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  1. Yes but I know a few people and chatted to few others from the UK, people that have been going to speedway for decades and are anoraks in one way or other regarding speedway. It's in a way fascinating what kind of systems they've built regarding how they fill their programs during meetings and all the info THEY can read from it afterwards... Regarding ponders... I've never actually managed the Mylaps-system, just played with it a little and been to races where it's used. But say you really could start the clock by releasing the tapes, that would (sort of, not definite) give the time for the riders that they pass the wires for the first time. So in effect you could create a similar system to mx, where I understand the first guy to hit 1st bend gets a trophy... Over here they talk about making the "Holeshot"
  2. I dont, but I've seen some pretty interesting methods on keeping track on overtaking and gating... And I mean in writing, not any fancy iPad applications..
  3. Only seen it done once and the process was to rip-open the track from all width of the track about 5 meters behind the tapes and about 20 in front. So it's not about working with that one bad gate, but to prepare them all the same way. Just read the interview from Spar myself and still cant believe why they are talking about the chance to pick your gates… Thats bollocks
  4. With transponders they give the system a ”hit” when they cross the line. So no, it will start timing when you cross the line, not when tapes go up. And yes, it does not matter at all where your ponder is on friday. But as they are supposed to ve used for close finished in the meeting, it matters a great deal.
  5. What about riders having engines just for fridays time trials... One for use, one spare both built for that one minute fast one and then serviced for the next round??? They’d cost 5500€ each if I’d buy them.
  6. Inside the fork cover that is supplied by BSI and cant be fiddled with. I said so earlier. EDIT: or if the system is rfid based you put the sticker on top of the front axle to the outside fork.
  7. If you mean a mudguard, that could fall. Not sure if its a direct disquali for that though.
  8. This is a step towards making riders wanting to ride the practise instead of an Ekstraliga meeting. Thats it. But if lets say six of 16 are away from practise and are under the lottery, what difference does it make? Bugger all. Add one 5 mins of rain between heats 3-4 and all that was gained is gone. Politics.
  9. For what I know there needs to be a set of wires either under the track surface or above it (that would mean about 2,5 meters). Dont know if theres a ponder that can be detected from 2,5 meters going 110 kmh. In RC cars its under the track, two wires separated by about 20cm. So the ponder goes between the two and is detected by the system and thats a hit. A bit like RFID if you know that system. so for the system to detect false starts the wires would need to cross the track at the white line and a bit after. In athletics I think they have sensors for movement in the start racks(?), F1 is probably based on gps but with speedway the riders would want to start downhill so the basic start position on all gates changed as the meeting progresses... Solution for a problem creating another problem?
  10. f-s-p

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    There’s a seminudie of Zorn after the crash in facebook Isracing fans group. U might also want to try Antonin Trebenin site. Only showed one wound.
  11. If you incorporate the ponder in to the fork cover, thats it and everyone knows the deal and cant complain.
  12. If all the ponders are at the same place, thats it and up to you how to finish the race. If you had a wheelie by accident, your loss if you lose because of it. In cross country skiing they have their ponders in a bracelet around the ankle I think. Thats why they always try push their leg forward when finishing. I’ve actually lost a podium finish in radio controlled car racing way back in time because my ponder was mounted at the back of my car. Had I mounted it on the very nose end of the car (which I did after the race in question) I would have made that extra lap and passed the other guy cos his battery faded. I’m not bitter about it... Just that sometimes at night I wake up and think about...
  13. Hope they remember to place the ponder in the same place in every bike.
  14. Thats actually the biggest problem. I for one am not sure if it means anything else than what it clearly states.
  15. He couldnt stay quiet long enough to figure this through...
  16. Sometime ago I stated that its ok to pick a riding number if you're the fastest. Stupid if you can choose each of your five gates.
  17. So the fastest rider from friday can pick 5 red gates for saturdays meeting? Because thats what is says. It doesnt say the fastest can pick his starting number..
  18. f-s-p

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    EDIT: Seppänen is no longer the travelling race director, think it was Zakharov who does the Russian rounds and the Morris does the European rounds. There might be something related to this change.
  19. f-s-p

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    Tani is at Ufa and FIM press says Zorn will test his leg before practise. So I’d stay in Ufa.
  20. f-s-p

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    If U asking me I have no idea.
  21. f-s-p

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    Tomi Tani announced to ride at Ufa in the EC.
  22. f-s-p

    Speedway Euro Championship 2019

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope to quote that on May 26th.
  23. f-s-p

    Speedway Euro Championship 2019

    Torun on 27th of July is the same as the Swedish individual final. And our best pairs.
  24. Timo Lahti got a swedish passport a few years ago. Yes a dual citizen.
  25. f-s-p

    Shipping Out To Aussie

    This one still works. They bring their #1 kit from home and travel back with rusty crap. As long as the numbers match... Only difference is that nowadays they’ve spent the same money on their kit so it’s not that cheap to buy anymore. Back in the day they’d take a van full of stuff from the club garage having taken care of the manager (he lived though) swap it here and live happily in wealth towards the next trip...

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