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  1. Poole to get 15? Have they signed some GP riders?
  2. Apparently Matt Ford insisted Swindon ride on Thursdays at Blunsdon ....... rather than Wednesdays at Poole.
  3. How about “Don’t You Want Me, Brady?”
  4. Pop up to Swindon if you want to hear “Simply The Best” again.
  5. Just dug this thread up from the archives to help the Pugwashes remember their last win.
  6. No need to panic yet, Smugrats, you’re still second in the league table: 4 points from 3 matches, only just trailing the Robins, 4 points from 1.
  7. It does, if like Brady Kurtz, you leave your best effort and equipment in Poland. And the same applies to Poole’s other riders!
  8. Err, Lisa, did you check his score tonight?
  9. Surely the better question would be, why is Brady Kurtz riding in the Premiership?
  10. Best get the train to the Vatican for a selfie with the Pope so we can all read the headline: “Gloatiness is next to Godliness”
  11. Come on, Robins fans, it’s only an hour and a half down to Poole and there’s still time to see Brady Kurtz complete a lap.
  12. Err, sorry, everyone I was wrong. Apparently they’re still afloat. Shovy’s been seen rowing a boat, with Starman, Fraud and Muddlo, on their way to Rome.
  13. Nah. They’re doomed. Sunk, submerged, wrecked.
  14. Yep, good point. But we’ve all got six months to remind Shovy of it every day. EVERY SINGLE DAY. He’s gonna be haunted
  15. I think you’ll find, PK, only signed for Poole for this meeting so he could have a good laugh with Rosco and the Swindon boys.