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  1. foamfence

    Redcar 2013

  2. foamfence

    Redcar Bears 2013

    I'll be very surprised if he doesn't, still very much a bottom end side though.
  3. foamfence

    Redcar 2013

    Well Brian has mentioned him, some of those at Lynn reckon he's gone about as far as he can go though. I don't know about that but I'd be surprised if they took on a National Leaguer who is hardly a top performer at that level.
  4. Yes but it's dying. change is needed.
  5. Sorry I don't agree that modifications would be that easy, neither do I agree that it's easy to cut costs.I do however agree with David Howe, that the limiter has possibilities and would certainly be cost effective. Anyway, I shall refrain from being supercilious and allow you to have the last word.........
  6. Who would sponsor the development of such an engine? Speedway engines aren't exactly high on the list of projects of major manufacturers. Anyway, I reckon this could save costs, so we wait and see........cheers for the response.
  7. foamfence

    Fim Gala 2012 Motors Tv

    They were probably wary of catching something.
  8. I would have thought that the Polish league would be very interested, some of the clubs are struggling to pay their bills and if you look at the attendance figures they are nothing like they used to be. The days when Polish speedway was bigger than their football are long gone. The Danes are also working on a cheaper and less damaging silencer.Anyway my optimism and positivity and you're negativity will count for nothing, until we see what the outcome of the testing is.
  9. Well there's more testing to come, so who knows? If it comes in, ALL the top "blokes" as well as the lesser mortals, will either use it or take up knitting.
  10. I think I saw all of them and him finishing runner up in the next one, he had an ability to ride close to other riders that nobody could match, often a rider would go into a turn on the inside (almost) only to feel Briggo's right fist pushing against his back, as big Barry seemed able to go through or create gaps that others couldn't.
  11. foamfence

    Pl Bonus Points

    It's certainly worth considering, I see that the promoters vote on this was almost 100% in favour of dropping the third place bonus point but that doesn't mean that it's all over.
  12. The three riders who tested it last week wouldn't agree with that, they would be happy to use it already as it is. We will see how it goes at Rye.
  13. Will they be such a big advantage if the limiter gets adopted? In fact, will expensive parts and tuning be worthwhile with the limiter? I hope not.
  14. foamfence

    Pl Bonus Points

    That's why I was trying to provoke some sort of reaction, Page after page of people agreeing with each other but not coming up with much in the way of alternatives, achieves little or nothing. I was frustrated by the lack of radical changes at the conference and the attitude of fiddling while Rome burns, so to speak, which prevail seemingly from top to bottom.
  15. foamfence

    Pl Bonus Points

    There are plenty of riders who are obviously out of their depth,
  16. foamfence

    Pl Bonus Points

    On the other hand, with the old system the last guy fails to finish and the third guy gets double pay for finishing last!Something needs to be done, you go to meetings, you watch meetings on TV and the common thing that links them all, is that there is hardly anyone there. Watching two riders decide to ignore the bloke in front and concentrate on holding back the hopeless novice at the back,before cruising round the last quarter lap or more, isn't pulling crowds in, but it is costing money.
  17. I doubt if Johns made much as a rider. Personal wealth from speedway is a difficult question, obviously Briggo has made an industry out of it, in the old days (30s/40s) with very big crowds, some of the top riders made huge amounts but obviously there aren't any accurate records. In his day Jack Parker was reputed to have made a lot from racing.
  18. foamfence

    Pl Bonus Points

    Or bet on your opponent and then throw the match. It still is, only now they have to try and win instead of settling for holding back the "out of his depth" novice and shutting off for the last quarter of a lap.
  19. foamfence

    Redcar 2013

    Wilko probably won't be on the maximum money, maybe they could up his points money to cover the lost bonus? Dilger had even more bonus points.
  20. foamfence

    Redcar 2013

  21. Will naughty boy Deek be free?
  22. I remember that, it was a ring which fitted into the carb. of an upright engine (they were even trying to cut revs in those days).

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