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  1. Aceslider


    Not at all! They are a credit to their team IMO and show how some are prepared to put themselves out for the benefit of their own community as well as promoting the sport as a whole.
  2. Aceslider


    Full marks and thanks to EMTV yet again for keeping us entertained. Great also to see the 2 hosts posing a great threat to the Pearson/Tatum pairing!! Those guys just illustrate why we love speedway with their committed, well informed passion for the sport and their own team!! Footage was a bit grainy by today's standards, but so what. Great to see Cookie at the start of his career and also Kevin Wolbert in his early days at Monarchsville when he couldn't put a foot (or should that be steel shoe) wrong! Always thought John Branney would go places, but not sure what happened to him?
  3. Aceslider


    I remember some time ago Tsunami posting something about this. It might have been on a thread to do with altercations between riders. Peter Carr is probably approaching 60 now in the not too distant future. He had several great years (from a spectator point of view) at Newcastle, very late 80's I would say
  4. Aceslider

    Newcastle 2020

    Bradley Wilson Dean. Should have been riding for Somerset 2020.
  5. Aceslider

    Newcastle 2020

    Very sad news about Peter R.I.P. and condolences to his family. Peter was a Diamonds fan through and through. Not only did he provide financial backing, but he and his wife did so much behind the scenes when speedway was making a comeback at Newcastle in the late 90s as well as providing heavy equipment for track work when it was needed One of life's genuine characters who will be sorely missed!
  6. Aceslider


    Superb meeting Thanks EMTV !!
  7. Aceslider


    Been a fan of EMTV for some time and think they are doing a fantastic job providing these streams for our entertainment. The individual heats going back over the years in the "Archive" section invariably contain wins for any combination of red/blue helmet covers, but I don't have a problem with that. It's always great to see Josh Pickering or some other Monarch's rider winning from the back as that's what speedway is all about. So please keep on EMTV with these brilliant streams !!
  8. Being shown at 19.45 according to Tapes Up
  9. Aceslider

    Newcastle 2020

    Andrew Dalby is a great guy to have IMO as a Centre Green Announcer and we are very lucky indeed to have his services. But, do you know what, I think I have a slightly sour taste in my mouth about the departure of Roy Clarke. Maybe I shouldn't, but my recollection is that he stepped in at very short notice to replace Andrew without having any previous experience of undertaking such a role. That takes some gumption and like his style or not, he was ever dependable and became much more proficient in the role as time went on. He was also very knowledgeable about the sport and had the ability to chat away during those long pauses which sometimes occur when fence boards are being replaced in between heats, or during a long track grade. There's a lot worse than Roy and I suspect we might well miss the rapport that he had with the riders and a large number of Diamonds supporters.
  10. Aceslider

    Newcastle 2020

    How about a clue at least?
  11. Aceslider

    Newcastle 2020

    Think Steve Park's post above provides the answer to your question. As to why - anyone's guess !!
  12. Aceslider

    Newcastle 2020

    Dam - can't find the "menu" link. Just asking for a friend
  13. Aceslider

    Newcastle 2020

    Sincere thanks to George and the whole English family past and present. Through thick and thin you have never shirked from the responsibility of keeping our Diamonds team going from one year to the next and for that I am so grateful to you all. Best of luck with "retirement"!!
  14. Aceslider

    Newcastle 2020

    No joy with website. Must be something going on because there was a short YouTube upload several days ago advertising 90th anniversary meeting.
  15. Aceslider

    Newcastle 2020

    In fairness to the Diamonds promotion, I think you may have taken this completely out of context. If you attended yesterday evening's Race Night at South Gosforth, you would have seen that the draw for this event was made throughout the evening. It would appear that once the draw was complete, someone in good faith has published this tweet in the form of "breaking news". I am sure the follow up promoting of the event will be as polished as ever and to most peoples' liking. As a bye the bye, I thought the race night was a huge success and marvellous to see all the riders in attendance together with representation from the Gems squad. Well done to the organisers - and by the way, the Hog Roast was excellent!!

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