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  1. kiwi

    Rule Changes for 2018

    Why doesn't every track have a vibrating compactor they use after every other race. Have the track staff prepare the gate and then do away with gardening
  2. kiwi

    Confirmed Signings For 2018

    And thats not their final averages anyway
  3. kiwi

    Birmingham Brummies 2018

    The other names, I would add as possibles Tai Scott Nicholls Rob Lyon And maybe Laurence Rogers
  4. kiwi

    Mildenhall V Cradley?

    And with 10 other teams (championship and NL) racing that day, usual Cradley guests become a problem
  5. kiwi

    Kent Vs Wimbledon

    Refs view was possibly obscured by padded fence panel and was trainee ref, heat one and challenge exhibition match
  6. kiwi

    Eastbourne 2017

    We used two used tyres and didn't have a problem. A bald tyre on a hard track is the same principle as a slick tyre on a road racing bike. . It's about using your head and adapting to conditions. Mildenhall are a good side this year so don't get too worked up about one meeting.
  7. kiwi

    Plymouth 2017 N/l?

    Send him a couple of complementary season tickets, it won't cost anything.
  8. Funny. He's said completely the opposite teaboy
  9. Don't think a couple of them mentioned will be riding Don't think a couple of them mentioned will be riding
  10. kiwi

    Play Offs

    That's upset your theory Cradley 4 points away
  11. Cradley promotion Told their fans at meet the riders night it was highly likely the wolves and Cradley meetings wouldn't go ahead but we must wait until Wednesday 9am for confirmation. I know I was there. What was said on Facebook and elsewhere was variations of the above and everyone else jumping to conclusions
  12. Nz sidecar champs Speedway is reaching the masses courtesy of Jase and his ThePits Media team. How cool is that! Remember, if you can't make it trackside tomorrow, the event is being lived streamed. You can access the link via The Pits Media's website. http://www.thepits.racing.org.nz/livestream.html
  13. kiwi

    Cradley 2016

    Was thinking about it when it got to 2:30
  14. kiwi

    Cradley 2016

    Good job he's not from Australia then

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