq7


    I'm really enjoying the reruns too but yeah the two "presenters" hmm. I never watch "as live" for the specific reason that I can just fast forward their bit and all the other chat pish, or should that be pish chat and just enjoy the racing. It's the fact that they look to the side when the other one is talking. It's really really weird.
  11. Joseq7

    Glasgow 2020

    Yep it's this. Total total non starter. League meetings in Poland behind close doors is economically viable. Also I can see something like a six meeting, six venue, shortened SGP season in Poland too.
  12. Joseq7

    Glasgow 2020

    There's no way speedway runs in the UK without spectators. Totally unsustainable.
  13. Joseq7

    Glasgow 2020

    This does surprise me. Edinburgh basically have two sides of their eh "stadium". How can they socially distance? Somewhere like Berwick I could see being possible fairly easily, with a good few portaloos but plenty of open available space but Edinburgh is comparatively tiny.
  14. Joseq7

    Glasgow 2020

    I wonder if our friends in the east will follow suit? And what about Berwick?
  15. Joseq7

    SGB Championship 2020 Confirmed Signings

    This really is amateur hour. Are moderators a figment of someone's imagination? YOUHOO HELLO. PIN THIS THREAD.

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