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  1. Terry

    British Speedway Sliders

    What a lot of rot you do talk!
  2. Terry

    British Speedway Sliders

    I'd love X box or playstation to bring out a speedway game, but I probably won't live long enough to see it.
  3. Madsen reminds me of Jan O. A small guy who seems to find grip where no one else can. I've bet on Zmarzlik to win, but from what I've seen this year Madsen's got to be favourite.
  4. Terry

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    Tomasz was a bit of a menace in that first gp year, knocking riders off left right and centre. I think Boycey hit him for five or six riders! It certainly livened up a wet night in East London and the riders had a whip round to pay Craig's fine.
  5. Great gp, well done fast Freddie!
  6. Terry

    Introducing yourself....

    Terry 51 Kentish Town Professional gambler Hackney My parents Mark Loram winning the world championship Vic Hardings' fatal crash Barry Thomas, who else? I don't dislike any rider. I've tried speedway and these guys have my utmost respect. Poker, Greyhound racing and playing my electronic keyboard.
  7. Thanks. I was thinking Michanek! Still, correct nationality.
  8. Woffinden before Fundin, Briggs and Hancock? I think not. Carter more naturally talented than Shawn Moran? Never in this world. Mark Loram favourite to watch? Absolutely spot on!
  9. Call me dense (or too young-ish) but who was the fifth man?
  10. We had to delay the start of the annual Hackney speedway Thames riverboat cruise one year, because Richard Pettman was late. Probably sorting his hair out!
  11. Terry

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    I'd hang 'em. They wouldn't do it again..
  12. No Sam had definitely won after ht 16. He was unbeaten and the next highest scorer had 8 pts. I remember riders congratulating him before he came out for ht 20
  13. Yes, but every gp round is the world championship and I've never agreed with seeding anybody to the final, except the reigning champion. Olsen and Mauger should have been allowed to ride in the 76 and 80 finals whether they qualified or not imo. I often wonder if England would've seeded a rider in 85 if Tatum hadn't qualified. Although knowing our sense of fair play probably not!
  14. Briggo had to qualify to win his first title though. Tai didn't.
  15. Exactly. The decibel level in my house was higher than anything Nige and Kelv could muster!

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