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  1. fentigers lad

    Mildenhall 2017

    If you replace Verge and the unannounced final rider with Bowtell and Hampshire, which I suspect was the original plan, the team would have been nearly league winning in my opinion. Unfortunately this hasn't come off but with a final signing that can improve their average I suspect we will be there or there-abouts for the play-offs, subject to Connor Mountain returning from injury OK.
  2. fentigers lad

    Peterborough Panthers 2015

    The only other assumption would be that they need £40k to operate, in addition to the assumption that a main team sponsor would be found, hence the reason Readypower being prepared to step aside if another team sponsor could be found, then the Frost money would go towards the 40K. That would be the only logical explanation I can come to. Edited to add, sincerely hope Peterborough do line up in 2015, a great track that should not be allowed to be lost to the sport through mis-management.
  3. fentigers lad

    Mildenhall 2013

    Have you looked at the rest of the make up of the Mildenhall team?
  4. I certainly didnt see any exclusion light until the Ambulance that had looked after Roynon had left the track. And when it came it was the white light only, no other decision was announced or indicated by use of exclusion lights
  5. White is Roynon and Blue Nielsen so assuming you mean Roynon at fault? Best wishes to Adam Roynon for a speedy recovery, didn't realise it was the loose bike that brought him down, so unlucky.
  6. It will be interesting if/when the video of the exclusion is released. Only speculating, but if the video suggests Roynon was at fault then who should be blamed, the referee or Chris Louis? Edit - I should add that I haven't heard the radio evidence as I am at work and unable to listen, perhaps that will be more enlightening?
  7. If Bates' points are removed, I have a feeling the promotion won't be too happy. Could be interesting when it comes to sorting play off dates assuming both teams make it. Would be a shame if Bates excellent performance is penalised due to paperwork but as 21stCH says rules are rules. I wonder what the response would have been if Bates scored 1 or 2?
  8. fentigers lad

    Mildenhall V Scunthorpe

    I haven't checked the averages but how about Jon Armstrong??
  9. fentigers lad

    Charlie Webster

    I'd give her one.
  10. fentigers lad

    British Final

    Thanks very much
  11. fentigers lad

    British Final

    Any able to give a weather update please?
  12. fentigers lad

    Danish News 2008

    I wonder if Jan's machinery was a problem because he has been having a few niggling problems over here.
  13. Some of us are only travelling from Southampton mate. See you next Sunday.
  14. Table booked in the restaurant for my birthday, awesome.
  15. Yes that is all well and good but it is the gamble of the Poole promotion to put up the £60,000 prize money so they should reap the reward if the BSPA were to put up such a prize and then after recooperating all outlay donated the profit to the SRBF I am sure it would sell out and be a good meeting but if this meeting does not make money it will be covered by M and M own money.

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