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  1. Lambert was clearly quicker than Sayfutdinov but he was never going to get by on the inside as Emil had it covered. Better off trying an outside run imo.
  2. Fantastic heat 16. This track was always the jewel in the gp season when Mr Gollob ruled supreme. Great racetrack.
  3. Terry

    Local boy who never rode for local team

    Dave Jessup, born in Ipswich but never rode for the Witches.
  4. Madsen £500 more.
  5. Good 2nd for Robert Lambert. Great to see him becoming world class.
  6. you mean when there were 120,000 spectators at Katowice in the 70's!!
  7. I can't imagine anybody would disagree with that. The guy was a genius on a bike. My bias would always put Zenon Plech 2nd!
  8. Another good ride from Lambert, although Madsen getting caught up in traffic for a couple of laps helped..The Dane pulled yards on him.
  9. Normal service is resumed for Madsen after a couple of ropey rides last night. Can't see anybody beating him today.
  10. Great heat 3. Lambert's Mr Excitement these days!

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