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  1. A meeting that doesn't finish with a grand final? How absurd.
  2. Terry

    Ted Hubbard RIP

    Enjoyed watching Ted at Hackney and Rye House, and also cheering him on to a couple of rostrum places at the NLRC. RIP
  3. Terry

    Poole 2020

    Any Poole fans remember this lot from when you first dropped down? Bear, Smith, Yeates, Biles, Bisson, Wilson, Dole. You did alright..2nd out of 19.
  4. Terry

    TV new deal?

    I was maybe a bit harsh on Mr Goddard. It's probably because he's on his own doing the Elitserien. I prefer it when there's a co-commentator. (Even Sam!)
  5. It was. Eddie made a few visits to Waterden Rd, entertaining the fans with a few jumps during the interval. I remember Chris Galvin (Andy's dad) being talked into putting his new Rolls Royce on the end of a line of motors. He wasn't too happy about it, but Eddie cleared them comfortably! He also had a go at the regular Saturday training sessions I recall. Sad to see the situation he's in now, but he obviously still enjoys his motorbikes.
  6. If Iversen was brought back to beat Ellis Perks, he's done his job tonight..
  7. Terry

    Sandy Powell-Dirt Track Rider

    Great stuff. Beats John Davis' song!
  8. Terry

    TV new deal?

    At least Sam adds a touch of comedy with his pisspronunciation of worms. Thank you Ronnie Barker!
  9. Must admit I never knew that. Well he deserves even less praise in that case
  10. Terry

    TV new deal?

    Never gonna happen. They're liked by the TV companies and most fans. I much prefer Nige and Kelv to the monotonous commentary from Dave Goddard on free sports.
  11. I was thinking the same. 30 years ago youngsters like Loram, Screen, Dugard etc were scoring double figures and beating world class riders. Whereas Perks is nicking the odd point or 2 and people are going overboard with the praise. Fair play the guy's a battler but keep things in perspective. I guess it's a sign of how much British talent has fallen down the years.
  12. I love it when Kelv says "you could throw a blanket over all four riders," when there's 40 feet between first and last. He must have a massive bed.
  13. Hmm, I'm edging towards Poland to nick this!
  14. You've gotta admire Becker's balls!
  15. Exactly. Tatum said he'd have done the same. Riders have always done it, it's only recently people have started making a big deal about it.

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