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  1. f-s-p

    Warsaw 2019

    Who cares who finishes 13th by winning a d final? Not sure even the ridera wanted to ride such a heat if they had an off night in the first five.
  2. f-s-p

    Warsaw 2019

    Still, according to wikipedia that season had 11 different winners in 16 races and Keke only won one. Loram when he was champion didnt win at all. Like you say I see now. I'm with the guy who said it's now as good as it can get. There's high drama for every round as the meeting will see a winner that has deserved it (or not, like in Warsaw when Lindgren gave it away). It's for that one night. Then there's the series for which these "one heat wonders" dont get taken in to count, because like Madsen did, on the night he was only worth the GP points he gathered.
  3. f-s-p

    Warsaw 2019

    How many races did Keke Rosberg win in F1 when he was world champion over 35 years ago?
  4. SGP is the highest rank in the World of track racing on the globe. It has first pick of dates. Then FIM takes the other dates for U21's and such. Then FIM Europe takes it's picks. Then national feds pick whats left. So why did Ekstraliga take GP practise dates knowing they were GP practise dates?
  5. Google it to find out. I recently read that sum from a Finnish magazine but cant rember the timeframe, sum or currency exactly so there’s no point of writing them here. It was public info.
  6. I think its probably the other way around, Krsko is needed in the series rather than Krsko needs the series. Go figure, wouldnt know about fans or media not wanting it.
  7. f-s-p

    Warsaw 2019

    In a single SGP round prize money is paid by FIM for finishing position, not points. Winner gets about 13k € and a non riding reserve about 2,5k €. It’s public info from the rulebook.
  8. But how much profit would there be to miss out on if Cardiff would only be KL or Coventry for 8k crowd by BSPA? If they make money, they’ve earned it.
  9. If thats their deal with BSI then yes. I’ve never seen the contract so wouldnt know.
  10. Thats how it works.0 Are they? Or is that an assumption? Hefty is also quite a general way of defining things. Torun hefty is not the same as Hallstavik hefty... And what ever they are paying, thats the deal they’ve agreed to.
  11. Not sure you even know what your on about... Warsaw is run by PZM. Cardiff is BSI. You only need to read the SR’s of the meetings to see who is organising then. The other Polish GP’s are probably the local clubs. Not all GP’s have the same deal...
  12. Who’s the top dog in the FIM? U sure?
  13. I might have misread it but that one post says we in vetlanda and in the next he’s asking for squads... jep, it’s all about being poor and old ATM. 1475km in a car + flights in four days took their toll. Hard.
  14. Finland has Salonen, Hyyryyläinen, Antti Vuolas and Niklas Säyriö. Same team they track at the Euros.
  15. FIM run the meeting through PZM and FIM officials. What rules say about practise, stands. BSI cant change the rules. But lets say fridays practise rains off and is re scheduled for the saturday...
  16. Not sure when it starts but they will be available on the day.
  17. I strongly feel that the format of the competition changed so that there would even be a competition.
  18. Nobody other than FIM wanted to make the 3rd rider a mandatory U21 and Poland is the only nation that has more than 1 good enough of them.
  19. It is. A huge opportunity for him and hopefully he makes it count.
  20. What an absolute piece of rubbish wawy dangerous worthless and everything else that track was to tonight. Get it right. It’ll cost less to make it levelled than it’ll cost to run a team for a night. Idiots the lot of you!
  21. Last time started in a new office was 2007... I have no idea what I’m doing
  22. Daugavpils rides in Lodz or similar on sunday so it was a bit iffy what kind of a team they are sending to SoN. Last info I had it was supposed to be the good one with their travels fixed by the club on sunday morning. And then Tipu broke his leg...
  23. f-s-p

    Warsaw 2019

    Over here we have an internet servise that allows you to make 1/2 inch accurate measurements on anything based on satellite pics. If there was one in the uk for example or PL, would be easy to compare...

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