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  1. Terry

    Best Fact About Your Team

    Monkey nuts sold from a Invacar. The lucky 50 pence piece.
  2. Terry

    Zenon Plech RIP

    So sad to hear this. Zenon was one of my first speedway heroes as a kid at Waterden Rd. A spectacular rider and such a nice guy. I still have the yellow NGK Spark plugs cap he handed to me through the bars of the Hackney pits..A treasured possession. RIP Zenon, you will always be Poland's number 1 in my eyes.
  3. Terry

    Best/Worst Christmas Songs

    Pretty Paper, beautiful song by Roy Orbison and Blue Christmas by Elvis..Particularly the duet with Martina McBride.
  4. Terry

    Best/Worst Christmas Songs

    Favourites..Fairytale of New York, White Christmas and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. Although not technically a Christmas song, I also like Keeping The Dream Alive by Freiheit...Which has a Christmassy feel to it. Worst..Slade and Wizzard..yuk!
  5. Terry

    Des O'connor RIP

    I used to love the banter with Des and Eric & Ernie, and the look of fear when Freddie Starr appeared on his chat show! RIP to the man with the eternal tan.
  6. Terry

    Rock on Tommy RIP Bobby

    RIP. I liked him best as Lee Mack's deadbeat dad in 'Not Going Out.'
  7. Poor old Hughie broke his leg in his own testimonial meeting. How unlucky can you get!
  8. That's right. Thommo took over in 75, up til 81 when he joined Crayford, and Finn Thomsen was skipper for the last three years in the BL.
  9. Terry

    SON 2020

    He did according to Pearson!
  10. Terry

    SON 2020

    Well, at least we weren't last
  11. Terry

    SON 2020

    That's more like it. And you can throw in Lee and Kennett.
  12. Terry

    SON 2020

    Wow, Sayfutdinov has got some cojones on him!
  13. Terry

    SON 2020

    90° in the shade apparently
  14. Terry

    SON 2020

    Yuk, It looks like a transformer. Oh for the days of the Winged Wheel.

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