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  1. 2018 Warsaw Gp

    Out of all the doom and gloom I’m starting to think that Polish speedway is doing pretty well crowd wise ATM...
  2. British Under 21

    Yes it does.
  3. Overthinking is a killer. And if you are really ”in to your sport” as is easy IMO in speedway, you might start to think about too much what you say. As most likely you know stuff that would not help anyone if blurred out on tv.
  4. British Under 21

    In all individuals the basic rule is to decide the top three places and last qualifiers by a runoff. I asked because I thought it was weird that there wasnt one. But if there was rain and the track was bad, I could see why a ref might say this was enough. Also, there’s a chance BSPA/ACU has their own rule regarding this scenario.
  5. I'd guess it's always good that the commentator even knows what a motorbike is. We have some good one's over here as well. Cant identify riders on the tapes but speak fluently about anything prior to mid 80's...
  6. British Under 21

    The rain probably explains why there was no runoff?
  7. But it wasnt live wasnt it? If it was, thats one more press release I’ve missed...
  8. No they are not available here. Apart from Youtube, stuff pops up there also from FIM. I had forgotten the dorna deal, and the ingridients of it...

    My first thoughts as well... The cover is a bit so-so but looks really good on the inside. And not much to decrease from the amount of foreign and gt news...
  10. the 2018 Baltic Speedway League

    Yes and no. The club is there and has been involved in Russian lower league last year and also this year. They also have land and Im today told that there was a mx track and speedway track there. But theres been some problems with the land owner recently and the future remains unclear with the complec.
  11. I’d say its all about just doing it with ice racing, or having the finances to do it. I mean dont they already a tv crew travelling with the series? And a series photographer as well.
  12. the 2018 Baltic Speedway League

    Ranna speedway was in the Finnish first division about 5 years ago. This me thinks is another club and track.
  13. Umbrella girls

    My point was that instead of getting rid of the girls, cameramen would be advised not to zoom on pussycats or melons. And if they did, the director would change the camera thats on feed. But no, you want to get rid of the girls...
  14. Umbrella girls

    So the change of director and new guidelines for cameramen would not work then?
  15. Umbrella girls

    What does your basic middle aged men look at then, if girls are for teens and pensioners? Speedway does have actual problems you know, that need sorting. Girls with umbrellas are not one of them.
  16. Umbrella girls

    What was the need to have in the first place and how has that changed?
  17. Umbrella girls

    Not even reading the links but you probably know that the majority of Finns thinks the lot of You girly anyway...
  18. Someone needs to be making money, be it a rider, club or promoter. If a promoter is making money, thats good because he then has the desire to make things happen.
  19. 2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    For SGP Finland goes with Timo Lahti, Tero Aarnio and Jesse Mustonen. For SEC we'll go with Timo Lahti in Pardubice and Mustonen+Aarnio in Balakovo. SoN will be announced closer to the date.
  20. I did not see the point of denying them. EDIT: in fact there’s an annual team meeting early on in the season in Germany, where countries ride and a couole of years ago Finland was there as well with Germany, Denmark and Sweden all wearing their official national race jackets. Why didnt FIM do anything with that? EDIT: And one team event (Denmark, Germany, Poland and Team Europe) in Pocking has been cancelled this weekend due to rain. Why did not FIM stop that?
  21. Well if he had ( I dont know) a six year Eurosport deal to stage 3 pairs meetings or pay 1 million zloty in fines, I know what I would have done... I’m not that bothered anymore, but the way that OneSport was allowed in to the market and stage Sec and how it behaved, still gives bad vibes. But it’s bygones now, new problems will most certainly wait ahead!
  22. Konikiwicz explained the situation in a recent Spar interview regarding why SBP had to continue with sponsored teams after national teams were denied... It had to.
  23. 2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Yeah I have tons of stuff to do so trying to avoid doing the important ones by hanging around here...