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  1. Steve55

    King's Lynn v Sheffield 23/06

    Sorry about that, but I didn't do anything purposely, just highlighted it and clicked on quote! To be honest I'm not capable of copy and paste 'n, I'm a bit of a technophobe really, no computer wizard.
  2. Steve55

    King's Lynn v Sheffield 23/06

    He needs to keep an eye on Morris at the tapes as well, mind you it bit him in the backside in heat 15 at Owlerton the other week!
  3. Steve55

    Sheffield vs Wolves 9/6/22

    Probably why the ref held the tapes a bit longer in heat 15 - Morris went straight through them! Our little crowd were also baffled by Wolves rider selection for heat 15, Douglas and Becker seemed such an obvious choice!
  4. Steve55

    Sheffield Tigers 2022

    Allen wasn't the only Ace to get zero in that meeting, but knowing you were only a 'temporary' team member, would you bust a gut to put points on the board in the League Cup meetings? He was also riding at 4 which put pressure on him to perform, whereas riding at reserve might give him time to get up to speed. Looking at his past there shouldn't be any reason he can't be riding in the main body of the team before the end of the season. Only time will tell! Feel sorry for Stephan, won heat 2 last night which contributed to our narrow victory, but just doesn't seem to be showing the potential he did last year before injury put him out. He's also been out scored by Connor up to now so I can see why they've done this.
  5. Steve55

    Premiership Pairs

    Never said there was, just verbalising what I watched this afternoon. However the physical contact was caused by Lawson changing lines with Ellis being too close to come off the gas or change direction!
  6. Steve55

    Premiership Pairs

    Seen the video this afternoon, coming down the home straight Ellis cuts back to be on the inside of Lawson, who then looks at him twice over his left shoulder before turning left across him, catching his front wheel with either his back wheel or dirt deflector, causing Ellis to lose control!
  7. Steve55

    Sheffield vs Wolves 19/05/22 LC

    To be honest Drew Kemp put up quite a show tonight, don't know how he managed to get 'nil points'. He really put his heart and soul into this meeting.
  8. Steve55

    Sheffield vs Wolves 19/05/22 LC

    Actually he hasn't fully recovered, saw him warming up alone at the back of the terracing around 7 o'clock and still limping quite badly on his left leg.
  9. Steve55

    Birds in decline

    Remember visiting Camarthen in Wales in 1997 and being amazed to see a pair of buzzards sitting on fence posts near where we were staying, now I can see two or three soaring above the wood to the rear of our house almost every day! Believe that the demise of smaller garden birds is partly down to domestic cats as well.
  10. Steve55

    Sheffield Tigers 2022

    Yes I saw that and hope that it doesn't cause any issues with him riding for us on Thursdays. If he gets called up, then they have to be there on the Friday as well don't they?
  11. Steve55

    Sheffield Tigers 2022

    Cook was in the GP's but didn't have a lot of sucess. Jack Holder was a wildcard in a couple of GP's in the limited 2020 series, when they were on his Polish track.
  12. Steve55

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Woman walking around Asda this afternoon in her riding gear and wellies with 'you know what' on them, but no face mask and that look saying, "Go on challenge me." Then saw her in the car park, next to her massive Ford Ranger, near the doors, in a 'mother and children' parking space - no kids with her!
  13. Steve55

    Sheffield Tigers 2022

    Wonder which one of them wanted too much money, Pickering or Batchelor
  14. Steve55

    Sheffield Tigers 2022

    Don't want him anyway, more trouble than he's worth!

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