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  1. Yeah well see you at the bottom in a few years, You’re crashing way faster and higher than we are! Only thing left to wonder is if GB or Sweden manage to finish before we do.
  2. thanks. But you know I want the Polish full version! Pawel R was the commentator and I'm told they spent the whole long break talking about Finnish speedway... Not that I'd understand, but I have a friend or two that might.
  3. Mand I thought it was the one I could watch again, again and again. Also did not find SoN from bV
  4. JTR is a homologated tyre atleast for a second season now. They might be making wheels as well, not sure.
  5. f-s-p

    European U19 Championship 2018

    It’s a Cup, not a championship. Niklas Säyriö apparently got the wild card according to a starting list published today.
  6. f-s-p

    Medical Cover

    Wow! over here we need 1 ambulance and a doctor. If a hospital is closer than 10km no doctor is needed at the track. This because the ambulance crew is mandatory to have been trained to a degree (cant remember or explain in english) and if something happens they are in direct contact over phone to a doctor who then can allow stronger medication. As for fire, think it’ s three exthinguishers inside the track and 1 or two in the pits. A doctor cost about 150€ an hour and ambulance between 110-150€ an hour. Ambulance includes 2 nurses (of the mentioned standard).
  7. Pics in twitter suggest that the crowd is good and plenty!
  8. I could allow the fastest in practise to choose his riding number, but not each gate. Sounds daft. EDIT: also the fastest of friday rarely is the fastest come saturday night.
  9. Bla Krogen does both but wont fit enough people.... lol Bottom line is I hope for Micke’s sake that it turns out good for the club. Havent visited the track while it’s been developed. But with the rain during last years SEC I hope this is all good.
  10. But it’s been sold out for months so who really cares. If people stay home then thats naturally no good tv but other than that it’ll be good I hope.
  11. Not many, what else there is to say. I hope Ahlbom and Säyriö have a few battles with opponents and like the program says, Timi and Toni are very young. So with Pawel spanking them a bit I hope they improve as the meeting goes on and move on in one piece.
  12. I watched the first half of the meeting, was pretty good. Couple of crashes by riders that clearly were cautious (as in not in full control, not comfy) on their bikes... So makes me a bit sad that we dont have anyone in it, even close. Bewley needs to gate. I saw him last year in Pardubice and was really surprised how good he was as a brit on the airfield that Pardubice is. Now Bewley has been making LT gearboxes forever, is there a connection?
  13. 1) Henri Ahlbom Born April 21st 1997, Forssa FI The oldest rider of the Finnish team is also currently the fastest according to results in Finnish speedway this season. Has also started in long track racing this season and was close to winning the world championship qualifier in Marianzke Lazne earlier this season had it not been a technical failure whilst leading his last heat. Rides for Porin Nopea Racing (Pori) in the Finnish SM-liiga. Son of the former ice racing international Jari Ahlbom was also a medalist last winter in the Finnish iceroadracing championship. 2) Niklas Säyriö Born October 3rd 1999, Jaala FI Silver medalist in last years Finnish U21 final and the most succesful Finnish rider to date in 250cc speedway. Riding his fourth season in 500cc speedway and has regurarly appeared in European individual meetings over the past few years. Rides for Wasamat (Tampere) in the Finnish SM-liiga. 3) Timi Salonen Born August 2nd 2001, Tervakoski FI Having ridden for the Hyvinkää club his whole career, Timi now starts his second season on 500cc bikes. Had several spells on the sidelines last season due to injury, but managed to get rides later on in the season in the Swedish 1st division. Rides for Sand Blowers (Hyvinkää) in the Finnish SM-liiga and Speedway Alliansen in the Swedish Allsvenskan. 4) Toni Hyyryläinen Born January 15th 2001, Villähde FI Also starting his second season on 500cc, Toni also suffered an injury early last season. He had a nasty fall during the season opening practice camp, but was fortunate enough to make a racing comeback later in the season. Is determined to make things happen this season by riding as much as possible. Rides for Sand Blowers (Hyvinkää) in the Finnish SM-liiga and Brassarna (Nässjö) in the Swedish 1st division. TEXT AND PICS: Petteri Pohjola, Speedwaysanomat and due to unforeseen [REALLY] circumstances team manager Pawel Ruskiewicz.
  14. f-s-p

    European pairs championship(MEP) 2018

    Aarnio rides solo after FIM Europe denied the chance to withdraw due to Jesse’s injury
  15. Good thing I’ve drank a bit so I can post this! I REALLY want things to happen and I make my prayers so Konikieicz will make Chorzow a sell out. I’ve followed his work and I’m not his fan, but he’s now but his eggs in a basket and I REALLY do hope he pulls it off.
  16. f-s-p

    European U21 championship (IMEJ)

    All riders nominated by their fed's.
  17. Damn dictaphones...
  18. f-s-p

    Rye House 2018

    With the mx track now in the middle at Rye House, is the speedway track still FIM licensed?
  19. Jyri Palomäki has been doing for about 10 years now.
  20. Gmaps says its 2703 km from Helsinki to Machester. Like you say, I’d do it. Jumping. For the Xperience. AND BACK via Wroclaw, with that bundle of dosh.
  21. Where did you get that? Dont think so.
  22. f-s-p

    BSPA Upset the Poles

    This FIM controlled rule on priority days came to force for this season. Last year's saga was about something else.

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