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  1. Janowski £200 more with spread stretcher.
  2. I remember Raquel, the dizzy barmaid in the Rovers going out with a speedway rider to make Des Barnes jealous...and daft Ricky Butcher, or was it Troy Pratt, riding for Arena-Essex after a couple of practice laps..and regulars in the 'Vic, calling him Barry Sheene and saying "he thinks he's racing at Daytona"...The scriptwriters obviously did their research there...and Seth and Amos taking a break from farming to have a blast around Owlerton..(or maybe I dreamt that.)
  3. Great ride from Lambert. Britains number 1
  4. Madsen £200 more with spread stretcher.
  5. Terry

    Warsaw 2019

    Brilliant from Lambert!
  6. Zagar £100 more Zmarzlik £100 less
  7. Terry

    Warsaw 2019

    Heat 4 should be a good'un
  8. Terry

    Warsaw 2019

    Yes he feigned an engine failure on the last bend in a 3rd place run-off in 1979. third would've given him the 13 racejacket. It certainly worked out for him, as he won that year.
  9. Terry

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    Fantastic track. I'm sure Leon Madsen wouldn't mind!
  10. Terry

    Most friendly, approachable, modest riders

    David East, also known as Shawn Moran rode in a couple of meetings for Hull at the end of 1979.
  11. Terry

    Most friendly, approachable, modest riders

    Zenon Plech was always friendly and chatty while signing autographs for me and all the other annoying kids, who used to shout into the Hackney pits! I've still got the NGK cap he gave me...I'd like to think it's the same one he wore on the world final rostrum in 79.
  12. Terry

    Darcy in Twitter rant

    I think it would be quicker to name the riders who Nicki hasn't upset down the years! Saying that he's had a raw deal the last couple of years with refs excluding him purely because of his reputation and riders (Woffinden and Janowski spring to mind,) overreacting after barely being touched. You know they wouldn't react like that if it were any other rider. I for one will miss him in the gp's this year because he's the last remaining character and he stirs things up. It's all gotten too chummy with all the fist bumps and high fives..We need another Penhall v Carter type rivalry!
  13. Terry

    It's friday night but,

    I feel your pain. I'm still mourning the loss of my beloved Hawks/Kestrels 28 years on
  14. Terry

    Your club's all-time top team

    To be fair Sidney, the five above him were better riders and Thommo will always be my number one.
  15. Terry

    Your club's all-time top team

    Hawks Kestrels 1. Barry Thomas 1. Barry Thomas 2. Bo Petersen 2. Andy Galvin 3. Bengt Jansson 3. Mark Loram 4. Dave Morton 4. Paul Whittaker 5. Zenon Plech 5. Alan Mogridge 6. Finn Thomsen 6. Steve Schofield 7. Garry Middleton 7. Trevor Banks

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