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  1. Eric Parsons

    2019 Predictions

    Sadly speedway has become such a farce , in truth it’s all about reaching payoffs , and unfortunately with only seven teams a team Bottom of the league mid season can easily still reach play offs, I expect Poole to be Favourites again not a question of team you have start of season that can be changed mid season , and Poole play the numbers game well and with the Ridiculous league meeting points for winning you would expect Poole to win league again. Peterborough and wolves am sure. Will Be in with a chance. And most Definitely could see Harris playing a part again especially if Ipswich are Struggling and another team sign him mid season!
  2. Eric Parsons

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    No unfortunately he’s cer Unfortunately not the greatest British rider, turns his back on British league does not ride in British Final should not be allowed in any GB team , past British riders had a one off world final all a matter of five rides on the day to get it right, Tai has the Luxury of many rounds and can afford a few off meetings , backed up with large mechanical team nowadays and mostly about all out speed, I certainly believe the riders of yesteryears needed a lot more skill and sure did not rely on all out speed. Tai simply can not be classed or compared To the hero’s of yesteryear.
  3. Eric Parsons


    You know after the winter of discontent 2010,2011 and such a pity during that time the sport did not end up in the law courts ,a big shake up was needed and for me that was a opportunity missed. Since that time interesting enough the sport has simply been going downhill. Are top league down to seven teams, however a turning point could happen next season with one promoter possibly saleing up ,and for me if that club closes the door others I feel will have more of a say . Has to be one big league however and unfortunately that has to be at championship level, top riders are costly and we don’t need them to provide entertaining racing ,let them race elsewhere. I hope common since is the answer over the winter . Give the sport time to recover at a lower level for now. Please
  4. Eric Parsons

    Redcar 2018

    Andersen, Nichols , Kennett which one? Once they get clearance to ride in championship!
  5. Eric Parsons

    Belle Vue Aces Vs Poole Pirates 28/04/2014

    Holder still playing the drop average game,come on BSPA read this like a book, let's blocked poole from using holder and ward in same team its a joke Holder can ride better than he is
  6. Eric Parsons

    Birmingham V Poole Ela 23/4/14

    Good chance for Holder to drop his average more,BSPA hope your watching
  7. Eric Parsons

    Pirates 2014

    Thanks for reply, am pleased to know Holders scores are being looked at,that's all i need to know, and yes we do a independent BSPA
  8. Holder surprise surprise two wins, than two thirds, kept out of heat 15 come on BSPA, poole trying to get his average down.
  9. Eric Parsons

    Pirates 2014

    Whot are poole up to with averages, by looks of it trying to get holders down so they can fit, holder and ward in team again,if any one from BSPA reading, I can see holder throwing in a few more last places, than watch him go once in team again with ward,
  10. Eric Parsons

    Pirates 2014

    Nothing wrong with a team being successful, however it appears many questions should be asked over pooles success over the years, last year was a farce and not a true success, poole came up against clubs in financial proplems,and I honestly believe them clubs had to allow poole success, or other wise face the possibility of going out of business or pl speedway, look whot happened to coventry and peterborough after 2010.2011, and of peterborough result amunded just when they could have made play offs, influence it appears are being used with BSPA, poole, lakeside meeting should have never bin called off,and why no points duducted for both teams, only way forward is for a independent BSPA, pooles success is appears very tainted and ih years to come. With the BSPA removed truth will come out.
  11. Eric Parsons

    Congratulations El Champions Poole

    Pooles success, was down to a number of factors influence with in BSPA,allowed to keep holder,ward 2013. No points diducted for call off meeting with Lakeside when I believe ask to go ahead with meeting, towards end of season kings Lynn peterborough result amended back in Kings Lynn favour. Both swindon and Birmingham financial proplems it appears fixed semies and final. Note word appears. Until we have a level playing field for all and independent BSPA, success will be open to questions, since the events of 2010.2011,speedway has lost trust from supporters, one team whots success over the others and not willing to share,
  12. Eric Parsons

    Plymouth 2013

    well done in saving plymouth speedway,come on sky cover a meeting for us all. as for team buiding kenny ingalls,billy janniro,tyson burmeister,am sure them riders would know how to ride plymouth without any proplem need more names? jonas davidsson be worth a chance as well.good luck to all at plymouth for 2013
  13. save costs is it not best to have a north and south premier league?,with play offs for league championship between the top teams from each league at end of season. Return the premier league to 13 heats,scrap the ts rule as it is and turn the clock back to the way it was,ie a team six down can make a ts change. Also i like to see a change to the speedway machines for pl ,we have lost the trackcraft over the years its more speed now its not needed,one way round this and to slow riders down and to bring more trackcraft back is to make tracks smaller .

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