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  1. Aceslider

    Newcastle 2020

    Are we still going on about when Sean Wilson knocked 3 seconds off the track record?
  2. Aceslider

    Newcastle 2020

    Your post makes very depressing reading from a Newcastle perspective, but I think you are spot on Financial "investment" from individuals does not make sense as you will never get a financial return on your investment and your capital will be dissipated over a period of time again with little or no return. Business sponsorship coupled with a source of media income is really the only way this sport can make its way at Premiership/Championship level coupled with THJ's witty quote about someone starting with a large fortune prepared to end up with a small fortune. I suspect Newcastle have been on borrowed time for a couple of seasons and I for one really just pray for a miracle as the prospect of Sunday night without speedway at Brough is unthinkable. Just so sad if we close that the English family in particular along with the whole team (Steve Brock, Andrew Dalby, Roy Clarke, Graham Smith, Dr Jenny Hogg, Lawrence Heppell, Graeme Patterson, track staff, Martin Phillips, Phil Day, Barry Wallace and apologies to anyone I have missed ....) behind the scenes who have put so much into keeping the Diamonds going will have ended their involvement without the fans having an opportunity to show their recognition for all they have done!!
  3. Aceslider

    Newcastle 2020

    How about Steve Hayton or did I just make that up?
  4. Aceslider

    Newcastle 2020

    I recall a bloke who did the job for a long time who was very knowledgeable about speedway. He was very good and maybe performed this role at other events, not necessarily speedway. Again just a recollection but his Christian name may have been Steve
  5. Aceslider

    Newcastle 2020

    I get the very distinct impression from the posts on this thread that there is an anti Roy Clarke sentiment amongst certain Newcastle supporters. Maybe they know something I'm not privy to, but as a regular at Brough Park over many years, I have to say that in my view he does an admirable job. He certainly stepped up at short notice when Andrew Dalby took time out and had the guts to go out there and do the job. He might not be everyone's cup of tea, but so far as I'm concerned he is doing an excellent job as part of the promotion team even if you dislike his nicknames and banter etc'. I don't for one moment think that there is a dearth of would be centre green speedway promoters, but if there are supporters with aspirations to do the job, maybe they should step forward and offer their services?
  6. Well done Redcar! Really pleased I decided to attend last night for what turned out to be an enthralling night of speedway. It was a throwback to the close encounters we have had with Redcar/Middlesbrough years ago when large crowds turned out to watch the likes of Eric Boothroyd, Dave Younghusband etc racing against our lads for the bragging rights. it was always going to be a tall order to recover the deficit with Redcars top 3 strength but by heat 12 it did look as if we were in with a shout. Full marks to Riss and Wright who held their nerve and there was no way they were going to let the cup come to Newcastle. Credit also to Woolley for his battling point in Heat 2 and also to Jordan Stewart who bounced back from a dire performance on his last visit. Last night was a reminder of the potential which speedway still has in pulling in decent size crowds. In some ways the 2 postponements may have helped because their several mentions from Jeff Brown on local BBC news and also the anticipation building up. Plus also there must have been a number of neutrals there last night from Berwick/Workington etc. Have to say I don’t understand the negative comments on here about Roy Clarke. He took over the role I recall when Andrew Daley took some time out. He gives 120% and is Newcastle through and through but always gives total respect to the opposition and their fans. I hope both he and the Diamonds are back next year with George still on board!
  7. That thought actually went through my mind ruffdiamond. Maybe its a bit of an incentive to him to get stuck in tomorrow with a view to getting a place in the team next season. If Steve, Matty, Ulrich and Max turn up tomorrow and perform to their true abilities, it just takes our reserves to outscore theirs and we're in with a chance despite the 12 point deficit. I remember Jamie Habbin scoring 1 point a few years ago when we beat Peterborough in the Gold Cup final, and as he pointed out, if he hadn't scored that point we would not have won the cup. Barker has had off days at Brough as has Eric Riss, so you never know! I was expecting England to get thumped this morning by the All Blacks and we know how that turned out. I've just talked myself into coming tomorrow night.
  8. Sarjeant 1 from 4 rides in his recent visit to Brough! Was really looking forward to this final but somehow my enthusiasm has just spiked in the wrong direction!!
  9. No need to apologise but thanks anyway. As a NUFC supporter, I am well conditioned to disappointments
  10. Well I got that totally wrong! Assumed because Bloom89 is (according to profile) a Diamonds supporter that he/she was reporting signings for Newcastle. It sounded too good to be true, and it was!
  11. Is this a wind up? Would so much like to believe this is 100% true.
  12. Aceslider

    Redcar v Glasgow 13/9/19

    I seem to recall Ricky Wells putting paid to our play off chances not so long ago when Sheffield selected him as a guest.
  13. Aceslider

    Newcastle 2019

    So in some circumstances its okay to run a Double Header? Not necessarily quite the emphatic loss making scenario that some would have us believe then.
  14. Aceslider

    Newcastle 2019

    Not too late I hope to pass on the benefit of your wisdom to Glasgow who race against Sheffield and Berwick today at Ashfield. Adult ticket price £30 instead of £34 (2 x £17). Certainly don't want them to fold before next season!
  15. Aceslider

    Newcastle 2019

    Thanks Tsunami for your wise input. Based on that kind of model, and estimating a crowd of say 800, then you could afford to give a discount of £2 per head on twice the normal admission price, i.e. £32 instead of £34. In your theoretical example a discount of £9 would be excessive and would need to be offset by other forms (if any) of additional income if the Double Header was to be a feasible proposition. The numbers in taking a proper view would need to be informed and a prudent estimate of the crowd size which could increase or decrease the affordable discount.

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