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    2019 Odds for World Champion

    I know Madsen was great last season,and was hoping for odds of at least 25/1,but 14/1 at best does seem kinda skinny for a rider up until last season i could not see him in the GPs at all.Fair play to him,like Doyle hes found something extra.
  2. We have to address team riding-maybe having a couple of heats in the match where you get more points for finishing second and third for example (or whatever score you like if it favours team racing)Something has to be done to bring TEAM speedway back,and racers not to clear off from their teammates ,
  3. Sorry people ,maybe its been mentioned,but at what point did the lights fail? I know it was somewhere around heat 8,but were they just about to run a heat,i know the last thing that happened was Adam Ellis crashing,but did his bike maybe snag a cutout to the lights.were the stadium lights also off.Sorry im just trying to get a picture leading up to the moment when the lights failed.
  4. 100% agree Harris will give his best,but how can a rider.........infact i give up trying to explain to others.
  5. 100% agree,im watching as a neutral,and cant understand how the ref came to exclude MPT,would love to know if the SCB have a refs debrief and what was said by the referee to make a decision like that.The rider who knocked him off was all over the place running into the corner ,really would love to know the refs views on why he made his decision.Maybe speedway star editor can get a word with him!!!!!
  6. sounds a cracking meeting.i take Ricky Wells being excluded from heat 15 was the correct decision,as no one has questioned it.
  7. speedwaysliders

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    Zagar for me please £90 more Thanks
  8. speedwaysliders

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    Jason Doyle for me, £70 More please Thanks
  9. speedwaysliders

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    vaculik £40 more please Thanks
  10. speedwaysliders

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    Pawlicki for me please £40 more.
  11. speedwaysliders

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Steve who was the ref as he or she still hasnt been named?!! With the amount of mistakes hes made tonight he done very well to keep his name a mystery?!! Name and shame please.
  12. speedwaysliders

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    So did Chris Holder have any problems getting into the uk,or did he arrive via calais by lorry!!!!?
  13. speedwaysliders

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    laguta please £40 LESS THANKS
  14. speedwaysliders

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    AJ for me please £40 more
  15. speedwaysliders

    Rye House 2018

    What i dont get is they ploughed alot of money into centre green to get the motocross circuit up and running,anyone know if people are using it and its being promoted?ALso they have the Kart race circuit at the back owned by diff people ,but how is it that has remained over the years staging world cup and uk races and never seems to be in any trouble.Is there a link between the 2 circuits?promotions etc.
  16. speedwaysliders

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    Doyle £50 less Thanks
  17. speedwaysliders

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    AJ for me please £90 more
  18. speedwaysliders

    Czech GP prague Saturday 26th May 2018

    interesting talking points,but this the world champs,Tai was just unlucky to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,hard racing but fair.Another talking point was the finish of the race when Dudek had the chance to shut the door on Lingren but didnt.small margins but you have to be tough.world championships are at stake.
  19. speedwaysliders

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    OMG im going mad!!! sorry about that.Yes please BOTH BETS to be included. Thanks again
  20. speedwaysliders

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    Errrrrrrrr i think im still in the comp for now!!!!! so i will go for Zagar £30 more Thanks
  21. speedwaysliders

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    pawlicki for me plr=ease £40 more
  22. speedwaysliders

    Betting in 2018

    Bet 365 on handicaps POOLE -10 10/11 DRAW 14/1 WOLVES 10/11 SOMERSET -2 4/5 DRAW 12/1 BELLE VUE +2 6/5
  23. speedwaysliders

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    Thanks for running this comp again R/R,much appreciated. Im trying a different approach this year by having a couple of beers ,then instead of going through the form book, im just gonna make an instant decision and go with the flow of where my beer goggles take me!!!! so its Pawlicki £40 more please. .........now back to my beer,where did i leave it!!
  24. Crowd wise, approx what do you think ? How did the meeting run? start on time?!!! out of 10,how many marks would you give the meeting? Thanks in advance.
  25. speedwaysliders

    Riders demands over the years

    I have to say that Speedway nowadays is much more professional than in the past.And because of that Speedway is too dull . Lets look back 10 years 1- more character in speedways riders from years ago.I was lucky enough to begin my speedway days watching the likes of ANDY Galvin,rob Tilbury ,Kelvin Mullarkey!! Dean Barker,Brett Saunders,sean Wilson,The Kennetts and so on.Most were british and had other jobs,but i would look at the line ups in advance and think to myself "that heat looks tasty" im going to that meeting on what drama could happen on the night.Nowadays its very run of the mill stuff with riders wanting to get on to their next meeting,instead of getting up to do their normal jobs . 2 No Pit phone access. For whatever reason sky stopped listening in on rider/ref talk.you cant beat rider emotions and what they think,and makes for great viewing and then interviewing the rider later.Why they have had to clamp down on this,i just dont know,if i was head of sports and had speedway on my list,the pit phone IS A MUST and has to be one of the first things on the agenda,not cutting it all together.Fans love to see controversy . 3 emotions - Speedway is so correct and polite these days,but when rider bust ups do happen,the clips are shown all over the world!!!! Whats wrong with a bit of hand bags ,it just gets the crowd going .Again i wouldnt fine any rider,just let them sort things out.

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