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  1. DC2

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Some EU bloke on the news tonight saying “prior notification” of vaccine exports is required only to keep track of how much is being exported. Really? Why? Why should it be “prior”? Why would they require a measure any different from any other product?
  2. DC2

    Football 2020/21

    Why is it unrealistic? Look how Covid has mobilised governments worldwide to take drastic action on an unprecedented scale. All governments could agree now that all footballers get no more than £200,000 and that the pay surplus goes towards third world infrastructure. They wouldn’t be able to leave for another country that paid more and wouldn’t do another job because playing football is a pleasure and very few are sufficiently educated to do a more highly paid one. I said to the wife the other evening, when watching the Liverpool v Man U match, that the worst paid player (Rhys Williams?) is probably on £100,000 a week (£5.2 million a year) and the best £300k (£15 million). £600 million a year for just two teams? Billions could be raised across the world just by this one measure.
  3. DC2

    Football 2020/21

    You can label it whatever you like if it means stopping unnecessary deaths and improving quality of life in the third world.
  4. DC2

    Football 2020/21

    Why? It would just mean every sports participant getting a sensible wage instead of a ridiculous one.
  5. Only 20,089 cases announced today, a fall of 66% since the peak a couple of weeks ago. Obviously not due to lockdown after its failure in November. But due to schools being closed. The government and the media though will laud the former and fudge the latter.
  6. DC2

    Football 2020/21

  7. 100,000 Covid deaths being lamented today. Quite rightly so. But how about the other 500,000 non-Covid deaths? Don’t they matter? Do we ever, in December or January, have a National mourning of the 600,000 or so people who die every year? Every one of them loved as much.
  8. Is she the one that repeated that the AZ vaccine is only 8% effective? Or would she have more sense than that?
  9. DC2

    Football 2020/21

    Worldwide, the TV rights should be owned by governments, footballers’ salaries determined by them, transfer fees be non-tax deductible and windfall taxes imposed on the clubs. Such a completely different regime might turn a phenomenally popular pastime into a force for good.
  10. DC2

    Football 2020/21

    You’re defending the indefensible, Tim. The whole economics of football and society needs re-working. If football’s based on a fairly average fan paying out £1,500 a year for Sky and BT, £2,000 a year for match tickets and £500 a year for merchandise, it’s time to put another 10p on income tax and revamp the NHS and third world poverty. Let’s get our priorities right.
  11. DC2

    European Union - In Or Out?

    It looks like this might be a lesson for anyone selling paintings to the continent: BBC: “Jemima Brown ordered a £150 pair of boots from a UK company to be delivered to her home in Auvergne, France. "A week later I received an email from La Poste telling me that when the parcel was delivered it would only be handed over if I paid the €88 [£78] import duty," she says. The documentation said it was €43 for VAT, €30 for customs tariffs, and €15 handling fees. She rang the company which said she could reject the delivery and receive a full refund. Why was she charged? Shoppers on the continent buying from UK firms face the same rules as UK shoppers do in reverse so Jemima would have had to pay VAT and customs charges, because the boots or the materials they were made from, originated from outside the EU. Michelle Dale thinks Jemima was lucky to be able to reject the delivery so easily. Some firms are changing their terms and conditions so that customers have to cover the extra charges, even when goods are returned. Gary Rycroft says if a retailer doesn't make it clear that you might face extra fees, you could argue that these were "hidden costs" that you shouldn't have to pay. But don't expect that to be an easy battle to win.”
  12. DC2

    Football 2020/21

    Good. Hopefully all top football clubs will go bust. The emperor’s new clothes of business and entertainment and a self-serving cartel. The sooner sportsmen, singers and actors get paid sensible salaries, the better.
  13. It’s a bit like the bloke who popped out this morning after repeating that the AZ vaccine is only 8% effective.
  14. I always do that when someone repeats that the AZ vaccine is only 8% effective. Boy, what a dumbo.
  15. Next you’ll be repeating we’re ruled by lizards because you read it somewhere. Try to switch your brain on before posting rubbish.

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