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  1. Apparently Sajid Javid says we’re carrying out 500,000 tests a day and from those there were reported today 51,459 Covid positives 90 of which were Omicron Not spreading like wildfire yet, is it!
  2. My daughter’s work at Oxford University into anti-microbial (antibiotic) resistance is funded by a £100 million donation from Ineos. My only reservation is that it is not spent solely on research; it includes the construction of a new building. https://www.ox.ac.uk/news/2021-01-19-100-million-donation-ineos-create-new-institute-fight-antimicrobial-resistance
  3. Ignoring the nonsense, it was recently reported in the UK that 4% of people who have never had COVID experience “Long Covid symptoms” for twelve weeks from ordinary illnesses (colds) and fatigue, compared to 4.5% of those who have had Covid. In short, Long Covid is no different from having had ordinary illnesses.
  4. DC2


    What was it, 16-14, all points from kicking? Oh for a 60-50 Super Rugby style game!
  5. No, to be fair, you did find a dozen articles about it compared to the 30,000 news bulletins that I mentioned. Presumably next you’ll come up with some stats showing how many of our 150,000 deceased were overweight?
  6. As BBC live news headlines with Paul Hunter saying Omicron will become the dominant strain, he also said: "I think this virus is around [and] going to be around forever," he says. "The last time we had a big coronavirus outbreak we think was 130 years ago and that virus is still circulating, we get infected with it fairly regularly, every three to six years, and it basically just causes the common cold. "That is likely the way that this pandemic is going, so we will be repeatedly infected with Covid, we will be repeatedly infected with new variants but by and large, they'll just be another cause of the common cold." When asked about Christmas, he says there are actually fewer interactions between people over the festive break than during the working week, so he does not think family gatherings are "under threat". And on stopping future variants, Hunter says we must make sure every vulnerable person around the world is vaccinated, but this “hasn’t happened to any great degree”.
  7. It’s been like that for everyone bar the vulnerable and a few exceptions from the outset. Just like flu.
  8. According to Iris that’s front page news every day. Oh, and one of the Covid stats on the TV news every night.
  9. And you won’t win an argument where you can still count your examples on two hands. And, of course, the government action on obesity is not specifically related to Covid and is therefore irrelevant to the argument.
  10. You mean you came up with a dozen fringe reports against my 30,000 mainstream news broadcasts? Well done.
  11. I can assure you that of the 3,000 BBC news reports that I have watched on Covid I haven’t seen a single one focusing on its link with obesity. And never before, during or after the nightly presentation of cases, deaths and vaccination statistics has there ever been a single statistic relating to the number of Covid deaths that involved obesity. Nevertheless, continue to plough your lone furrow of denial.
  12. Ah, 2023. Why not ban cereals from being targeted at children if they contain more than 5% sugar? Or indeed make 5% the limit for all cereals so people can see the amount of sugar they need to add to get their sugar high? That would be one of the easiest ways of drawing it to people’s attention and encouraging them to cut down.
  13. Thank you for proving my point, Iris. That TV news show is from January 2021 when the minister, Theresa Coffey, said being fat is the reason the UK suffered most, and as Susanah Read said: how come she’s saying that only now when Boris admitted it about himself in May 2020? Seven months with barely a mention about obesity and Covid! Anyway, good to see the esteemed Doctor Aseem Malhotra being called upon again though.
  14. That is the classic “don’t tell the truth of a fundamental principle in case there is a hypothetical side effect that might affect some people”.
  15. Yes, Iris, we know that, but against your 7 articles, I’ll raise you fifty TV news reports a day for the last twenty months, making 30,000, where barely a mention of obesity and Covid has occurred. Mask-wearing has been promoted 1,000 fold over losing weight, to the point where laws enforce it.

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