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  1. Weather for Thursday at Ipswich seems ok so maybe we run Thursday and the return leg on Sunday.
  2. Ahhh. Make em ride with three juniors !!! We might have a chance of winning then
  3. Is blunsdon available anytime over the weekend. Running sat night or sun afternoon would gain many more away fans. I’d certainly go.
  4. And got third place overall. Let’s hope his bad back has fully recovered and he doesn’t suffer a relapse stopping him riding at Poole for the restaging
  5. Meeting postponed to Tuesday evening
  6. Bet you lambert makes a rapid recovery to enable him to ride in a big open meeting in Germany
  7. Thankfully the toe/knee injury has cleared up to enable holder to ride at pardubice today. So doubt he will be back on Wednesday
  8. Did Belle Vue dump him too ?
  9. Racin Jason 72

    Poole 2020

    Bomber has averaged 5.6 at home this season but has been much better away. No doubt his best days are long gone but no doubting his efforts though but maybe the fitness and machinery need looking at.
  10. Accordingly to the speedway star today in two separate pieces jack holder has suffered a twisted knee in his crash/ slip off at foxhall. Must be concussed as well because on tv he was complaining of a injured toe. Nuff said I think
  11. Fair play to you. I have to say also that Middleditch josh g and Nicolai were gracious in defeat and a credit to your club. I
  12. I would like to think any sports person in a professional sport would not cheat. The next question is did he throw a hissy fit or was he under team orders. Whichever one it is it’s a absolute disgrace.
  13. It does to me. I want to know if he faked injury last night
  14. Is jack holder due to ride in Poland or has his season finished over there ?
  15. The track was massively widened in 2010 and both bends have been adjusted since. So it’s a tad unfair as they have tried. We are a bit limited as we don’t own the stadium and further banking cannot be added due to the stock car track. When it’s stock cars and the fence is removed the cars cannot have a big kerb as the use the speedway track as a run off area
  16. Well done the witches. The effort and commitment was excellent. Great stuff i honestly expected to get the wooden spoon when the team was announced. I am so pleased I was so wrong. Apologies for doubting the riders regardless of what happens in the final you have done yourselves and the town proud Congratulations
  17. Racin Jason 72

    Poole v Ipswich Play Off Semi 1st leg. 23/9/19

    I expect the track to chop up tonight. The rain will have collected in the holes and will make soft patches. Could work in Ipswich’s favour. However the pirates are very capable of winning at foxhall. Should be a great semi final. Good luck and safe riding to both teams.
  18. Racin Jason 72

    Poole v Ipswich Play Off Semi 1st leg. 23/9/19

    If the track is wet I think it will suit the witches more than the pirates
  19. Racin Jason 72

    Ipswich 2019

    I agree. Chris wasn’t prepared to gamble his own money going into the top league. So buster underwrote the promotion. The crowds have been very good and I imagine has made money unlike Peterborough which I imagine has drained busters funds
  20. I guess as the hancocks own the catering and enjoy the profits they are loathe to getting outside caterers in for one night only. Pretty short sighted imo
  21. I always enjoy the pairs at Somerset but I do agree the facilities need improving for big meetings. Whem I first went there was a hog roast and cider was dispensed by rucksacks by people going into the crowd but both those have disappeared. A couple of years ago I purchased a awful overpriced burger and the can of cider was warm. So I’ve never purchased anything in the stadium again. The queue for the clubhouse food always puts me off as I want to watch the racing. The lighting around the stadium needs improvement too especially as the ground is uneven. I thought the programme was excellent and good value too and the racing was outstanding which for me is the most important thing.
  22. Racin Jason 72

    Stoke closing down

    I saw on Facebook he is on holiday. When he left I don’t know but that could be the cause of his absence
  23. Racin Jason 72

    Poole v Ipswich today

    Perhaps we can use Jake nicholls if we are against Poole next week. He would love that track
  24. Racin Jason 72

    Stoke closing down

    Well the journey from Ipswich was well worth it. We saw some fantastic racing on a well prepared track in front of a big crowd my sympathies to the potters fans who have lost their club.
  25. Racin Jason 72

    potters v leicester cubs

    I’m coming up from Ipswich for this. What’s the forecast weather wise ? Last time I went kevin teager was riding for sittingbourne. Must have been 23 years ago

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