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  1. Trouble can be caused by springing things on people; that’s why I suggested more advanced notice and guidance that’s based on a measurable criteria.
  2. Can they not say “provided the R rate is below 1 we will allow outdoor events of up to 5,000 people where two metre distancing can be practised”?
  3. Haven’t seen that mentioned but Patel did say there would be some exceptions. 14 days quarantine required here from 8 June but of course that could well be lifted by July. Personally I would like to see the government state now whether or not it intends for spectator events to recommence on 1 August. That would give the BSPA a chance to plan for a three month season.
  4. DC2

    League to run over two seasons

    An arbitrary attendance cap of 500 might affect speedway, but I doubt that one based on two metre distancing would have any effect as most stadiums should be able to accommodate 2,000 well-spaced people.
  5. DC2


    Huddersfield population 150,000, average attendances in PL last year 23,000. Swindon 220,000; would 25,000 be unrealistic?
  6. DC2

    League to run over two seasons

    “Permeate”? You might be right, but it looks like the BSPA thinks otherwise with today’s update.
  7. DC2


    Average attendance in the Championship is 20,181. Are you saying Swindon’s would be half the average even if we were top six! Apparently our disastrous 1993-94 Premier League season saw an average home crowd of 15,274, so top 6 could well have seen us near capacity (which is a mere 15,728 now, but could be 25,000). Other than Bournemouth on 10,510, every other club in the PL averages more than 20,000 at home.
  8. DC2

    League to run over two seasons

    But there would be no such problem if we ran one league with riders based in this country.
  9. DC2

    League to run over two seasons

    Why would you run individual meetings every two weeks rather than team matches every week? Team matches are far more important to me than individual meetings.
  10. DC2


    It’s less to do with Society and more to do with which division they’re in and how well they’re doing. 7,000 crowds in the bottom division is very good. If they were top 6 in the Championship they’d be at 15,000 and top six in the Premiership near capacity.
  11. I think there’ll be a big bounce back when we’re finally released from the lockdown!
  12. I’m quite sure that promoters know full well the pay expectations of riders and what might be acceptable to them.
  13. I think it would be a pretty easy sell: ”Hey, fans, the Covid ban has ended and speedway can now run but we can’t fly in the continental stars due to quarantines, so we’re going to try a domestic league with a reduced admission fee. Will you support us or would you rather have no speedway this year?”
  14. Actually it would be speedway’s chance to start taking the nails out of the coffin and lifting the lid on the realisation that it needs to live within its means. As for the admission fee, yes, you would imagine that no flights and fewer big names would result in a lower one, just the same as the different price levels between the PL, the CL and the NL now.

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