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  1. It doesn't matter who he is. You should be more considerate and man enough to accept your error of judgment. This is a forum for an exchange of views, not a platform to intimidate or persecute.
  2. Swindon’s top four will need to score 40 to give us a chance anywhere on the road. The Ipswich reserves should carry them to a 6 point win.
  3. There’s no credit in buying the title with a bunch of mercenaries.
  4. As if you would know! Lol.
  5. They’ve also but a right angle on bend 4. That’s what caught Adam out.
  6. To be fair, he can gate and Shanes can’t, and he’s started the season better than Shanes.
  7. Why are you so rude? I’m entitled to my opinion. I hope Lampart does well, but he was a strange signing.
  8. In the past Lampart hasn’t looked like taking to any track apart from Blunsdon. He struggled everywhere previously. A bizarre signing by Rosco. Aaron Summers would have been better.
  9. Plus, Doyle was very poor compared to in Poland yesterday. Not a single race win tonight.
  10. He gated twice in front of the Wolves riders but couldn’t stay there. At least his gating wasn’t a disaster. Maybe putting him at 2 would have been better so we were less vulnerable in heat 14, but when the reserves are so poor too it’s difficult to get any heat advantages other than in 13 and 15.
  11. Yes, just checked. He was. He did well for Wolves in 2016 and was then dropped by them a few meetings into 2017.

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