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  1. DC2

    Poole 2018

    Nah, think you’ll find those lorries were going the other way, shipping out the current Poole team!
  2. DC2

    Poole 2018

    Lol ........ more like SOS riders, that’ll be Son of Smolinski, better known as Snailinski.
  3. Oh, OK, thanks. Maybe it’s a non-starter, but it would be nice to see a well considered public discussion between the BSPA and fans about all issues that might improve speedway.
  4. DC2

    no team

    You could have Jacobs and Perks instead of those two, but that’s not the Poole mentality!
  5. The Draft Reserve system made sense, apart from it should have been used in the CL with minimum 6 point NL riders and in the PL with 4 to 6 point CL riders and they should have been given averages after 6H & 6A, moving into the 1-5. Fodder like Jack Smith shouldn’t be in the PL yet & Aussies, like Etheridge, shouldn’t be benefitting ahead of GB youngsters. Stefan Nielsen, Perks and Jacobs should be PL reserves. Likewise, Flint, Kemp, Kinsley and Jenkins should get minimum 12 match CL averages (or preferably a season) before they turn up in the PL.
  6. That’s the problem. No strategy. Every year rules are made on the hoof. Whatever happened to the draft reserves or the two Brits rule, both uncharacteristically sensible.
  7. DC2

    Poole 2018

    Matt: “Lovely salad nicoise, Mike, but I’m looking for a bit of inspiration: Auty, Starke, Klindt, Baran .... which team would you pick?” Starman: “Swindon”.
  8. Yeah, we call it “keeping Poole at the bottom of the table”. Lol Matt’s so daft
  9. The point is that we could not be certain of keeping Batch next year - in the interests of continuity - if Poole wanted him. Batch has ridden for us for five seasons, compared to just one at Poole 10 years ago, and yet he is a Poole asset! Daft.
  10. DC2

    Poole 2018

    Buy it? Sure, someone would if it’s profitable. If it’s not, it would be down to Matt to give it to a benefactor. Either way, let’s hope it goes to a true speedway enthusiast who cares about the bigger picture rather than sharp practice.
  11. Yes, as you can see, it can break up teams. And to make matters worse you’ll get a club like Poole, with lots of assets, some of whom have never ridden for the club, not releasing them for loan until they’ve signed their seven. Look how frustrated Hans Andersen and Chris Holder became, wanting to ride for other clubs. How can Poole truly expect Kenneth Bjerre (their asset, in whom they’ve never shown any interest) to wait for their nod every year before he can sign for a club?
  12. DC2

    Rye House 2018

    But if they did, or if clubs took a lead in being more caring towards their injured riders, wouldn’t everyone involved in speedway be better for it?
  13. DC2

    Rye House 2018

    Rather than dodge the issue, tell us all, what have Poole done for Stefan?
  14. Because next year Poole could “insist” on signing their asset, Troy Batchelor, and break up the Swindon team.
  15. Swindon 46.74 Wolves 47.44 Belle Vue 43.98 Poole 42.54 Rye House 43.73 Somerset 41.93 Kings Lynn 38.46 Leicester 43.02 Those are the 2017 finishing averages. For 2018, to encourage continuity and fan loyalty any team should have been allowed to keep the same riders, regardless of average, or build a new team to the fourth highest average ((Rye’s 43.73). That could have meant the top three clubs keeping the same team and the bottom five replacing a couple of riders with better ones, whether they be established Championship scorers or emerging riders (UK or foreign). If they chose emerging riders they would truly be investing in their team’s future and would get closer to and ultimately overtake the top teams.

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