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  1. Never found the 2019 SoN qualifier from Youtube, but I believe Lebedevs was on his way to a maximum before Morris decided to scrape off the outside line midway trhough. Probably just before GB meeting LV.
  2. f-s-p


    That can be interpreted in so many ways… He’s not in anyway connected to the federation, but he basically calls the shots at the Kaanaa track and with an impressive catalog of spares and bikes on sale, he has in the past couple of years really become one of the few people that actively push things forward.
  3. U 2 only full of negative vibes... Log off for a while and concentrate on your pre-war speedway book! :lol: But you are right, speedway can still be good even you believe all the riders to be crap...
  4. So basically I should start looking at flights as we are heading for the final!
  5. f-s-p

    SGP Vojens 2021

    Pussywussy Emil
  6. From experience especially the riders in the start of their career tend to put that money in to "bling" or other machinery. You need about 4-6 years of track craft, a missed season or two down to injury before they see the light that the 1k spent on insurance might be a good thing...
  7. f-s-p

    Electric Speedway

    ...and instead of releasing the starting gate, that button would unlock the the power unit in the bike, so no tapes needed.
  8. We need to fly from WAW on monday, so unless there's a meeting in Pitkos, we'll visit the wedding expo at Narodowy then.
  9. It was good only because the heavens made sure it was wet enough. If you remember a similar case from Daugavpils the SEC round maybe five years ago that Kylmäkorpi almost won... See a pattern? Did not watch this meeting.
  10. Basically are back to the same old story, let the locals do the track, dont mess with tracks ypu know nothing about.
  11. My thoughts exactly on the first one. No sticks needed in the nose for Poland, in Czecho they do, so no ZP this year.
  12. Any probable tracks to host a(ny) meeting on Oct 3rd, the sunday after Torun? PZM calendar was empty and dont find a mention of one on the Pitkos site.
  13. Timo Lahti and Timi Salonen (U21) me thinks are certain for us. Jesse Mustonen and Tero Aarnio fight for the second spot. They both deserve it, either way someone will not be happy.
  14. They might have if it was ridden in Belarus
  15. My bet is did they apply to host it? Challenge is the icing on the FIM speedway cake and it’s theirs to decide who hosts it. I seriously doubt they had that many to choose from. And the question regarding the runoff for 1st… Was stupid. There’s always a runoff for podium place, thats how they are determined.
  16. Wonder if Thomsens wheel is spinning again… Even when its not. Been watching N&K for almost 20 years now and never thought I’d say this but they’ve run out of stories Nothing wrong with Madsens bike or him. The track today is not for him, too grippy. Should just forget this one.
  17. He’s tried long track so why not
  18. I had seen the poster for Brokstedt, didnt find it right away now so just went with a comparable tenner. And with this, I must say this was the second time this week I missed speedway.org. EDIT: our Dutch friend, leader in his field me thinks should make it easier on his site to navigate in past results. Just a thought…
  19. Damn you Germans are cheap Just a week ago at our local service station I saw a mother wrapping 3 mini tomatoes to go from her plate after she was finished… I still remember people turning back in front of us on the queue when they found out the tickets were 13 and not 11 or some similar in Wolfslake 2004. And that was a good meeting that ended in a runoff between PK (not faller but the real deal) and Billy Hamill. We didnt turn back having walked the last hour to the track. So I checked and the purse for this meeting was 6800 euros. So if that lot payed 10€ each to get in, prize money was covered. The meeting permit in UEM meetings is not that expensive, and in Finnish scale the expense for this meeting would have been around 3k, below 4k. Some of that covered with sponsorship. Remember I have NO IDEA what it cost to run a meeting in Broksted. Glad they did do it and Danny got his name in the books.
  20. f-s-p

    Maksym Drabik suspended for 2021

    I hear Hamilton has signs of fatigue after his stint at Hungaroring today…. DOC!!??!!!!!!!???!

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