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  1. Steve55

    King's Lynn v Wolves 26/08/21

    You failed to mention your captain as well, from the reports he played a big part in the 'cry off' !
  2. Steve55

    Sheffield v Ipswich 26/08/2021

    Perhaps he should've been doing that a few weeks ago!
  3. Steve55

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Never mind why they let them build it, why is it still there? Just get some scaffolders in and take it down, after locking up the tossers who are under it for causing an obstruction. Can you imagine anyone getting away with anything like this in the 80's. They'd been dragged through the scaffolding pipes and given the proper treatment they deserve. They wouldn't have come back for more!
  4. So were a few hundred others!
  5. Steve55

    Plymouth shootings

    Perhaps when his certificate was granted he didn't have, or it wasn't known he had issues. If it had been so obvious do you really think he'd have been granted a shotgun certificate? Part of the process involves contacting your GP to give a background account of your health and well being! The hindsight remark is regarding giving him the gun back after originally the police had taken it away, but then again had he been displaying signs of what might happen or had they been alerted to the possibilities of him having issues with his mental health, you would hope the authorities would have acted accordingly.
  6. Steve55

    Plymouth shootings

    No confusion here, not everyone uses 'sharp' knives everyday. But they are used more often than firearms to inflict death and serious injury, by persons on other persons. It also appears that it is your view that sporting shooting is conducted by persons who are 'twisted', whatever that means. However due to certification, firearms should only be legally possessed by persons, considered fit and proper. Again as said before hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  7. Steve55

    Plymouth shootings

    I'm talking about kitchen knives, the same as used by the so called reformed terrorist at Fishmongers Hall in London to kill two young people at the conference for reformed offenders. He had two knives that he bought from a Supermarket or similar taped to his hands. How many others would have possibly died that day if no one had done anything. Three guys used what they could (fire extinguisher and norwhale tusks) to take him on and stopped him attacking other innocent people. One of those who did was actually a proper reformed offender!
  8. Steve55

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    But you did what you thought was right at the time and 'stood on', which is commendable.
  9. Steve55

    Plymouth shootings

    Correct, using the logic of DC2 only chefs should be able to possess sharp knives!
  10. Steve55

    Plymouth shootings

    There are thousands of individuals throughout England and Wales who have shotgun certificates and shotguns, and not all of them are farmers obviously. Many people follow a sport of clay shooting, others do pest control shooting for land owners (some of whom may be farmers) and others pay to shoot on organised pheasant, partridge and grouse shoots. All lawful pastimes. No doubt this nob'ed Davison took part in some kind of lawful pursuit prior to apparently caving in to his 'sexual frustrations' (that's the tabloids view not mine!)
  11. Steve55

    Plymouth shootings

    Nearly all of the atrocities of multiple murder with firearms have been committed by persons in lawful possession of these weapons. But lets not lose sight of the fact that guns don't kill people, people kill other people wether it is by use of firearms, knives, explosives or whatever. It is down to the authorities who have these individuals identified to them to deal with them. However with our laws being as they are it make it difficult to take firearms from individuals without good reason and even if they are confiscated the individual has a right of appeal to get them returned. Even if this person hadn't had his shotgun returned to him, the time he decided he was going on his rampage of evil, all he had to do was go into the kitchen cutlery draw and load up on knives. He would probably have been just as successful with these, before the police could be alerted to stop him, just like the terrorists who have chosen to commit their evil deeds in recent years. Just be thankful that individuals here who want to have firearms (lawfully) have to go through the procedures they do. In the USA in some states all you have to do is produce identification, not the best system, and look at the problems they've got, one of these incidents every week or more!
  12. Steve55

    Tigers V Wolves 12/8/21

    Batchelor might have come with a signing on fee appropriate to his starting average, which may be why the management have waited for him to get going? Bates........ well blood's thicker than water, that's all one can say!
  13. Steve55

    Plymouth shootings

    There are procedures that exist to take firearms from persons who are deemed unfit to possess them (legally), wether unstable or otherwise. However the authorities have to be informed before these processes can be implemented. It will be interesting to see what comes up in the forthcoming investigation and only time will tell. Hind-sight is a wonderful thing!
  14. Steve55

    Tigers V Wolves 12/8/21

    Two third places would have been enough for me last night, but he couldn't beat Broc Nicol, who didn't have a good meeting, nor Luke Becker, who probably had the worst meeting he's had this season. As has already been stated having a good rider at reserve is always going to be a trump card, Douglas scored more than a third of Wolves total points last night, as it did for the Panthers, with Harris taking 7 rides the other week!
  15. Steve55

    Tigers V Wolves 12/8/21

    Remember him riding for Belle Vue and scoring big. Don't think he liked big tracks, if I remember correctly Jonny Bailey used to spanner for him.

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