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  1. DC2

    Football 2020/21

    “Edinson Cavani is the fifth player to score a league goal against a team managed by Jose Mourinho in two different countries” The BBC actually thinks that stat worth mentioning!
  2. Which of course is true in 90% of cases. With about 10% said to suffer from long Covid and 0.5% dying.
  3. Sadly in many cases they take a rational, sensible and justified anti-establishment position and turn it into nonsense.
  4. Not even so much “seeking information from preferred sources” but rather “viewing what the government says with a critical eye”. How many sheep willingly had the wool pulled over their eyes by believing “we’ve done 100,000 tests” to be sufficiently defined by “well, maybe not actually done them, but sent them out in the post”! When patent nonsense serves for government it’s hard to have any faith.
  5. I don’t think “first doses are dropping off”, it’s just that the government promised second doses in 12 weeks and it’s having to put all its capacity into honouring that. I think the latest figures showed 556,000 vaccinations in one day, a huge amount, with 450,000 being second doses
  6. Vaccinated people may well not be capable of being contagious: “It remains unclear whether a person who has been inoculated can still catch the virus and pass it on – recent cases of 'outbreaks' in nursing homes in Spain have, reportedly, been asymptomatic in all those who have been immunised, even though, by definition, theirs is an age group where contracting Covid would normally be dangerous and potentially fatal. This seems to show that a person who has been vaccinated can still catch the disease, but their immune system prevents the virus from causing them any harm. Scientists are still trying to ascertain whether these cases can cause contagion to others in contact with them, although the creators of the Pfizer vaccine have recently said those who have received both doses 'do not infect anyone else'.” Spanish Government
  7. DC2

    Tiger Woods car crash

    Didn’t the same apply to Prince Phillip?
  8. Just finished A Vineyard In Andalucia by Maria Duenas, now a film on Amazon Prime as La Templanza (rubbish dubbed but excellent in the original Spanish with subtitles), and, better still, also finished The Summer Of The Spanish Woman. Both wonderful if you like Jerez. Now reading The House Of Ulloa, again very good, and The Seamstress (again excellent on Amazon as El Tiempo Entre Las Costuras).
  9. The figures that you quoted were the ones originally published. My questions based on your figures stand. Is 79% satisfactory? Is 57% worth spending £37 billion on? I can answer: no, in both cases.
  10. Yes, that’s well known. But you think a product with 79% accuracy in the hands of experts is satisfactory? And likely with less than 57% with the public is worth spending £37 billion on, especially when most have been vaccinated and the season is over?
  11. How come we’re seeing no analysis of the r rate? 60,000 infections a day down to 3,000 must surely have seen it fall below the 0.6 to 0.9 that it’s been stuck on for two months?
  12. “Hundreds of people who have booked private Covid tests say the firms providing them are "scamming" them, delivering test kits and results late, or not at all. Under lockdown rules people must take two tests when they return from abroad. They are directed to a list of providers on the Department of Health's website. But several of the firms on the list are the subject of furious complaints from customers. Craig Dodd returned from France eight days ago but still hasn't received either of the two tests he paid £182 for.” BBC
  13. DC2

    Football 2020/21

    Yep. Suckers. Thank God my shares are in Debenhams.
  14. DC2

    Death of Prince Phillip announced

    Ah, that’ll be the elected scarecrow.
  15. DC2

    Death of Prince Phillip announced

    I can see there’s a lot of attachment to him for older people. Maybe not so much for people under 60?

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