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  1. If doubling up becomes the norm, support will continue to decline.
  2. A lot of other clubs WOULD want it, that's why it has been considered at pre-AGM meetings.
  3. That's how it used to be, I'm not saying it was better or worse but the wealthier clubs would keep changing riders and those dropped would be loaned to teams who had room for them. You did get periods of dominance by clubs such as Wembley and Belle Vue but you also had far bigger crowds and a lot of local media interest when the big names were in town. You also had better links between top league clubs and the lower leagues and second halves for those riders wanting to progress.
  4. I never mentioned guarantees, some of us can remember the days when there were no guests or R/R.
  5. It has allowed more doubling up though (I always cringe when they say on TV "he also rides for ....").
  6. Well there are some strong opinions about guests, personally I think they are an abomination, true that under your idea you might see a closer match but it would (to me) seem pretty meaningless and I'm convinced that guests have driven away more people than they've attracted.
  7. It sickens me when teams can bring guests in and then win on the strength of it.
  8. Speedway must be made affordable for fans, riders and promoters. You can't keep chasing the tail of a country that gets ten times the crowds that we do and unlimited sponsorship due to it's high profile status. Look inward and make some moves, instead of talking about it but not implementing it.
  9. foamfence

    Panthers up for sale.

    F2 but they won't give it a serious try. You can fit a 450cc motocross engine (made by all the leading manufacturers) into existing frames and some of them will accept heavier flywheels if necessary. You would have better reliability, longer service intervals and hydraulic clutches that rarely need adjusting or new plates. This country needs to go it alone and forget pandering to the poles etc.
  10. foamfence

    Worrying Times at Redcar

    They might but it's worrying because there is obviously some conflict and the previously enthusiastic promoter has decided to quit.
  11. foamfence

    Worrying Times at Redcar

  12. There is a report on the SGB site that contains ....British Speedway vice-chairman Rob Godfrey said: “There was a serious risk of damaging the credibility of our sport because of the guest riders switching clubs after the first leg. So this doesn't damage it? Well I suppose it's down to personal opinion anyway. I reckon Poole have the momentum, bringing in Harris has transformed them.
  13. foamfence

    Worrying Times at Redcar

    I don't think he's over popular there these days, anyway it's a promoter they need.
  14. We just get some good national TV publicity about Tai and then we get this rubbish, a Premiership final that anyone who still has a bike running can join in.
  15. I don't, I think Iversen has been very poor all season.
  16. foamfence

    Worrying Times at Redcar

    Of course he's a director! I already posted a list of promoters and directors.
  17. foamfence

    Worrying Times at Redcar

    From their website..... Promoters: Kevin Keay and Jitendra Duffill Directors: Eric Gladders, Chris Van Straaten, Brian Gladders
  18. foamfence

    Worrying Times at Redcar

    Not sure these days.
  19. foamfence

    Worrying Times at Redcar

    Do you mean Kevin Keay? He is co-promoter. It does say on the Redcar supporters forum that people have been enquiring about season tickets for next year, there is no mention of closure.
  20. foamfence

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Your supercilious attitude precludes debate.
  21. foamfence

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    What a stupid post!
  22. foamfence

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    You start off by giving an opinion and then claim it to be fact. It can't be fact because you can't say with certainty that Tai (who I greatly admire) is better than Brian Crutcher or Jack Parker or others. He can't race them under the conditions that they raced and neither can they race him today. He will certainly be the most successful (I hope) but that isn't necessarily a measure of him being the best.
  23. foamfence

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Does winning the most titles make him the best British rider ever? Does winning any titles make you the best ever? It's all a matter of opinion really as you can't accurately compare different eras.
  24. foamfence

    Boring formula 1 racing

    I think the difference is that F1 is even more dependent on the car, almost any of the drivers could be champion in the right car, while Speedway hasn't quite got to that yet, even though it's gone a long way down that road.
  25. foamfence

    Robert Lambert

    I only watch any sports if there are Brits in them, I think all the major countries would feel the same way, this is why they reserved the right to have wildcards, to spread the representation. I agree that ideally you would have the best sixteen in the world but that'll never be.

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